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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *12*

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Gerard breaks things off the Lindsey.... but not in a nice way :c

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Gerard's Pov: A week later...

''What the fuck did you tell, Taylor?'' I hissed, glaring at my wife. Taylor has been avoiding me like plaque for the past week, and it was starting to tick me the fuck off. '

Every time, I tried to talk to her,she either

1) Ignored me and/or walked away


2) Had Billie around her, all the time, when I was in the same room as her.

''I didn't tell her anything.'' She snapped, glaring.

''Bullshit, Lindsey. You're a fucking terrible liar! Now, tell me what you told her!''

''I told her about what you said about her! There, happy?'' She snapped, about to get up. I quickly grabbed her arm,probably a little too tightly, but I could care less, and pulled her back down. She let out a small yelp.She yanked her arm away from me.

''Get off.'' She hissed, tears forming in her eyes.

''Why did you tell her?. She fucking hates me now, all thanks to you!'' I yelled, causing her to flinch.

''Because!'' She sobbed. ''You've been acting like such a dickhead lately!''

''Because, what?!'' I shouted, getting even more mad, now that she was changing the subject. Yeah, I might've been acting like a jackass lately, but you couldn't really blame me.

''I-I don't want her to sleep with you! I had to keep her away from you, Gerard!''

''Lindsey, she isn't really a fucking slut. What the fuck? You said she was the sweetest girl you've ever met, and that she was really happy with Billie, and now you're changing your whole fucking mind? Are you insane!'' I shouted. ''What the hell';s wrong with you?''

''I don't know what to think or say anymore!'' She sobbed, crying into her hands. ''I'm just so confused right now. I don't know if she's really a slut, or not anymore, maybe she is just using me to get to you, I don't know!''

''Well, she's not.'' I snapped. ''Do you want to know something?'' I asked bitterly. She slowly looked up from her hands, her eyes were all swollen and ugly looking, from crying.


''I've been the one trying to get into her pants!''

She gasped, and covered her mouth, and then started sobbing again. ''W-what?'' She whispered, looking at me shocked and hurt.

''You heard me. I've been trying to get into her pants, ever since the start of this stupid tour, and do you want to know why?''

She nodded, still crying.

''I'm still in fucking love with her! I don't love you, Lindsey. I never did. Before you even say anything, no I do not want the stupid baby. I don't want you, I never wanted you. I just married you, to try to move on, and guess what? It's not working.What I said, back on the bus, a couple nights ago, was true. I do regret ever marrying you.'' I said, harshly. ''And you better not fucking tell Billie this, or you'll fucking regret it.''

''Y-you don't m-mean that, G-Gee.''

''Oh, I don't do I'' I scowled. ''Well then, here you go.'' I said, taking off my wedding ring, I reached over, and forcefully opened her hand. I dropped the ring in her palm. She stared at me.

''This marriage is done. Now, I want you to fucking get the fuck off this bus, do you hear me? Pack your shit, and just fucking leave. You'll have to get your own ride to a hotel or somewhere.'' I said, about to turn around, to walk out of the bus, to go have a smoke, but Lindsey quickly stood up, and tightly wrapped her arms around my waist.

Oh my god, can this bitch just give up? Can she not see that I don't want her!

''G-Gerard, please! Y-yuo can't do this to me, I l-love you!''

''Yeah, well, I don't love you.'' I said, bitterly. I yanked her arms away. ''And yes, I can do this, and I want a fucking divorce, so that you and this child can stay the fuck out of my life.''

I stormed out of the bus, before she could say anything else. I left her behind,, on her knees crying, and I could care less.

I took out a cancer stick, and lit it up. I took a long drag out of it, as I stared out into space. I heard Lindsey's screams and cries, from the bus, I ignored them. She meant nothing to me. She never actually did. I want Taylor, and I was going to get her, someway.

I just had to deal with Billie first, it was going to be hard, but I think I could do it. I smirked, as I took another long drag out of my cancer stick.

Oh yes, Taylor was going to be mine again, and then we can live happily and ever after, all that good shit, and start a family together, like we already could've had.

~ ~ ~

A/N: Wow... Gerard is a asshole... poor Lindsey :(
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