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My Way Home Is Through You

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James talks to Hazel and James has a new real hatred towards Frank and Hazel has an unexpected friendly visit. Title is My Chemical Romance

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Well here's the next chapter, I need to start keeping up with both now, if you readers didn't know go check out my new story it's called "It Started With An Alright Scene." Anyways, enjoy! :)

James’s POV
"Hazel? Open the door."
"Go away I don’t want to talk to anyone."
I put on my gayest voice possible.
"Hazel if you do not open this god fucking damn door I will not talk to you and I will be the sassiest bitch ever!"
The door unlocked.
"You know you’d never be able to do that."
"I know but I needed you to open the door."
I went inside and closed the door behind me.
"Okay so number one, here’s a muffin and two, what the fuck happened?"
"Well one, thank you for the gift of the muffin but I don’t really want one anymore and two, sit down and I’ll explain."
We got comfortable sitting on my bed criss cross apple sauce facing each other. Just like old times. I took his hand.
"Okay, so you promise you won’t get mad and you won’t go blowing up at Frank okay?"
"I’m listening."
"Promise me you won’t!"
"Okay I won’t!"
"Good. Well here it goes. Frank and I, earlier this morning like really early, had sex and well the condom broke. I didn’t find out until after we made the muffins and after I brought you guys coffee."
"I’m going to kill him."
He started to get off the bed and I grabbed him back, a little too hard because he almost fell over.
"NO JAMES! You promised you wouldn’t!"
"Hazel! Listen to me, there’s always a chance of pregnancy. What if you did get pregnant hmm? The whole point of you coming here was to get better and be safe. What is this proving to Nay? Or me?"
"You’re acting like I wanted this to happen. You think I wanted it too? No of course not! There’s also a chance of not being pregnant. What if I’m not? Then it was just a scare. It happens all the time James."
"Well if you did actually get pregnant, what would you do with the baby?"
"You know my opinion on abortion, totally against it. But most likely I’d keep it. I don’t want to ruin Frank’s life by keeping it but it would be my option."
"Ruin his life? Hazel, he would have already ruined your life by actually doing that to you, putting you through birth and what if he left you? You’d be alone, well not necessarily cause I’d be here to help you."
"Thank you James, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just need some time to think. So if you would please leave me alone for awhile? I’ll be out later, I promise."
I walked out of the room and I heard her lock the door a few minutes later.
Poor Hazel, she seems really stressed over this. I just don’t want to see my best friend in ruins while Frankfuck is walking around free. Knowing he’s a father. I guess I spoke too soon telling Frankfuck he was good for Hazel.
Hazel’s POV
When I was sure he left I sat back on my bed to think. I had a notepad in my hand and my family picture next to me.
If I had a baby, I wouldn’t want it to have the life I did. It would need a good life.
I started jotting some notes, but ended up throwing it in the trash.
I need to take a walk.
Frank’s POV
James came up the stairs and told me what Hazel said. How could she think I would leave her? The fact that James now has a deep hate for me now, there’s no way I could clear that up.
Still deep in my thoughts, about 15 minutes later I heard more footsteps coming up the stairs and there stood Hazel.
"Don’t wait up for me. I’ll be back when I feel it’s right."
She left the house.
What the hell did I do? And Gerard thinks he's the most fucked up person in New Jersey.
Hazel’s POV
I walked to this park Grammy used to take April and I to play when we visited every now and then.
I sat by the swing I would push April in. I curled up and cried.
I miss April, I miss Connecticut, I miss Nay.
I guess it was a matter of time before I’d break down over all this.
After a while of crying I fell asleep.
When I woke up I was in the exact same spot where I was left. It was raining, so I’m soaked and muddy.
When I started heading back home, something was different.
Someone was with me. I knew the feeling all too well.
"Hi April.."
I looked back and the swing was moving in the slow swinging motion I would push her in.
I went back to the swing to push it and the wind whispered an "I miss you.."
"I miss you Apey Grape.."
Turns out Frank was right, she was still here looking after me. Maybe this is proving something. Maybe he would be with me if anything went wrong or if something as big as a pregnancy happened he would still be with me.
When I snapped out of my thought I heard a giggle and a bye.
"Bye April, see you next time."
I walked back home with a warm feeling and a few tear stains on my cheek but it was the visit from the person I loved with my heart soul to believe in the person that I love with my life.

What did you think? Kinda love-ish and kind of sad but ya know let's see what happens next ;D xo
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