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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *16/17*

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Chapters 16 & 17. :) Wrote 16 a little back, before my writer's block, but forgot to post it. Decided to post two chapters, since both are short:)

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Chapter 16:

Two days later....

Gerard's POV

Billie and Taylor were coming home, well not exactly home, but you know what I mean today with the baby, so Frank, Tre and I set up the crib and other baby shit earlier today, while Mikey, Mike, and Ray stayed at the hospital. They went to go grab a bite, a few minutes ago, and I didn't want to go.

So here I am, all alone in the bus, hmm wonder what good shit I'll find around here. Oh, what to do we have here? Is that Billie's phone, i see on the counter? I smirked. The fucker left his phone here, what an idiot.

I grabbed it, and quickly turned it on. A message box popped up saying that there was 1 new message from Grey. I frowned, Who the fuck is Grey? I pressed okay, and opened the message, and was about to read it.

''What the fuck are you doing,Way?';' A voice growled, I turned around, and hid the phone behind my back. I was now facing a pissed off looking Billie.

''Who the hell is Grey?'' I growled back, narrowing my eyes at him at him. I swear if he's cheating on Taylor... he just had a fucking baby with her, for christs sake.

His eyes widen. ''Shit!'' He mumbled.

''Give me back my fucking phone, Gerard. I know you have it.'' He snapped, a second later.

''Okay fine, I will, but on one condition. You tell me who Grey is, and I'll give the damn phone back. If you're cheating on Taylor, you dirty son of a bit-''

Billie cut me off. ''I'm not fucking cheating on her, what the fuck, dude?'' He growled. ''And look who's talking, mr ex boyfriend who cheated on Taylor.''

''Watch it. Sure you aren't, okay so is Grey a female or male?'' I demanded, glaring at him.

''Her name's Grace.'' He said, sighing in annoyance. ''She's just a friend, I would never hurt Taylor, like you did.'' He spat.

''This isn't about Taylor and I's breakup, for fuck's sake. Stop bringing it up, and come on, just admit you're cheating on her, like I know you are. And how exactly close are you, and this Grey gal, by the way?

''We're-, you know what? That isn;t any of your fucking buisness.'' He snabbed, grabbing his phone back, ''You didn't go through my messages, did you?''

I narrowed my eyes at him. ''No I didn't, but I should've.Oh for god's sake, just admit you'rte fucking cheating. I won't tell Taylor, for now, because of Helena and all now.''

''I wish I can, but I'm not.''

''You're not what? You're not cheating or You're not tellling, that you're cheating?''

''Cheating.'' He growled.''Grace is just a fucking friend, okay? Taylor wouldn't believe you if you told her, anyways.''

''What's that supposed to fucking mean?''

He smirked, and let out a laugh. ''Oh, just forget this. This is so fucking bullshit. I gotta get back to the hospital. They're going to let Taylor and the baby out soon.''

''i want to come.''

''Fine, whatever.''

'I shook my head, and let out a silent chuckled as we headed out. He was totally cheating on her, and I was going to get to the bottom of it. You know, I might nt even need to come up with a plan, this could be my plan. Tell Taylor about her husband's possible affair.

''What are you smirking at?'' Billie asked, looking at me suspiously.

''Oh nothing.'' I lied, and forced a smile. ''Just thinking about things, that's all.''

''Okay...'' He said, a little bit hesitant.

I laughed quietly to myself.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 17

~~Taylor's POV~~

''Let me hold her, let me hold her, let me hold her, let me hold her!''

I laughed. ''Alright, jesus, Mike, calm down. You'll get your turn when we get back on the bus.'' I smiled down at my baby, then look across at Billie. I grinned at him. He smiled.

''But, I wanna hold her now!'' He whined.

''When we get back to the bus, Mikey.'' I laughed, looking back at him. ''Besides, Helena is sleeping right now. I don't want to wake her up.''


