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Part 4 - Hotel Room Attention

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After kissing deeply, Amelie and Gerard take a moment back to think of themselves. However, when she's awoken by nightmares, how does Gerard help calm her down in bed?

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Amelie felt pleasure spread all through her, from where his tongue was gently lapping at her lips, to the tip of her fingers as she traced the side of his face. She inhaled the scent of him, enjoying his blond hair as her fingers danced across. She took in the sensation of his hand on the small of her back rubbing in a circular motion as his other hand cupped the side of her face. She eagerly kissed him back, opening her mouth delicately that sent Gerard into a deeper passion of frenzy.

He wanted nothing more than to fuck her on her office table, right there and then.

Amelie broke the kiss and jumped back, as if she stepped on a live wire. “I’m sorry, I don’t…I’m…uh…I…It’s not…” she stammered, trying to compose herself. She felt tears coming to her eyes. Amelie wanted to slap herself for looking so pathetic. Again, she wanted to slap herself because she was now putting values on this man’s thoughts. She had only met him today.

Looks like she’s going to have 6 months of this with Gerard and that made Amelie squirm on the inside more than her panic attacks ever did.

Gerard cleared his through and straightened his suit. He then looked at her and smiled. “Don’t, we’ll think about it some other time. You said you were going to get some things?” he asked coolly.

“Yes…I’ll meet you downstairs” Amelie said curtly, wanting to seem as professional as Gerard did. Gerard took this as a cue to turn around and head out.

Amelie faced her office and inhaled very slowly. She then closed her eyes and imagined her favorite memory. After she had calmed down, she picked up a few things and carefully slid them into her bag. The photo of her and Adam was the last thing anyone would’ve seen before the door closed shut.

Gerard lit a cigarette as Ray and Frank were joking with British accents. He didn’t care to listen. All he thought was Amelie. He was consumed by everything the woman did, from her fragile way of talking and moving, to her soft brown eyes and the way she opened her mouth as he kissed her. Yes, she was delicate on the outside. But when it came to passion, the blend of her insecurities unraveled with each touch he made. He sincerely cared for her, but he had to admit to himself that it blew up his ego to know he could ignite something in her.

But there was the problem of Gerard only caring during the act of kissing her. Afterwards, he found himself throwing some distance. The way he acted so coolly after kissing her sort of disgusted him. The dilemma being he couldn’t let himself get too close, but he enjoyed the pleasure of her. He had to think of thoroughly.

He wanted the sex, but he still had some heart in him left to know not to damage her further than she already was.

“Woah..that’s fine cuisine right there” Frank muttered jokingly, staring at the woman descending the stairs of the law firm in a black dress. Ray nudged him when the woman turned around.

“Hello Gerard, I’m done picking up my things” Amelie said softly. She turned to look at Frank questioningly, as he jaw just closed. “Don’t mind him” Ray muttered. Amelie stared at Ray, then at Frank, then back to Gerard. She scratched her right wrist softly. Gerard grabbed her left hand to stop it, but Amelie just jumped in surprise and fidgeted even further.

“Tell you what Amylee, whenever you feel uncomfortable, try smiling at the person. That always throws them off guard and you have a moment to regain yourself” Frank said.

“It’s Ah-meh-lee” Amelie said, and then smiled at the trio. They stared at her for a minute as Amelie started to laugh.

Gerard felt his heart tug a bit on hearing her laugh. He felt wonderful hearing her laugh. A sense of jealousy arose when he realized he didn’t cause it.

“Right. See? Worked on us.” Frank said, chuckling softly. “So Amelie, please meet my associates, my band mates which you will be around with for 6 months as well. This is Frank and Ray” Gerard pointed.

“Yes, I’m aware…I’ve heard your songs” Amelie said, back to being her soft self. Gerard wanted to ask her badly what she thought of his voice, but held back on seeing her shrink to her shell.

“Let’s have dinner?” Ray poked in. “Maybe tea?” Ray added. Amelie stared at him, amused as she nodded slightly. The four walked off.

“Man, that was some kick ass tea” Frank said as they unlocked the hotel room door with a swipe of a card. They had dinner where they asked Amelie to suggest them to followed by tea at her favorite place. It was Ray’s idea in order to get her comfortable around them. Amelie spoke softly as always yet there was a hint of excitement as she ordered for the men.

Gerard, frustrated, flopped on the bed and muttered a short “Yeah”. He had tried all night to have Amelie’s attention all to himself. He had tried barely touching her hand, leaning closer to her, or staring intently at those caramel colored eyes. All which she rebuked that made him more frustrated than ever. He wanted her attention. He hated himself for blatantly wanting it when he knew he would withdraw as soon she got close, to protect himself.

