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Chapter Seven

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"He needed to forget. And he didn't think booze would cut it this time..."

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Gerard woke up in his own tour bus with Andy sleeping beside him, his arm strung over Gee’s waist. Gee glanced at the alarm clock on the shelf above his bunk and saw it was already 11 o’clock. He looked at Andy, and he seemed so peaceful and pure asleep. So, of course, Gerard had to wake him up. He poked his face, and when that didn’t work, he started tickling his sides where he knew he was ticklish. Andy woke up with a startled expression, and then collapsed into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. “S-stop!” he gasped out between laughs, “G-get off! P-please!” He was near tears now, so Gerard decided to give him a break.
“Good morning,” Gee said with an innocent look on his face.
“Yeah,” Andy mumbled, “Just the perfect way to wake up. Being tickled to death by a freakishly pale vampire.”
Gerard smirked and said, “You know you love me anyways.” He then kissed the younger man on the cheek, and he did smile a little at that. “C’mon,” Gerard said, “Let’s go see who else is up.”
They got up and walked into the main area of the bus to find Ray nervously pacing and Mikey sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. “What’s the matter guys?” Gerard asked curiously, noting the obvious absence of the midget who was usually up by now.
“Frank’s missing,” said Ray, “He left last night-presumably to go out drinking-and hasn’t come back yet.” Gerard’s mind flooded with panic, and he grabbed Andy’s hand to keep him tied down to earth. Maybe his reaction was irrational, it was only 11 after all, but Frank was his best friend and had been for years. He couldn’t just go missing or die!
Andy and Gerard sat down on the couch next to each other and Gerard asked, “So, are we going to go look for him or what?”
Mikey shook his head and said, “We’re giving him until 12:30. For all we know, he could just be crashing at some random chick’s place.”
Gerard nodded reluctantly, knowing what his brother was saying made sense, but still worrying his head off. Andy seemed to sense this because he squeezed his hand gently. Just then, Mikey’s phone chimed from the table where he had placed it in await of any possible phone calls from Frank. Mikey picked it up and read the text. A confused look crossed his face, but it quickly melted into relief. “Thank God,” he said.
“What is it?” Gerard asked hopefully.
“Ashley just texted me that Frank’s OK.”
Gerard groaned in relief and sank back into the sofa. Andy, in contrast, leaned forward with bewilderment clouding his face.
“Why is Ashley with Frank?” he asked.
Mikey shrugged and said, “All he said was Frank was ok, nothing else.”
“Well that’s informative,” Ray muttered, and Gerard couldn’t help but chuckle a little.
They there for about an hour, talking about meaningless things, when Frank stumbled through the door. His face was tear streaked, and if you looked in his eyes, you could see that something inside of him had broken. Ashley followed in close behind him, wearing a mask of indifference, but you could see rage bubbling under the surface. Gerard stood up and walked quickly over to Frank and wrapped him into the biggest hug he could give him. Frank started to cry and pushed Gerard off forcefully. Then he ran to his bunk and drew the curtain. Gerard felt a few tears of hurt fall down his own face, and Andy drew me into his arms.
Ray was the first to speak, always the level-headed one. “What the hell happened?” he asked the bassist.
Ashley sighed and said, “I’m not really the one who should tell you this, but it’s probably going to be all over the news soon enough anyways.” He paused and said, ferocity tinting his voice, “He was raped.”
There was a collective gasp in the room and my jaw dropped in horror. “He called me this morning,” he said, “He was sitting outside of this club, crying. He got in my car, told me what happened, and I drove him to the police station. Don’t ask for specifics of the story. I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to tell you.”
After Ashley finished, Gerard realized his mouth was still hanging open and closed it. Then he turned into Andy’s chest and cried. Just the thought of someone hurting Frank that badly terrified him. He loved the guy, like a brother. Andy rubbed circles in his back comfortingly and once he had regained some composure, Gee turned to Ray and Mikey and said, “Go tell the manager we aren’t going to be playing tonight. There’s just no way that’s going to happen.” They both nodded in consent and walked off the bus. Ashley muttered something about needing a drink and left after them. That left Andy and Gerard standing in a silence only broken by Frank’s sobs.
Frank lay in his bunk, crying as quietly as he could, listening to Ashley telling the other's what had happened. He was grateful he didn't tell them the details of the story. He didn’t think he could handle it if they knew. After Ashley finished, Frank could hear the muffled sounds of Gee's crying. Eventually, he heard the quiet sounds of more talking and the opening and closing of the tour bus door. That was when he let myself go, and just wailed. Then below the sound of his all-too-obvious misery, Frank heard whispers and then the door opened and shut again. he was mortified that someone had heard him like that. He was supposed to be the strong one. He got Gerard through his addictions and helped keep him alive, and now Frank was the one breaking? He just couldn’t deal with anymore of this. So, of course, he needed to forget. And he didn’t think that booze would cut it this time.
Frank had no idea where to get drugs, but luckily they were in a seedy part of Los Angeles at the time, so he figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Just start looking on the street corners, and you’ll find a dealer eventually. So that’s what he did, and he managed to get my hands on some OxyContin. Frank couldn’t remember the details of the exchange, all he knew was that he was scared shitless throughout the entire thing. Drugs in general, made him nervous, but hey, he was desperate.
Frank walked back to the bus as quickly as he could and locked himself in the bathroom. He held the little white pills in my hand and popped a few into my mouth. He sat for a few minutes, waiting for them to kick in.
After what felt like forever but really only a few minutes, Frank began to feel lightheaded. Everything was becoming blurry again, just like last night. But this time, he didn’t feel like someone was going to hurt me. In fact, he embraced the feeling. The feeling of just floating and not having to think. Frank didn’t know when he fell off the toilet where he was perched, but the next thing he knew, he was laying on the ground watching the ceiling spin above him.
Frank heard a knocking on the door, but he was too out of it to take notice. Then he heard yelling, but still he ignored it.Then the door crashed in, and the next thing Frank knew he was looking up at the puff of raven colored hair that belonged to the man he loved so much. “Gerard,” he said quietly, “I’m sorry.” Then, he passed out.
“Frank,” Gerard said to the unconscious figure lying on the bathroom floor, “Why? Why would you do this?”
Gee checked Frank’s pulse, and it was strong enough that he knew he hadn’t overdosed. He scooped Frank up in his arms and laid him down in his bunk. Then he went and sat on the couch and put his head in his hands. He needed Andy there. Gee quickly shot him a text telling him to come over, and not two minutes later he was there holding him.
“What’s the matter?” Andy asked quietly.
“I found a high Frank in the bathroom,” Gerard replied, “He’s passed out in his bunk right now.”
“I’m so sorry,” Andy murmured in Gee’s ear, “I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to see him like this.”
“I hate it,” Gee said, “I feel so helpless, watching him spiral downward like this.” He started to cry silently and nuzzled his face into the chest of the man who was keeping him together. That was when Ashley decided to come through the door.
“I just got a call from the police,” he announced, “They think they found the person who raped Frank.”
“Let’s go onto my bus,” Andy whispered. Gee nodded, and they left, hand in hand.
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