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Romeo and Juliet

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Mrs. Fowl assigns the class to study Shakespeare for a semester. What happens when Jimmy is put with a girl, and gets the most famous love story of all time?

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Romeo & Juliet?

"Class!" Mrs. Fowl squawked "This semester, we'll be doing SHAKESPEARE!" She put emphasis on the last word.

"WHAT!" Her class was in shock.

"Yes," she continued, "You will be in pairs, chosen by random, and each group will have a different play, also chosen by random. So line up in front of this HAT!" Everyone lined up, and drew a slip of paper from the hat.

My turn came, and he drew a piece of notebook paper with a big 12 scrawled on it.

"Sheen, what number did you get?" I asked.

"Ummm," Sheen stated, "I got a 6."

"Hey, Sheen!" Carl said, 'I got a 6, too!"

'Great,' I thought, 'I'll probably get some girl who will insist on doing everything girly!'

"Ok, everyBODY," Mrs. Fowl screeched, "back to you seats."

They were at 11, and the only people left were me, Elizabeth, Nick, Brittany, Libby, and Bolbi. 11 turned out to be Libby and Brittany. "Will the twelves come up?" Mrs. Fowl asked. I stood up and was met by ELIZABETH!

Elizabeth had moved here last month from Montgomery, Alabama, where she had been the smartest girl in her school. She was quiet, and preferred not to make waves. She was rather homely, with a large nose, and mousy brown hair. The one thing that everyone knew about her was that she loved romance novels. She always had a Nora Roberts on her. And I had to deal with it.

Mrs. Fowl handed out plays. Elizabeth got a look at it before I did.

"Yes!" she squealed, "this is one of my favorite plays EVER!"

"What did we get?" I asked lazily.

She held up the book to reveal the title:

Romeo and Juliet

A/N: What do you think? I got the idea for this while I was listening to the song 'Romeo and Juliet' from Reefer Madness. Please review!
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