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Chapter Sixteen - Leaving

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"Radio!" Lo shouted when she noticed her cousin had passed out.

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A/N So, I've been pretty busy for the past two days since I've had a fuck load of homework to do. Unfortunately, I'm going back to hell, a.k.a School, tomorrow, so updates will probably be less frequent, which I'm really sorry about that. I'd like to thank Lenorebear for reviewing the last chapter I posted and if you can, please review, I love knowing what you guys think! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixteen - Leaving

Radio woke up wrapped in a thin white sheet that covered most of her naked body, she'd slept with Jet for the first time the night before.
She looked around to see that she was alone, when she looked at the clock it was almost six in the morning, she didn't think that anyone would be up, so she wrapped the sheet around her small body and she walked outside the room. It was still dark outside, only the tinest bit of day light was available at that hour.
The living room was empty, so she opened the door and looked at the desert, but again, no one was there. She went back inside and got changed into a black and red dress, a pair of purple tights and some black combat boots.
She'd been feeling a lot weeker than usual lately, but she knew it was because of her illness. She'd not told Lenah or any of the Killjoys about it yet, only her and Jet knew about it, but she was planning on telling them soon.
She walked out of her room again to see Static holding a crying Zack.
"Do you know where the fuck they've gone?" Static asked.
Radio shook her head. "No, I woke up alone, too."
"Maybe Lo'll know?"
"If we don't know, Lo won't either."
"Zack, please stop crying!" She said, over the crying baby. "I sware, Kobra's gonna pay for just fucking off and leaving us here." As you could probably tell, Static wasn't a morning person.
She smiled slightly. "You want me to try and calm him down?" Radio offered.
"You sure?"
Static gave her son to Radio and she started humming a lullaby her mother used to sing to her and she started rocking him back and forth.
After a minute, Zack stopped crying and he fell asleep.
"How the fuck did you do that?"
"My mom used to sing that song to me when I was a baby, she said that it always used to sing me to sleep no matter what. I guess it worked on Zack, too."
She smiled. "Thanks, Radio."

"Look, we've been looking for hours, Kobra, I don't think we're finding him anytime soon. Besides, Lo, Radio and Static are probably wondering where we are by now." Ghoul said at eight in the morning.
"For all we know, he could be back with Dr. Death by now. We've been up for a really fucking long time now! I wanna go back to Lo!" Ghoul complained.
Kobra sighed. "Fine, but if he's not back by one in the afternoon, we're looking for him again."
They all groaned and Kobra started driving back to Dr. Death's.
When they got there, Static slapped Kobra across the face.
"WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?" She screamed at him.
While Kobra and Static continued to fight, Jet walked over to Radio.
"I'm sorry for leaving, it's just-"
"Jet, it's fine. I'm just not feeling so good to day."
She looked pailer than usual and her lips were almost white.
"You don't look so good are you okay?"
"I need to lie down . . . I-I feel . . ." She said before she passed out on the floor.
"Radio!" Lo shouted when she noticed her cousin had passed out.

Acid crawled back into her own bed where her husband was sleeping. She'd stripped down to her underwear because Poison was sill naked from the night before.
Poison felt someone get in next to him and saw his wife smiling at him.
"Good morning." He said.
"Good morning. I'm sorry I woke you up, I just wanted to be with you again."
"I like being woken up like this." He said, noticing that she was only in her underwear and nothing else.
"I hope you can get used to it, we've got a few months of sex to make up for."
"Was last night us starting to make up for it?"
"Trust me, I'll wear you out, Poison."
"What if I'm the one to wear you out?"
"Trust me, that won't happen."
"Oh yeah?"
She passionately kissed him and slid her hand under the cover and stroked his member. He moaned and she smiled, knowing exactly what she was going to do. She could feel his member getting harder, so she stopped and stadled him and she took off her bra, but of course, she was still wearing her panites.
She moaned and kissed him, not afraid of slipping her tounge into his mouth. She ran her nails down his chest, digging her them in to the skin slightly. She could feel how hard he was and she wanted to sleep with him, but she wanted to tease him even more than that.
She lowered her lips to his ear.
"Not until tonight." She put her bra back on and she started getting dressed.
"Why must you tease me in such cruel ways?" He joked.
"Because we need to forget about sex for a few hours and be perants to our daughter. Did you tell the rest of the Killjoys that you were coming here?" She asked.
"No, when Cy knew where to find you, I wanted to see you, so we left. I didn't get a chance to tell them." That was when he remembered the short kiss he and Cyanide shared, he knew he'd have to tell her at some point and he was planning on it, he just didn't want to ruin the moment with her like he didn't want to ruin it when he first kissed her again.
"Okay. I love you, Party Poison."
"I love you, too, Acid Bullets."

