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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *14*

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Taylor's POV:

After 6 and a half hours of hard, painful labor, and with Billie right by my side throught it all, I finally brought Helena Marie Armstrong into the world.

The nurse brought over the small bundle, wrapped in a light pink blanket. ''Go with your mommy.'' She smiled, placing Helena in my out stretched arms.

I teared up when I looked down at her. She was so beautiful, She had Billie's piercing green eyes, lips, and it looks like she was going to have his eyebrows to. She had a full head of dark brown hair, my nose and ears.

Billie leaned down and gave Helena a kiss on her forhead. ''Wow, she's beautiful.'' He said, smiling, stroking her cheek with the tips of his fingers gently. ''You did great baby.'' He kissed my forehead.

''Yeah, she is.'' I smiled. ''She gets it from her daddy, and correction, we did great together. I can't believe we created this little angel.''

''Yeah, me to, and I'm pretty sure she gets it fro m her mommy, and not from me.'' He chuckled, smiling down at our baby girl.

Helena then made this insanely cute gurgling noise, as stuck one of her fingers in her mouth. Igiggled. ''Do you want to hold her?'' I asked, looking at my husband.

He smiled, and nodded. ''Yeah.''

''Here baby, go to your daddy.'' I kissed her forehead once more, as I handed her over to Billie. He gently cradled her in his arms. His eyes lit up when he looked down at her. A few tears went down his cheeks. ''Hi, I'm your daddy, I love you so much. You're so beautiful just like your mommy.'' H e said, smiling over at me.

I smiled back, tearing up a little.

~ ~ ~

''I'm going to get the guys, okay?'' Billie told me, handing Helena back over to me.

''Okay. They'll love to see her.'' I smiled. ''I can'r believe I'm saying this, but bring Gerard in first, since he drove me here.''

He sighed. ''Alright, whatever you say babe.'' He kissed Helena and I's heads before walking out of the room.

I looked down at my now sleeping baby, and smiled.

~ ~ ~

Gerard's POV:

For the past 7 hours, we've been waiting for Billie or someone to come out and tell us that the baby was born, and that we could see her.

It was fucking hell. Tre and Mikey wouldn't stop glaring at me, yes they were still mad over the accident that happened 2 fucking months ago, Frank and Mikey were giving me looks from time to time. They were really pissed off at me, since I told them I had kicked Liindsey off the bus, and that we were no longer together.

They really had liked Lindsey, but guess what? I didn't really fucking care if they did or not. If they're going to miss her so badly, they can leave with her,tomorrow. Lindsey was really leaving tomorrow so I'd never have to see her ever again. I really wanted her to leave tonight, but I gave her an extra day, just to be nice... ha ha.

I have to admit through, I was going to actually kind of miss her, a little. She was a great girl and everything, but she just got plain fucking annoying and whiny during the tour.

Now, I just had to think of something to get MY Taylor back. I didn't have a plan yet, but I'll think of something. It was going to be hard, because of the baby and all now, but I'll manage somehow. I smirked to myself. By the the end of this tour, which was currently on hiatus, due to the Holidays, Taylor will be mine. I'm giving my self a time limit, to make things more interesting. I can't wait to see how things will play out...

~ ~ ~

A/N: :) hoped you liked. Sorry for the short chappy!
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