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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *15*

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Gerard's POV:

''What?'' I snapped, looking across at Mike, who was still glaring at me. ''Oh for fucks sake, are you stilll pissed off about Taylor's little accident 2 fucking months ago? I didn't push her!''

''Like hell you didn't.'' He snarled.

''Why would I push a pregnant woman?'' I snarled back,glaring. ''I didn't do anything to her or the baby.''

''HA! You just fucking admit it!'' He yelled, jumping up. ''I KNEW IT!''

''Mike, sit the fuck back down, you're causing a scene.'' Tre snapped, pointing at the people who were staring at us.


''Gerard.'' Mikey cut me off. ''Stop.'' He warned.

''I don't know why you'd think I'd do something that low.'' I spat.

''Well, you just seem like the guy to do that, I mean you did push Billie, you know.'' He hissed, ignoring Tre's pleads for him to stop.

''Okay fine, maybe I did, but that was just an accident.'' I hissed back, ''I would never push a pregnant woman, let alone Taylor.''

''Oh for god's sake, can you two please for the love of god, SHUT THE HELL UP!'' Frank snapped, looking up from his magazine.

I looked at Frank in shock. Mike muttered something, but sat back down. Tre smacked him on the side of the head hard, and told him to 'lay off', but Mike went back to glaring at me anyways. I rolled my eyes.

''Liar!'' Mikey spat in my ear. ''You pushed him on purpose, I saw you.''

''Shut up.'' I hissed, glaring at my little brother.

''No, how about you two shut up!'' Frank snapped at us again. I could tell he was getting fed up with all the fighting, and I couldn't blame him. I,myself was too getting fed up too, Mike just couldn't let the 2 months go, and Tre stopped being a god damn idiot, like his idiot of a friend right now, a while back.

''Wow, when the hell is this baby going to finally pop out of her?! I'm tired of sitting, my ass is starting to hurt!'' Frank complained, recieving a few weird looks from people.

I snickered. ''Well, why don't you just stand up then, duh!''

''I'm too lazy to get up.''

''Of course, you are.'' I mumbled. ''And the baby will come out when she wants to, so be patient.''

''She must taking her sweet old time in there, then.'' He mumbled,going back to his magazine. ''6 fucking hours.''

~ ~ ~

I looked up from my lap, and looked ahead. Billie was walking down the hall. I elbowed Frank and Mikey, and nodded my head towards the hall. They all looked up.

We all stood up, as Billie approached.

''About damn time, dude.'' Frank said, stretching.

''Sorry, dude.'' Bille replied, laughing.

''Well, how are they?'' Tre and Mike asked, smiling.

''Tired, but both healthy and happy.'' He smiled.

''Well, can we go see them then?'' Ray asked, also smiling.

''Of course,man, but she wants Gerard in first.'' He said looking at me. The tone of his voice went from being all happy and shit, to all flat and emotionless, what the hell?

I bit my lip. ''Really?'' I asked,shocked, trying not to fucking grin like a idiot.

''Yes.'' He said, narrowing his eyes. ''I know, it shocks me too.''

I rolled my eyes. ''Right.'' I mumbled.

~ ~ ~

All 7 of us walked down the very long hallway, and stopped outside of Taylor's room, we could hear her talking to the baby, from inside.

''Gerard, you first.'' Billie reminded me, his voice still very flat. ''She wants you to go first, alone.''

''Okay, and don't worry Mike, I won't push her.'' Mike growled at my tease. ''Asshole'' he mumbled, under his breath.

Well, right back at ya buddy.

I slowly walked into the room, still wondering why the hell she wants me alone. I smirked.

She looked up, and smiled a little. ''Hey.''

''Umm, hey.'' I coughed,biting my lip. I looked at the small bundle, that was wrapped in a pink blanket, she was holding in her arms.

''No offense or anything, buy why am I here? I thought I'd be the last person you'd want your baby, to see.'' Not that I minded or anything, which I don't, but really?

She sighed. ''About that, well I wanted to talk to you, but we can skip the talking for later, do you want to hold the baby? She's awake now.''

''Ummm...'' I looked out the door, and noticed that Billie was giving me a very cold loo. I smirked and turned back around to face her. ''Sure.'' I smiled.

''Okay, be careful.'' She told me, sitting up in the bed a little, readt to hand over Helena to me.

''I'm always careful.'' I said, laughing, about to take Helena from her.

She gave me a look. ''...Gerard.''

''Alrught, I will, jeez.'' I laughed, taking the baby into my arms, I looked down at her, and chuckled. She had one of her tiny fingers in her mouth, and she was staring right up at me.

''Wow, this is amazing, she's beautiful,Tay.''

''Yeah, she is.'' she smiled. ''You know, this could've been you with your own baby.''

I sighed. ''I know, but it's too late, I fucked things up, Lindsey and the baby are gone.'' I really wasn't being serious right now, but I agreed with her anyways. I really didn't care if Lindsey left with my unborn child.

''Gerard, I told you, you were going to regret it, and that once you lose them, you lose them forever. Lindsey wont come back to someone who didn't want her baby.''

''I know.'' I said, looking back down at Helena. She looked so much like her mama. She then made a little gurgling sound as she took her finger out of her tiny mouth.

''She looks alot like you,too.'' I chuckled.

''Nah, she looks more like Billie, she only has my ears and nose, and the rest of her features are from Billie, so...''

'Oh, well that explains why she has such a cute nose!'' I smiled, and she giggled a little. ''Oh,Gerard, now there's the real you, not that sick, perverted monster who kicked his wife and child out, and has been trying to get into my panties all the time. I missed you!.''

''Yeah.'' I chuckled darkly. So she thought I was a monster, did she? ''Want your b-''

''I'll take her.''Billie said, walking into the room, and cutting me off. I glared at him, and of course he just had to ruin the little moment. I gace him Helena, and he kissed her forehead, and walked over to the bed, and leaned down and gave Taylor a peck on the lips.

I clenched my fists, and tried not to let my jealously appear. Did he really have to do that, right in front of me? I forced a smile on my face, as they pulled away.
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