Poison picked up Bandit from Lypse while Acid left to find her perants screaming at her sister while her sister cried.
"HEY!" Acid shouted, capturing all of their attention. "If you're gonna scream at my sister, would you mind telling me why?" She demanded.
"Acid, she's pregnant!" Her mother's voice was filled with venom.
"That's it? I've been pregnant, yet I don't see you screaming at me."
"That was different, you and Poison loved eachother, but with Death, it was meaningless and yet she brought a child into that."
Her father continued to shout at her sister, but Acid wasn't going to stand for this. She grabbed her sister's wrist and they started walking back to hers and Poison's room, but of course her perants followed them.
"Where are you going?"
"Back to Poison's place. You two clearly can't accept that she's pregnant and you won't shut the fuck up about it so me, Poison, Bandit and Death are leaving."
"Acid, she's our daughter, you don't have the right to take her away from us."
She stopped and tuned around to face her perants. "No right to take her away? Who was the one who raised her for the past six years? Who's the one who's looked after her when she's been sick? Who's the one who taken bullets for her? Huh? Me, I did all of that! I know that it isn't your fault that you were killed in 2014, but I was the one who raised her when we were orphaned! You've only been with us for a few months, I think I have the right to take her away!" She shouted at them, leaving them shocked.
She walked into her room and saw Poison holding their sleeping daughter.
"What's going on?"
"All of us are going back to Dr. Death's. I've fucking had it with my perants. They're being assholes about Death being pregnant and I'm not letting them be like that to her. They weren't like that to me when they found out I had Bandit, I don't see why it's any different with Death." Acid ranted to her husband.
"Okay, when do you wanna leave?"
"Okay, just let me find Cyanide and my mom first, okay?"
She nodded. "Okay."
He gave their daughter to her and he left to find Cyanide and his mother.
He found Cyanide and his mother in the dining hall and he walked over to the both of them. He'd been with his mother earlier in the day, but it was the first time he'd seen Cyanide since the kiss.
"Look, me, Acid, Bandit and Death are going back to Dr. Deaths and we want you both to come back with us?"
"Honey, thankyou for the offer, but I know that it's not a very big place and with me there, it'll just be even more cramped. I'll stay here, but only if you and Mikey promise that you'll vist me with Bandit, Zack, Iris and Lexia."
"I promise, ma." He hugged his mother and then looked at Cyanide. "What about you? Are you coming back with us?"
She nodded. "Yeah. I'll go back with you."
He'd be lying if a part of him didn't want her to come back with him because of Acid. He didn't know how Acid would react to it, he just hoped that she didn't make a huge deal out of it, but something inside him told him that she wouldn't be too happy about it.

When Radio wake up feeling dizzy and confused. It took her a few seconds to remember that she'd passed out on the floor.
When she opened her eyes, her vision was blurry and she could only see figures of people.
"Radio? Radio, are you okay?" She was almost sure that the voice belonged to Jet, but his voice sounded scratchy.
"Mmmhh." She groaned.
She felt him pick her up and pulled him into his embrace.
Jet wrapped his arms around her and let some tears fall from his eyes. Seeing her pass out made it feel more real that she had cancer, it made him realize that he could actually lose her.
"I'm okay." She lied.
He didn't reply, he just held her close.
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