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Chapter Fourteen - Full Of Surprises

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She opened her mouth to scream at them, but it stayed open when she saw the bright red hair and warm hazel eyes.

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Chapter Fourteen - Full Of Surprises

Two months after Death had found her family, it was getting harder and harder to hide the fact that she was pregnant. It was also two months since she'd told Avenger that she didn't want to see him anymore and that if he loved her like he said he did, then he'd leave her alone. The pain on Avenger's face seemed to always be stuck in Death's mind, she hated not seeing him anymore, but she thought that if she had his baby while he was around, then it would make him love her more and she couldn't love him in that way because they'd been friends for too long. She only loved him as a friend, but she couldn't let go of him, she couldn't forget him like she wished she could.
Acid was deeply concerned about her sister, ever since she'd been reunited with her, she seemed like she was . . . broken? That was the only word she could think of to describe her sister. Broken. Acid tried to find out what was wrong with her sister, she thought that it was something to do with Avenger since she'd not metioned him, but when she brought him up, her sister broke out into a fit of tears or she tried to change the subject as quickly as she could.
She wanted to find out what was wrong with her sister so she could help, but she had a daughter to raise and Dracs to kill at the same time.
Death and Acid had been sharing a room since there were other Killjoys that needed rooms, too.
Acid didn't know why, but Death had been trying to help out with Bandit as much as possible, she wasn't complaining because she loved that her sister wanted to be around her, plus she liked all the help she could get when it came to her daughter, but she couldn't help but wonder why she had a sudden intrest with Bandit.
Death was around three months pregnant, so she mostly wore baggy shirts or something that could hide her figure pretty well. She knew that she'd have to tell her sister and perants at one point and every morning she promised herself that she'd tell them, but she always said she'd do it the next it by the end of the night. She knew that they'd get mad because she'd known for months that she was pregnant and she didn't tell them.
Acid and her sister were heading out with Penelope, Ella and Steph to get some more food for the rest of the Killjoys. Some people at the underground weren't Killjoys, they didn't fight against BL/ind, but they didn't want to become mindless drones, they didn't have Killjoy names, so they just called themseleves by their real names, Penelope, Ella and Steph were some of those people. Steph was Sarah's little sister, but she was good friends with Penelope and Ella.
Penelope was around seventeen with curly blonde hair, Ella was almost six, she was one of the youngest they had at the underground, Sarah had curly red-ish brown-ish hair that she'd recently dyed.
They were going to what was called the Black Market where Killjoys went into Battery City to get real food instead of cans of Power Pup or refried beans. The Black Market was also the place that Acid found Nixon again after she'd not seen him for years, which happen over a year ago now. It seemed like a life time ago when all of that happened to her.
When they were in the car, Death could feel some movement in her stomach. She smiled a little. She still didn't want to be a mother, but the idea of having an abortion seemed wrong to her now, she didn't want to kill them or hurt them in any way, shape or form.
She casually put both her hands on her stomach, but she made it look like she was just resting her hands on her belly.
"You ready to get some grub, Ella?" Steph asked her.
"Yeah!" Ella was never really allowed to go out Drac hunting, so she was exited to finally go outside of the underground.
"So, what's the plan after we've gotten the food?"
"We're going back, what did you think we'd do?" Acid replied to Steph.
"Oh come on, Acid! You're Mother War and Delusional Death's daughter, you could easily get off the hook if we snook out for a couple extra hours."
"Have you met my mother and father before? It would probably be atleast a few weeks before they even considered letting me off me hook."
"Please, Acid? We never go out in to the Zones!" Acid had a soft spot for Ella, she reminded her of Grace sometimes, so she usually let her have what she wanted.
She sighed and rolled her eyes. "One hour, okay?"
"Thank you Acid!" Ella said, smiling widely at her.

