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Chapter Seventeen - Devastation

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When he opened it, he saw her crying. "Death, what's wrong?"

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A/N Sorry that I've not been updating as much, but like I explained last chapter, I'm back in school again and I've had fucking loads of homework to do. Ayways, this chapter is pretty important to the story and I'm pretty pleased with it, but some of you might hate me a little bit for some parts of this chapter. Please review, I love knowing what you all think! I promise that I'll have a chapter up either tomorrow or Sunday, it depends how busy I am. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventeen - Devastation

A few weeks after they'd gotten back to Dr. Death's, Acid's and Death's perants pretty muched begged them to come back to the underground, but Acid refused, she didn't want her sister being attacked by them again. Poison had still not told Acid about the kiss he'd shared with Cyanide, but whenever he tried to, he'd just freak out and end up changing the subject.
Death's belly had gotten slightly bigger, it reminded her of what she did to Avenger and how she'd hurt him, so she tried not to think about it.
Death was woken up by a sharp pain in her stomach that made her groan in pain, but when the pain increased, she howled in pain.
Acid came running in to see her sister crippled in pain.
"What's wrong?"
"The baby, something's wrong."
"Can you stand up?"
Death tried to drag herself off her bed, but when she did, they both saw the blood running down her legs.
"I'll get Jet and Dr. Death, just sit down and take deep breaths, okay?"
Death could only nod.
Acid ran into Jet's room and started shaking him. "Jet, wake up." She said, waking up both Jet and Radio.
"What is it? What's wrong?"
"It's Death, I think she's having a miscarriage."
He got up and ran into Death's room with Acid.

After they hadn't managed to convince their daughters to come back to the underground, Delusion decided it was time to get intouch with Dr. Isoda.
"I still think we should wait." Mother War said.
"We must tell her, the longer we do not tell her, the angrier she will be with us."
She sighed. "If we must."
Delusional Death called her.
"This had better be important." She said after the first ring.
"Dr. Isoda, we thought we should tell you that . . . well . . ."
"Delusional Death, what have you done wrong?"
"It is Alexandria, Bandit, Rosanna and Rosanna's child."
"What about them? Has the child died like we expected it to?"
"They left the underground."
"THEY WHAT?" She screamed into the phone.
"I'm sorry, we've tried to convince them to come back, but Alexandria won't allow it."
"Why won't she allow it? I told you to react badly to the knews that Rosanna was having a child, just how badly did you react?"
"We did exactly as you told us, but Alexandria refused to let us near her after we'd upset her."
"Why did I even bother with this plan?"
"That's not all." Mother War added.
"What else happened?"
"Party Poison found Alexandria and Bandit again. Gerard, Alexandria, Rosanna, Bandit and Dr. Parkley have all left us now. We believe they went back to the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys and Dr. Death Deyfying."
"Dr. Isoda, we understand that Korse found out where Dr. Death Deyfying was using the flies that were realesed into the atmosphere ovrt a year ago, we wondered if you could use the tape to find out where they are?" Mother War reminded her.
"The tape was destroyed along with the company last year, we no longer know where Dr. Death Deyfying and the Fabulous Killjoys are."
"What do you wish for us to do next, Dr. Isoda?"
"We will continue our plan as planned, but we will just have to exclude the part with Alexandria and Rosanna for now."
"Are you sure that is what you want?"
"Yes, it is. Do not question me again, do you both understand?"
"Yes, Dr. Isoda." They said in unsion.
"Good. Now leave, I have important things to prepare today."
"Yes, Dr. Isoda."
Dr. Isoda hung up.