He hated his dilemma. He was so drawn to her but he wanted to shut off completely.

“Hey Gee, maybe it’s for the better than she doesn’t notice you” Frank piped out. Gerard immediately sat up and threw Iero a stony look.

“What gave you that idea? I don’t care what she thinks of me, I’m here to help her feel better about herself” Gerard straightened out.

“Oh c’mon man, you were staring at her so intently she might have melted, or thrown the tea on your face” Frank continued.

“I wasn’t that obvious!” Gerard replied.

“So you did want her attention” Ray joined.

“What? No! I mean. Maybe. Look, I’m confused. I might just end up hurting her. Your right Frank, I might have just hurt her if I did get close.” Gerard finally gave in.

“All I’m saying is, if you like her, be sincere. You make it seem like its high school all over again Way. Don’t let your divorce let you lose hope. Don’t crush her as well. I lik e her” Frank said seriously, before getting into the bathroom.

Gerard knew to take his crazy friend’s advice seriously. If Frank liked someone, it usually meant they were a good person. Gerard knew Amelie was good, he was just unsure of himself as she was with her anxiety.

At four in the morning, Amelie stood outside Gerard Way’s hotel room. She had woken up to horrible nightmares. She couldn’t breathe. She was dressed in leg warmers, leggings, a short black skirt, a loose long sleeved black shirt, another black vest, and ultimately donned a black coat. She stared as she inhaled a cigarette, trying to calm down.

The attack was so bad she couldn’t sleep. It irritated her that she finally fell asleep at three in the morning, only to wake up an hour later due to dreams. She barely slept but she always wanted more. She hated insomnia. She hated the feeling of helplessness. But she had nothing else but her mind.

Amelie didn’t know what drove her to stand right outside the hotel room. Maybe she wanted to talk to someone after nightmares. Maybe she just wanted to see Gerard.

Actually, as much as she hated admitting to herself, she wanted to see Gerard. Oddly enough, there was something about him that calmed her down.

Amelie took out her phone and called him.

“hhmm?” Gerard hummed into the beeping phone. Who was calling at four-ish? He felt irritated and grumpy.

“Ge…Gerard?” he head a soft anxious voice. Gerard immediately sat up.

“Amelie? What’s wrong?” He said, his voice breaking. He cleared his throat and prayed she would tell him.

“I..I really don’t sleep much….but tonight was worse…I had night..nightmares..I’m…I…uhm..I’m outside your hotel room right now could I please come up?” she muttered then rushed.

“Of course, we’re in the 16th floor, room 1623” Gerard said.

The phone went dead. Gerard threw on his pants and a shirt and checked the other occupants of the room. Frank fell asleep on the couch watching and Ray was asleep in the other room.

Gerard walked to the door when heard a soft knock. Amelie stood there, teary eyed and shaking. Gerard took her in his arms and kissed her softly. She was hyperventilating and she couldn’t kiss him back.

“Gerard” she said before she fainted.

Amelie awake in a soft bed. Her layers of clothing was gone. She was just in leggings and her loose long sleeved black shirt. Gerard was sitting next to her, checking her temperature.

“Oh thank God you’re awake. I called Gramps and he told me you fainted regularly, so he gave me instructions to take off your clothes, I mean, help you breathe easier and lay you in bed, I mean, get you to have more room to breathe and uhm, wait for 10 minutes” Gerard rambled. He seemed flustered.

Amelie got up slowly and apologized “I’m sorry for the inconvenience Gerard, I think we should cut the 6 month thing, I’ll be a hassle, like right now”

“Don’t be stupid, it’s nothing I can’t handle. Maybe you can tell me what to do in cases of these. We could have our own mini orientation” Gerard said brightly as he smiled. Amelie gave a small smile and nodded.

“So…where was I?” Gerard asked. There was a look in his eye that Amelie gasped.

Gerard leaned in and he kissed her. This time she kissed him back. She broke the kiss to look at the door. “Don’t worry, it’s locked” Gerard said, reassuring her. He was starting to get used to her over-active paranoid mind.

She nodded and took of his shirt. Gerard kissed her again as he slid his hand up her thighs. Amelie shuddered and kissed back, her hands finding his buldge.

Gerard rubbed in between her legs, finding her pussy and teasing her through the material. Amelie moaned softly, gasping his name as she took off his pants. Gerard’s other hand took off her shirt and found her tits. He squeezed gently, feeling her nipples harden against her bra. With a swift movement, he unclasped the bra and threw it aside.

