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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *10*

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Gerard's Pov

''What the fuck is wrong with you?'' Mikey asked me, as we got off the bus. Lindsey was still pretty pissed off at me, so she was going to be a stubborn bitch, and stay on the bus, and not watch the show. Ha, like I even cared.

''I don't know what you-''

He cut me off. ''Oh, would you stop with that, Gerard.'' He snapped. '' How could you say those things about Taylor? A whore, like really? If anyone's the whore here, it's you.''

'Watch it.'' I growled.

''No really, it's true. You've been trying to get in her fucking pants, for fuck's sake! I saw you! Don't try to deny it. I was there, Gerard.'' He hissed, glaring at me.

I glared back at him. ''Okay, fine, maybe I have. Why do you care, anyways?''

''Why? Oh, I;ll tell you WHY. You're going to hurt people, Gerard. You're going to hurt Lindsey, Lindsey most of all, and Taylor. You're going to hurt her too''

''I don't fucking care about Lindsey. She could go die for all I care.'' I spat, not realizing how cruel I was sounding right now.

''She's pregnant with your baby, for god's sake! You have to at least care for the kid!'' Mikey hissed, looking at me shocked.

''I don't want the kid. I never wanted to have kids, Mikey.'' I hissed, looking ahead.

''Oh really? If Taylor was having your kid, you would want it.''

''Yeah, but that's different. She's the only girl I ever wanted to have kids with.'' I argued.

''But you just said that you never wanted to have kids.'' He said, smirking. ''Well, what is it. You want kids or you don't want kids?''

I sighed in frustration, and tugged at my hair. ''Okay fine, I do want kids, but I don't want kids with Lindsey,no, I want them with Taylor. There happy?''

Mikey shook his head, and sighed. ''You had that chance, but you blew it up'' He said, walking off.

'' I'm going to get that chance back, eventually.'' I said, smirking, as we walked into the building where the show was taking place, in a few hours.

Mikey stopped, and turned to me, a look of shock stretched across his features, I laughed, as he glared at me.

''Gerard.... what are you thinking? You are NOT going to break them up. What the hell is wrong with you, bro? Why can't you just accept the fact, Taylor has moved on from yoy?!;;

''What are you talking about, Mikes? I never said I was going to break them up.''

He narrowed his eyes at me. ''You just said ''I'm going to get that chance back, eventually. I heard you, Gerard.''

I laughed. '' That doesn't mean i-''

''Guys, for the love of god, stop fighting!'' Ray said annoyed, cutting me off. He walked in between us, abd looked back and forth between me and my little brother.

''I'm trying not to, Ray. But somebody...'' I said, smirking at Mikey. ''Won't stop saying I'm going to break Billie and Taylor up, because it isn't true, and I don't know why he'd assume that I was. I'm not in love with Taylor anymore, I love Lindsey.'' I said lying. ''Besides, Taylor and Billie make a cute couple.'' I said, forcing a smile. I really wanted to vomit. Cute coupleu my ass.

Mikey gave me a 'are you fucking kidding, me?' look. I smugly gave him a smile. Ray noticed, and sighed.

''Look, Gerard, man. I know that's all bullshit. Why else would you start a fight with Lindsey about how Taylor is such a whore, bitch, ect... I have to agree what Mikey and Lindsey said, you do sound really jealous of Billie and Taylor's marriage. You didn't mean all those things you said about Taylor.. at all, did you?''

I sighed. ''Yeah, I didn't mean all those things about what I said about her...but look, I just don't want to hurt Lindsey. I'm still madly in love with Taylor, andf I can't help that,my heart belongs to her, and it will always belong to her.''

''But what about, Lindsey?'' Mikey demanded. '' You don't love her. Yopu told me that she could go die for all you care. That's a bit harsh, don't you think?''

I was about to say something, until Taylor waddled up to us.

''Hey guys.'' She smiled at Mikey, and Ray.

Mikey gave me a look, before smiling at Taylor. ''Hey Tay, what the fuck happened to your face?''

''I tripped.'' She said, looking at me, biting her lip. I bit mine too. Mikey noticed, and narrowed his eyes at me. I gave him the 'shut up' look,

''Well, I'm glad you're alright.'' Mikey smiled, hugging her. ''It looks like it hurts,''

She laughed. ''Nah, it doesn't. Only when I press down on the cuts and such, then it hurts like a bitch.''

I rolled my eyes, and walked away from them, muttering to myself. I accidently bumped into Billie and knocked him over.

''Opps, sorry Billie. Didn't look where I was going'' I said, not really meaning it. He had his guitar with him, I hoped I made him break it. I walked away before he could say anything,

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