Cyanide was getting ready to Party Poison that she knew where Acid and Bandit were, the time was right for them to see eachother again, she knew that Better Living were getting stronger and that they needed eachother to take them down again.
"Party, can I talk to you for a second?"
"Yeah, sure, I was hoping to talk to you, too."
"Okay, good."
They walked outside of the diner so they could talk privately.
"Poison, I-"
He cut her off with a kiss. She was about to push him away, but the kiss only lasted seconds.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" She demanded to know through the power of screaming.
"Look, this is what I wanted to talk to you about. I think that you're a great person, you're funny, you're smart, you're beautiful and I . . . I like you. I'll admit, I'll never be over Lexia, she was the first person I ever really loved and she was the mother of my child, but with you . . . you're the only one who knows how I felt. You've been helping me through all of this, and you don't know how thankful I am for that. You-"
"This wasn't supposed to happen." She said, not paying attention to what he was saying anymore.
"What wasn't supposed to happen?"
"The kiss! You having feelings for me! None of that was supposed to happen!"
Poison was confused. "What wasn't supposed to happen?"
"You wanna know what was supposed to happen? You were supposed to find out what it was like to lose the ones you love the most, then you were supposed to realize that you need them more than anything, then I was supposed to bring Acid and Bandit back into you life, then you were supposed to be insane with fucking happiness, then because you had Bandit and Acid back, you should've realized that you didn't want them to have that kind of life and so you, Acid and the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys were supposed to take down Better Living again before they got too strong, but no, you had to go and have feelings for me and kiss me! Now everything's ruined! We fucked up so fucking big it's unreal!"
"What are you talking about? You're talking like Lexia and Bandit are alive!"
"Because they are alive! They're in a different Zone with a shit load of Killjoys with them!" She snapped.
"You've known that they've been alive after all this time? After EVERYTHING that's happened?!"
"Boo fucking hoo, Poison! At least your wife and kid is still alive! For all I know, my husband could be dead and my son could be dead, maybe even brainwashed by now!" She shouted back at him.
"How could you not tell me?!"
"Not every fucking thing is about you, Poison!"
"I know that everything's not about me! This is about them aswell, Bandit is like, what, three months old now! For all I know, she could be crawling by now, she could look completely different! Then there's Acid . . . you kept me from her, too. How could you do that?"
She took a deap breath. "I'll explain later, but do you want to see Acid and Bandit now or not?"
"Yes, I want to fucking see them." He spat. The minor feelings he'd had for her before had been crushed now because she'd kept that secrate from him for so long.
"Then get in the fucking car, Poison." She growled back at him.
He got in and the car and Cyandie started driving to the underground hide-out. They drove there in silence, both of them refusing to break the ice.

When Cyanide and Poison got there, Cyanide tried to find Mother War or Delusional Death.
"How do you know about this place?" Poison asked, surprising her since it was the first time since they'd left that he'd spoken to her.
"I've known about this place for months, I knew that Acid and Bandit were here."
He opened his mouth to speak before she cut him off.
"I'll explain later, okay? Right now, I need to find Mother War and Delusional Death."
"Who the fuck are they?"
"Acid's perants."
"Hold on a second, they died in 2014, that was when Korse . . ." He didn't finish, he didn't want to be reminded of what that bastard did to her all those years.
"They brought you, Acid, Ghoul, Jet and Kobra back to life when they killed you, I guess they did the same thing to her perants."
When Cyanide saw C-Bomb, she walked over to her.
"Do you know where Acid is?"
"Oh. My. Fucking. God." She said, looking at Party Poison. "P-Party Poison? Is that you?"
She smiled. "Acid is gonna be so fucking happy! It's great to meet you, you've been my hero for I don't know how fucking long!"
"C-Bomb, where's Acid?"
"She went out to get food with Death, Ella, Steph and Pen."
"So she's out?" Poison asked.
"Yeah, she is. Look, I know that I probably shouldn't be saying this while Ace isn't here, but do you want to see Bandit?"
His heart stopped, he still hadn't grasped the fact that Bandit and his wife were actually alive, he'd been used to the fact that they'd been gone for so long that he was almost scared at the thought of becoming a father all over again.
"She's here? She's okay?"
"Yeah, she's with Delusional Death and Mother War right now."
"You might not want to go in there just yet."
"Because Delusional Death isn't too crazy about the guy who knocked up his daughter before they got married."
"But I preposed to her before she found out she was pregnant."
"Acid's already told him that a million times, but he's still not your biggest fan, Poison." Cyanide said.
"Look, I don't care, I just want to see my daughter and my wife."
Poison and Cyanide walked into the room where Mother War and Delusional Death were and he saw a couple in their fourties with a small child wearing a blue dress with her fist in her mouth. It was Bandit.
He smiled. "Bandit."
The couple looked up at him and he realized that his wife had some of the same features as them. Acid mainly looked like her mother, but she had her father's eyes.
"Who are you?" Delusional Death asked.
"This is Party Poison, he's Acid's husband and Bandit's his daughter. I told him that I knew where Acid and Bandit were. He's come here to see them."
"So you're the punk that knocked up my daughter?"
"Delusion, be nice to the boy. He's come a long way to see them." She warned her husband.
"Can I hold her?"
War smiled at him and gave her grandaughter to her son-in-law and he smiled. He had forgotten how beautiful his daughter was. They both shared the same eyes and she smiled up at him.
"I've missed you so much Bandy!" He kissed her forehead, making her smile. She put her hands on both sides of his face.

