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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *11*

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Taylor's Pov:

I turned around quickly, when I heard Billie shout. I looked over, and he was on the ground. I ran over to see what was wrong with my husband.

''Billie, are you okay?"' I asked, starting to panic.

''No'' He growled. ''Look what the fucker did to my guitar!'' He held up his guitar, which the neck was snapped in half. I gasped.

''Billie, what the heck happened to your guitar?''

''Well...' He said, looking over at Gerard, whom was talking to his band's manager. He turned back to me. ''That fucker over there, slammed into me, knocking me down onto the floor, and I fell on my guitar, my FAVORITE guitar, and now it's fucking broken!'' He growled, glaring back over at Gerard.

''Well, I'm sure Gerard didn't mean-''

He cut me off. ''He didn't even say sorry or anything. He just fucking slammed into me, on purpose, and then walked away like nothing happened,and now, I'm going to fucking kill him for breaking my guitar!'' He said. I helped him back onto his feet, he dusted himself off.

''Let me talk to him, Okay?'' I said.

''Fine, whatever. I'm still fucking killing him later.'' He stormed off, and I sighed. I walked up to Gerard, and his manager.

''Umm, excuse me?''

The stopped talking, and turned to me.

''Gerard, can I talk to you?'' I asked, looking at him. I bit my lip.

''Of course.'' He said, smirking. His manager, I think his name was Brian, or something, I don't know, walked away, over to check on the rest of the band,

''Why;d you push, Billie?'' I demanded.

''What are you talking about? I never pushed anyone.''

''You're lyting. You pushed Billie, and he fell on blue, his guitar, his favorite one, and the neck of it, snapped in half. He told me.''

''And you gotta believe him? Did you actually see me push him?''

''Well, no'' I said, biting my lip.

''Exactly. There's no proof that I pushed him.''

''But he-''

He cut me off. ''He's just trying to get you mad at me.''

I rolled my eyes at him. 'Yeah, okay, whatever you say, Gerard''

''You don't believe me, don't you?'' He asked, chuckling.

''Nope, not at all, and anyways, where is Lindsey.''

''Oh her? She wasn't feeling so good, so she stayed on the bus.''

''Is she okay?'' I asked, starting to worry. I haven't seen her around. I hope she didn't go home or something, she was the only girl friend I had.

''Yeah, she is.'' He said, rolling his eyes.

''Can I go see her?''

''No!'' He blurted out.

''Why not?'' I frowned,

''Because.... she's really, really sick I'm not even kidding with you.''

''If she's that sick, shouldn't we, I don't know, take her to the hospital or something? She's pregnant.''

''She's not that sick.'''

''Oh, well I should still go check on her. I'll keep her company, please.''

''Fine, whatever.'' He said, walking away.

I waddled up to my still fuming husband, I tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around.

''Hey, I'm going to go check on Lindsey. Gerard told me she's sick, I want to see if she's okay.'' I told him, looking at him.

''And you're telling me this why?''

''I though you'd like to know where I was going, so you don't have a panic attack.''

''Oh right, well I guess, go and keep her company.'' He smiled, kissing me.

~ ~ ~

I knocked on the My Chem bus door, and a second later Lindsey opened it. I looked up and gasped. She was crying.

''Lindsey! What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you alright? Gerard told me you werte sick.''

She shook her head, sniffing. ''I don't know why he'd tell you that, but I'm not sick. I'm just upset.''

''What's wrong?'' I asked again.

''Come in, and I'll tell you.''


She helped me up the steps, and we sat down on the couch. I turned to her. ''What happened?''

''Gerard and I got into a fight. He said these really mean things....'' She said, drifting off.

''He did?'' I gasped. ''Oh hunny, come here. He's a jerk sometimes, trust me, I saw the dark side of him, when he was dating A slut. What did he say to you?"'

''He called me bossy and controlling, because I was treating him like a child, but Taylor, he was acting like one.'' She sobbed. ''And that he said that he wonders why he even married me, all the time.''

''Is that all, he said to you?'' I growled, pulling her in for a hug. She shook her head.

''He said some really mean things that aren't true about you, Taylor. I know you're not a fake whore. I said you were the most sweetest girl in the world, I don't know why he'd say that about you.''

I''He's an asshole.'' I muttered. ''I don't care what he said about me, all I care about, is what he said to you. Is that all he said to you?''

She slowly nods. ''Yeah.'' She sniffed, looking up at me. ''He's been acting like a dickhead, this past week. I don't know what's wrong with him.''

I froze. I knew why. I wasn't going to tell her though. It would only crush her heart. I couldn't do that to her, ''I don't know either.'' I said, lying.

~ ~

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