A few hours after Death started bleeding, Jet and Dr. Death walked in to tell Acid if the baby was okay or not.
Jet shook his head. "We did everything we could. I'm sorry, but the baby's gone. I know you probaly don't need to know this, but it was a boy."
"How is she?"
"She's not so good. We used some of the BL/ind tools and meds that Rose got us back in 2019 to remove the baby."
"Can I see her?"
"She wouldn't talk to us, or even make eye contact, but maybe you could help." Jet said.
Acid nodded and walked in to see her sister staring at nothing. She was biting her thumb nail and she was just sitting there. Her bumb was slowly going down, but it wasn't invisible.
"What was it?" She asked, but she still didn't look at her sister.
She didn't say anything.
"Lexia, what was it?" She almost growled. Acid cringed when she used her real name.
"It was a boy."
She closed her eyes, realesing a few tears.
"I'm so sorry, Death."
Acid walked closer to her sister, but she stopped in her tracks when her sister started talking to her.
"I want you leave, Lexia."
Acid stood there for a couple of seconds, but she eventually left.

In the morning, Avenger was almost at Dr. Deaths. He'd recently heard from someone at the underground that Death had gone back to the diner. He didn't care if she'd be pissed that he'd come to see her, he just wanted to see her face and know that their baby was okay.
For a while he'd been angry at Death, but then the anger desolved into depression. He needed to see her, he needed to know that she was okay. That their baby was okay.
When Avenger got there, he saw that no one else was in the living room, he opened up the door to her room, he remebered which one was her room since he used to sneak into her room last year.
When he opened it, he saw her crying.
"Death, what's wrong?"
She looked up.
"Avenger? What are you doing here?"
"I needed to see you. Now tell me, why the fuck are you crying?"
"The baby . . . he's gone, Avenger. I had a miscarriage."
"The baby's dead."
He paused. Anger burned in him since he wasn't entirely convinced that she'd not tried to purposely get rid of the baby since the last time he'd seen her, she didn't want the baby in her life.
"Did you try something? Did you try to kill it?"
"What? No!"
"You wanted an abortion last time I saw you, Death. You didn't want the baby."
"I know that I sent you away, but I didn't want to hurt them, I couldn't hurt them. You think that I would've actually been able to bring myself to do something like that? "
"I don't even know anymore."
"Look, if you're just going to make me feel shittier than I already do, then please just leave because I'm not in the fucking mood right now."
He sighed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel worse. I just . . ." He didn't finish.
"You just what?"
"I wanted to see you. I've missed you, Death. Even after every fucking word you said, like an idiot, I still fuckin' miss you."
She smiled sadly and he smiled sadly back at her, he knew that she was hurting both mentally and physicly after she'd miscarried. He was hurt him self, too since it was his kid aswell as Death's baby.
"You want me to stay?"
"Most of the things I said that night, I didn't mean them. I'm not expecting you to say that you forgive me or anything like that, I just want you to know that I'm sorry."
He lay next to her on her bed and kissed her forehead.
"I'm sorry, too."
"Why are you sorry? I was the one being a fucking bitch, it should be me apologizing, not you."
"Things might've been different if I'd just stayed. That's why I'm sorry."