"Are we almost there yet? Ella's kind of fallen asleep." Pen said when they were driving back to the underground.
"We're almost there." Acid said to her. She was glad that they were almost home, she'd missed her daughter, even though she spent almost every second of every day with her.
"You miss Bandit, don't you?" Death asked her sister.
She smiled. "Is it that obvious?"
"Kind of. She's amazing, you know."
"I know she is. You've been with her a lot lately, I'm glad."
"She's my neice, I want to spend time with her." It was the truth, she did want to spend more time with her neice, but she was trying to practice for when she had her own baby. She still wanted to give them up for adoption, to her, it felt like the right thing to do since she had no exprience with babies or how to be a perant.
"Are you okay? You've not been yourself lately, plus it's like you're disappearing in that shirt. That's all you ever wear now."
"It's comfy." She wasn't lying, it was comfy, but the main reason she wore it was because of the small growing bumb that was hidden underneith it.
Acid let it go when she saw that they were getting closer to the underground. There was a small building next to were the underground was were they put the cars there. All together, there were three cars that everyone in the underground used.
Steph picked up Ella and groaned in her sleep.
Acid walked to her mother and father's room were she expected to see her perants and Bandit, but instead saw her mother and father passionately making-out.
"EW! MY BRAIN HURTS!" She screamed covering her eyes.
They immidately stopped and looked at their traumatized daughter.
"A-Acid, what are you doing here?"
"I cam here to get Bandit. Seriously? You were going to do the nasty in front of your four month old grandaughter? Where is she? I want to take her back to my room."
"She's already at your room."
"No! Someone's with her!"
Mother War and Delusional Death didn't want to ruin the fact that Party Poison was in there, they wanted it to be a surprise.
"Look, just tell me, I want to know who's been looking after my daughter for the past few hours, okay?"
"Just . . . someone."
"Great, you left her alone with a stranger." She marched out of the room, furious with both of her perants.
She opened the door, ready to make the stranger sorry for taking her baby. She opened her mouth to scream at them, but it stayed open when she saw the bright red hair and warm hazel eyes.
Poison looked up at her and smiled, he'd almost forgotten how beautiful she was. Almost forgotten.
"You've no idea how much I missed you." He said, getting up and kissing his wife. He put both of his hands on her cheek and connected their lips for the first time in what felt like years.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled their bodies closer together. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pinned her against the wall.
Their tounges swirled in their mouths. Her hands gripped locks of his red hair and she pulled on them slightly. He playfully bit her lip and she smiled. Her hands travelled up and down his chest and she was about to take his shirt off, but when Bandit started crying, they broke their liplock and looked at the small child that was crying.
"I guess that's her way of telling us to stop." Acid said, smiling like crazy. "Besides, after what I just walked in on before I came here, I wouldn't want to mentally scar her for life."
"Why? What happened?"
"I thought that my mom and dad had Bandit, so I walked in on them . . . well . . . they weren't having . . . sex, but I'm about ninety nine percent sure that they were about to."
"Fuck I've missed you." He kissed her quickly on the lips and she unwrapped her legs from around his waist and they walked over to Bandit.
Poison was the first to pick her up.
"She's changed so much since the last time I saw her."
Acid smiled. "She looks a lot like you. I'm glad you both have the same eyes, they're beautiful. Your mom'll be glad that you and Kobra are okay."
"Mom's here?"
Acid nodded. "I got here a few months ago, some teenage Killjoys found me, long story short, my perants found me while I was with them, brought me back here and your mom was here."
"Is my dad here?"
"No, Donna doesn't know where your dad is."
A pained expression lay on his face and he just nodded.
"Hey, look at me," he looked at her. "I'm sure your dad's fine. He'll probably be with a shit load of Killjoys in a different Zone."
"You're probably right. I love you."
"I love you, too." She kissed him.
He wrapped his arms around her waist and he smiled. This was the happiest he'd felt in a long time. He had his wife and his daughter back . . . but he'd also kissed another woman who, obviously, wasn't his wife. He tried not to think about what happened with Cyanide, he tried to live in the moment he was in with his wife.

Death looked at her stomach in the mirror. She wasn't wearing a shirt, she was only wearing a black bra and some jeans. She looked at her stomach, it was fairly noticeable that she was pregnant now, after all, she was just over three months pregnant.
Death had a pair of baby socks with ducks on them that she'd found a while ago. She picked them up and half smiled.
Suddenly, the door opened and she saw her father.
"So, Death, I was wondering if-" He stopped mid sentence when he saw the small bumb.
His eyes grew wide when he realized that his youngest daughter was pregnant.
"Tell me that you're not . . ."
"I'm so sorry, daddy. I-"
"Look, dad, please don't freak out, I-"
"Dad, please, I-"
If he was going to scream at her, then she didn't see why she shouldn't scream back. She wanted to be calm about the situation, but he obviously wasn't going to let her talk if she carried on talking normally.
She got up and put a shirt on, she really wasn't in the mood to argue with her father about how much he thought she'd screwed up, so she walked out of her room while her father continued to scream at her.
When she got to the lock room in the underground, she slammed the door in her father's face and she locked it behind her. The lock room was called the lock room because it was the only room that could lock. They usually put food in there since it was a few degrees colder than the rest of the under ground. There was a small sky light in the lock room with bars on it so the light of the moon was shining down into it.
She could hear her father banging on the door.
"Death, let me in there."
She didn't reply to him.

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