One hand pinched Amelie’s nipple, sending shocks of pain and pleasure through Amelie His fingers pinching her delicate and erect nipples sent jolts through her. She moaned his name as he kissed her. His other hand finally took off her leggings. He slipped a hand through her panties eagerly.

It was Gerard’s turn to moan as his finger traced her wet slit, barely pushing further. His finger was throbbing against her clit, he rubbed it slightly, causing Amelie to moan and grind against his finger gently.

That action, his shy girl trying to fuck his finger, drove Gerard insane. He pushed her against the bed as she took off his boxers, placing his hard cock in between her legs. Gerard rubbed his hard cock against Amelie’s wet pussy, aware of how big it seemed to her. She stared wide eyed, moaned more, and kissed Gerard.

“Gerard…” she gasped his name, as his cock was coated with her juices. “Condom in the wallet, back pocket of my jeans” Gerard muttered, as he got up quickly and retrieved it.

Amelie slid a hand in between her legs, feeling her pussy and how wet it was. She blushed slightly as Gerard locked eyes with her, eying her delicate fingers touch her pussy.

“Oh god Amelie, you’re driving me insane…stroke that pussy for me…show me how much you want to be fucked” Gerard said in rush. Amelie stared at him and nodded, so obedient yet dirty as she slide a finger up and down her wet slit, going over her clit slightly.

Her pussy was cleanly shaven, the intimate folds plump together, dark and slightly swollen. Gerard’s throat went dry as he watched Amelie rub herself. Her back was arching as her legs shook, she continued to pleasure herself.

Gerard quickly put the condom on and kneeled in front of Amelie. He spread her legs while he locked his eyes with hers. He saw the feeling of helplessness and pleasure as he took her hand and licked her juices from her fingers. He then pushed on finger into her hot cunt and moaned on how wet yet tight she was. Almost virginal.

He took her hands with his and pinned them up her head. With her legs spread and Gerard in the middle, he took his long hard cock and slowly penetrated her wet aching pussy, his eyes never leaving hers.

Amelie gasped and moaned, shaking slightly as she felt his big cock enter her, sealing her perfectly. He was almost too big to take. Once he was deep inside her, she gasped again and thrusted her hips.

“My bitch wants to be fucked? How so?” Gerard said harshly. Amelie let herself go in the pleasure.

“Hard..please Gerard…fuck me hard” Amelie moaned. Gerard was so hard it ached him, he began pushing his throbbing cock in and out, feeling the head of his cock rub against her pussy lips before diving back in.

He loved it when she said his name that way, moaning and begging. He fucked her hard, thrusting in and out, never letting go for her hands up her head. He trapped her and had her, but she had him just as much. Her pussy was delicious, the best he had, it was tight and wet just right. The scent of her, musky and needing, drove him insane. He pumped in and out of her, watching her twitch or shiver, specially when he buried his cock deep in her.

He slowed down a bit, careful of hurting her as he was aware of how big his cock was and how fragile she seemed. He savored every inch of her pussy taking his cock, squeezing it, driving him near to cumming.

“Gerard please don’t stop I’m cumming” she moaned, high pitched yet breaking off, careful to stay silent. Gerard kept thrusting his big cock.

“Yes, that’s right, cum my bitch, cum Amelie, you’re all mine, I’m going to fuck this wet pussy of yours, you begged for it, it’s what you wanted right, cum bitch, cum all over my big cock, show me how much you like me fucking you” Gerard grunted as he felt his wave of pleasure rushing through.

Amelie couldn’t take it anymore, she was so wet and horny as his cock was huge and hard. It was pumping through her, in and out, thrusting and fucking her hard. She had never felt so much agonizing pleasure before. She shivered and moaned so high pitched it broke off. She felt her orgasm break through her, washing over her and heightened by Gerard called her his bitch. Reminding her of how he was punishing her with his big cock. She was so wet and her cum all over his cock, caused Gerard to finally cum. “Amelie, oh god Amelie you’re so delicious, oh god I’m cumming, Amelie I’m cumming in your wet tight pussy, Amelie” he moaned as he felt his cum shoot out and pounded her pussy as the last of it dropped out.

Gerard slowly slid off and threw the condom and came back to bed. By the time he had come back, Amelie was fast asleep. Gerard held her close and smiled happily as he heard her whisper his name. He finally got her attention and she finally asleep, the pleasure far from nightmares.
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