In the morning, Static picked up her son and put him in front of the t.v. It took her a few minutes to pick up signal on the t.v. It wasn't long before Kobra woke up with his girlfriend and son.
He was watching t.v with his son when the channel suddenly changed.
"What the fuck is this?" (A/N Link to the video if you want to watch it ;) =P -
It was BL/ind Mousekat in a cartoon that looked like it was made for kids.
The Mousekat was 'fixing' everyone.
"What the fuck?" Ghoul said from behind him.
Someone that the Mousekat found attractive walked in, but she a big nose, so the Mousekate poured a liquid onto their nose. Suddenly, a bee came out of no where and started eating her nose.
Frank couldn't stop laughing. "Are yous seeing what I'm seeing? It looks like the bee's giving someone a blowjo-"
"Not infront of Zack, Ghoul." Static said, drawing a line. Kobra and Static didn't mind people swearing infront of him because he couldn't speak yet, but Static didn't want people talking about sex related subjects around her one-year-old son.
"So, BL/ind's even trying to convince kids that being brainwashed is okay?" Lo kissed her boyfriend's cheek making Ghoul smile.
They walked into the kitchen and Lo tried to find some water.
"Last night was fun." He wispered in her ear.
She smiled and blushed a little. "I know, be prepared, Ghoul, I can be a little bit of a tease sometimes." She licked her lips seductively.
He smiled. "Bring it." He said, with a grin on his face.
Poison walked over to Cyanide, who was sitting next to his younger brother, and he asked to speak with her privately outside.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" She asked.
"Look, I needed to talk to you about the kiss."
She sighed. "That's what you wanted to talk to me about? The kiss that never should've happened in the frist place?"
"Yeah, what else did you think I wanted to talk about?"
"Before the kiss, we used to be friends, but after that, you've been avoiding me like the fucking black plague. I guess I just miss the friendship we used to have before the stupid fucking mistake that was the kiss."
He instantly felt guilty. "Cyanide, I'm sorry, it's just-"
"You don't need to appologize, I understand, I just miss our friendship. Anyway, about the kiss."
"Right, well, I want to tell Acid, I've tried to tell Acid, but whenever I try to, I just end up freaking the fuck out and I end up changing the subject. I know I need to tell her, I just don't know how. The last thing I want to do is hurt her by saying 'I kissed Cyanide while I thought you and our daughter were dead'."

"Hey, Kobra, do you know where Poison is?" Acid asked her brother-in-law.
"Yeah, he went outside to talk with Cyanide about something." He said while picking up his son, who was trying to eat a crayon he'd picked up off the floor.
"Thanks, could you keep an eye on Bandit for me? She's still sleeping, but if she starts crying or anything, could you just pick her up?"
"Sure, no problem."
Acid walked outside to see Poison and Cyanide talking.
". . . I end up changing the subject. I know I need to tell her, I just don't know how. The last thing I want to do is hurt her by saying 'I kissed Cyanide while I thought you and our daughter were dead'."
"You kissed Cyanide?" She asked.
Poison turned around and saw his wife standing there with a shocked expression on her face.
"Fuck, this isn't how I wanted to tell you."
"Y-you two kissed? Why didn't you tell me?" She shouted.
"I didn't know how to tell you! I tried, but I ended up freaking out. Acid, listen to me, it didn't mean anything."
"Then why didn't you tell me sooner? If it didn't mean anything, then you would've been able to tell me without freaking out or without changing the subject!"
"Look Cyanide's just a friend, I wasn't thinking straight! When I thought you and Bandit were dead, it killed me when I thought you were both dead. And Cyanide . . . she'd been through a similar thing, she was helping me cope."
Acid's eyes where filled with tears and she felt like her heart had been ripped in half.
"I-I have to leave." She turned around and ran back inside the diner.
Of course, Poison followed his wife inside the diner. He saw her getting a couple bottles of water from the kitchen.
"Where are you going?" He asked her.
"I don't know."
"Acid, we can talk about this. Just-"
"I won't be long, I just . . ." She took a deep breath. "I need some time to let it sink in okay? I'll be back in a few hours. Bandit's still sleeping, but if she wakes up, you know what to do." She grabbed her bright red leather jacket and walked out again.
The second Acid got in the car, she started driving away while tears blurred her vision. She hated crying, she didn't used to cry a lot, but in the past few years, she'd been crying a hell of a lot more compared to how much she used to cry.
After debating where and where not to go, she finally decided to go see Lypse and her perants.
She remembered where it was since she'd been there countless times in the past few months.
She wondered if her mother and father would be happy to see her, or if they'd tell her to leave because of the way her and her younger sister left them.

When she got to the underground, not a single soul was there. The place was a complete wreck now, rooms were a complete mess, there were clothes and lazer guns everywhere. What the hell had happened here?
When she got to the dining area, there was a message written on the walls. The message was written in blood.
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