''Mike.'' I shot him a look, and he shut up. I smiled. ''Thank you.'' I turned my head back around, and looked down at Helena. She was staring up at me, as she was sucking on her thumb. I giggled.

''What?'' Billie looked over.

''Nothing, Helena is just so cute.'''

''Oh, yeah she is.'' Billie smiled.

''She's' awake, isn't she?''' Mike growled from the back. ''Taylor, you're such a liar. You need to learn how to share your baby with other people.''

I laughed. ''But I don't wanna share my baby with other people.''

''Not even with me? Her godfather?''

''Who says you were her godfather?'' Billie asked.

''Taylor did.''

Billie looked over at me again. ''You did?''

''Umm, yeah kind of.''

''Without my concent?''

I laughed. ''I don't need your concent. I'm the mother, I get to make the desisions for the baby. Mike is her godfather, and that's final.''

Billie pouted. ''That's not fair! I'm the daddy, and I should get to-''

I cut him off. ''No, you don't.''

''Yes, I do.''




''Why not?''

''Because, knowing you, you'd give her a tattoee or something behind my back, so I don't really trust you, with the desision making and such'' I giggled, as he gave me a glare.

''Haha, no.''

''Haha yes.'

''Haha, shut up.'' Mike muttered from the back.

Billie huffed, and looked back at the road, I looked back down at Helena. She was making the insanely cute noise again, and I giggled. ''Love you.'' I told her, kissing her on her forehead. She let out, what I think was a tiny giggle. I raised my eyebrows, but smiled. ''You're my little baby.'' I cooed. ''Your daddy over here, is going to spoil you so much, because he loves you.''

Billie chuckled.

''Don't forget me, Tre and I are going to spoil the fuck out of her, too!''

''Mike, no cussing in front of the kid.'' Billie warned. ''Don't want that being her first word.''

''Yeah, yeah. Look who's talking.''

''What's that supposed to mean?'' Billie asked, narrowing his eyes.

''Nothing, nothing at all.'' Mike snickered.

''Yeah.... how about you tell me. What is that supposed to mean?''


''No, go on, tell me.''

''You see what I have to deal with everyday?'' I whispered to Helena. She let out a gurgling nose, as she turned her head.'' I laughed a little, and looked over at my bickering husband. He was too busy glaring at Mike through the mirror, instead of focusing on driving. I looked ahead, and my eyes widened.

''BILLIE! LOOK OUT!'' I screamed, and that seemed to snap him out of it. ''OH SHIT!'' He screamed. I held my baby close to me, as everything went black, the last thing I heard, was the sound of my baby's cries.

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gerard's Pov:

''Gerard, come on, we gotta get to the hospital!'' Mikey shouted at me, as I looked up from the TV. I stood up.

''What's wrong?'' I asked, concerned. ''What happened?'' I didn't really like the look on my brother's face right now, so whatever happened, wasn't really good. I hope nothing happened to Taylor and the baby...

''T-they got in a car accident, they were rushed to the hospital a few minutes ago.'' Mikey whispered, a few tears escaping his eyes. I freaked.

''Who's they? Mikey, Tell me!'' I shouted, when he didn't answer.

''Billie, Taylor, the baby, and Mike.''

My eyes widened, and my heart stopped. ''Oh god...'' I whispered, feeling tears burn in my eyes. ''They're okay, right?''

''We don't know, but come on, we have to get down there now! Come on, Tre and they guys are waiting for us.''

''Why am I the last to know?'' I whispered, as we walked to the car.

''Does that really matter right now?''

I shook my head, feeling my lip tremble. ''N-not really.'' I whispered, letting the tears from my eyes, fall down.

We got in the car, and drove off to the hospital, all of us in high hopes that everyone was okay. God damn it, why did this have to happen?


Hey guys look I finally updated :O. I know, I'm sorry. Writer's block sucks ass. :(. Anyways hoped you enjoyed, and srry if this wasn't a happy chapter.
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