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Chapter Nineteen - Shock

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Acid wanted to kill her. She wanted to pin the tiny woman down on the floor and strangle her. She wanted to smile as she watched the life drain out of her eyes, as she begged for her to stop and to...

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A/N Again, I'm sorry updates haven't been as frequent, I've been busy lately and I've been struggling to find the time to write, but I'll try and update sooner. This is a pretty important chapter, so I hope you guys all enjot it! Thankies to ElectricSpark for reviewing the last chapter, if I could I'd give you a cookie. Please review, I love knowing what you all think! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Nineteen - Shock

When Acid woke up after being knocked out for a second time, she was surrounded by bright lights. Acid was in a white room and she was tied to a chair, the room was completely white and about twenty yards away from her, there were two huge white doors.
"The subject is awake." She heard a robotic voice say.
Her head was pounding after being knoced out twice.
The doors opened and she saw two Draculoids along with Dr. Isoda walk in. Then she figured that the so called 'Killjoys' had handed her to Better Living, just as they planned on doing.
"Hello Alexandria."
She didn't say anything.
"There is are a couple subjects I would like to discuss with you."
"Fuck. You." She spat.
"I would like to start out with when we took you and your daughter out of Battery City."
She waited to see if would reply, but there was still nothing.
"We took you out of Battery City and into the outer Zones the day that the bombs hit for a second time. We wanted Bandit to be the new ruler of Better Living Industries and of Battery City when I am no longer alive."
Her head snapped up. "No, you can't do that to my daughter."
"The second thing I want to discus is your little sister's pregnancy and miscarriage. You see, we have been experimenting for a long time now, Alexandria. We have come up with a chemical to make human beings stronger and better fighters. For a long time, we have tried to make that happen, but recently we have wondered if it is better to inject the chemical into the egg of a female and then the egg be fertilized, so that while the child is devoloping in the womb, they will grow stronger in the womb. We have tried it with many different women, but each time, they have miscarried. So, we tried it with someone who was not it Battery City, someone else. We tried it with your sister, Alexandria."
"We kidnaped them and we injected her with the chemical. We injected hormones into both Rosanna and Daniel so that we knew the child would deffinately be conceived. As you can tell, the experiment failed. After we injected Rosanna with the chemical, we erased their memories and replaced it with different ones so that they would no longer remember what we did."
"Draculoid, silence her. I do not want her to inturupt me inbetween everything I say."
Acid opened her mouth to speak, but they gagged her before she could get any words out of her mouth.
"There are three more things I would like to explain to you, Alexandria. First, I would like to talk to you about Korse." Acid cringed at his name. "Korse was not human, he used to be, but a man fell in love with me many years ago. His name was Grant Morrison. I decided to tell him about the dream that I had to create a company and I told him everything that I wanted to accomplish and being the man who loved me, he told me that he would support me and help me in anyway I could, so I took him up on his offer. I told him there was a minor experiment that I wanted to do, I told him that I would love him with my whole heart if he was the ginuea pig in my experiment, so of course he agreed. I knew that Grant would no longer be himself, I was glad to be rid of him since I had never loved him or even cared for him in the first place. I obviously renamed him Korse. You may wonder why I am telling you this, Alexandria, but it is because I wanted to let you know why Better Living came back, it also fits in with why I used your sister for the experiment that failed."
Acid just glared at her.
"Your sister is the reason why my company turned into ash in 2019, I wanted her to pay for what she had done. I wanted her to feel emense pain. I knew that she would most likely miscarry, like the countless other women, but when she miscarried, I wanted her to feel the pain of losing someone you love. Even if the child did survive, then I knew that she would feel the same pain. We wanted to take away the child from her once they were born. You see, I do not have an heir to my company, Alexandria, and I need one. I was going to have Bandit or Zack as my heir, but you and Bandit escaped from the building that was very foolishly designed since you managed to escape very quickly.
"My point is that I wanted your sister to feel pain, I wanted her to suffer for temorarily disabling my company, but also, if your sister had killed me, or if any other Killjoy had killed me for that matter, then this company would have been destroyed. Korse was never the one incarge of the company, it was me. Korse was mearly just a front man, a mask for the company. I was the one who was behind all of this."
Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. Acid wanted to kill her. She wanted to pin the tiny woman down on the floor and strangle her. She wanted to smile as she watched the life drain out of her eyes, as she begged for her to stop and to spare her life . . . she thought that it sounded monstrous, but that was what she wanted to do. She'd never wanted to kill anyone more in her whole life than she wanted to kill Dr. Isoda.
"Then there is Cyanide Sparx, or as I know her, Dr. Parkley. Dr. Parkley works for me and my company, she does the job that your husband and the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys used to do before he remembered everything. Dr. Parkley is not a Killjoy, Alexandria. She works for me. She told me that she wanted to earn their trust first, that she wanted to get to know their weeknesses so we could use it against them. I believe that your husband kissed her, did he not?"
Anger burned inside her, but it wasn't because she was angry at Poison, it was because Cyanide had lied to her. She thought that they were atleast friends, but she was wrong. She didn't even care about them, she was just using them so she could capture them.
Fear took over Acid when she realized that Cyanide was still with them. She was still with her husband and her daughter.
Dr. Isoda smiled.
"I have saved the best part of all of this until last."
It can't get any worse, Acid thought.
"Draculoid, bring in Diane and Karl." Acid was confused when Dr. Isoda told the Draculoids to bring in her perants.
They walked in with no expression on their faces, they just stared at her blankly.
"Take the gag out, I wish to hear how she reacts."
One of the Draculoids removed the gag from around her mouth.
"Mom, dad, what's going on?" She asked.
"Do you wish to explain, Dr. Isoda, or should we?" Her father Dr. Isoda.
"I think that you should tell her, actually."
"Very well." Her father said.
He walked closer to her and nelt down so he was on the same level as his eldest daughter was.
"You see, Alexandria, as you know, me and your mother died in 2014, but you and your sister left not long before you burried us. A few days after you left, Better Living Industries dug us up and they used technology to bring us back to life, just as they did with yourself and the Fabulous Killjoys. For a while, we were Draculoids, but we were exceptionaly good fighters, so we became S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/s, but we proved ourselves worthy of becoming Better Living employees. We are controlled by a chip in the back of our necks."
"Like Bob was . . ." She wispered, remembering what had happened when they woke up in the Better Living centre after all of them had been killed.
"Yes, like Bob."
"So you're not my real perants anymore?" She asked with tears in her eyes.
He smiled wickedly at her. "I guess you could say that we're not."
She could feel her heart breaking. "Dad . . . please, I know you're still in there." She begged. "It's me, it's Lexia. I'm your daughter, you can't let the chip control you." She felt tears over flowing.
"That is not possible, Alexandria."
"Please, daddy." She'd not called him daddy since she was a kid, but she found herself calling him that again. "Do it for me, do it for Vaimey. We love you. We just got our perants back, we can't lose you again. Please, don't let it control you."
He stood up and stood next to his wife.
"Do me and Vaimey just mean nothing to you now? What about Bandit? Do you even care about anything?"
"That is not the end of the story, honey." She cringed when her mother called her 'honey'. Her mother used to call her that all the time, but now that she knew that they weren't her mother anymore, she hated it. "Over the past few years, we have gathered Killjoys in the underground until we had a satisfying number and we have taken them back to the Better Living headquarters so that they can then be exterminated. We no longer bring Killjoys back to life and turn them into Draculoids or make them become citizens in Battery City, since most of the Killjoys started to remember who they were after we erased their memories."
"Everyone was with you . . . Lypse . . . Andi . . . Donna . . ." She started to remember everyone who was with them. "Then there's Jenny and Johnny, they're only children, you can seriously be considering killing them, can you? Then there's Ella."
"We are not going to kill them. We are going to give them to a couple in Battery City so that they can be raised in Battery City and away from any Killjoys."
"What about Ella? She's only a child, she's not even close to being ten yet!"
"Ella will have to be exterminated. She has had a Killjoy upbringing, if we let her live, then she will eventually want revenge for the people who we are going to kill that she loved. People like Leo, like Penelope, like Steph. And like you, Alexandria." Dr. Isoda said.
"So you're going to kill me?"
"Well . . . we're not going to kill you . . . you are going to become like your perants, we will be able to control you and you will not be able to do anything about it."
Her eyes filled with tears again. "No, kill me. I'd rather be dead. Please."
"Death would be too kind for you, Alexandria. We are planning on doing the same thing with your sister. You should be honored, we do not do things like this for Killjoys anymore."
She didn't say anything. She just looked at the floor.
"For now, you will be in the area that we have built for Killjoys that are waiting to be exterminated where they have rooms and a bed where you will stay. We will turn you into one of us within the next few days."
"What about my husband and daughter?" She had tears streaming down her face.
"Your husband will be exterminated and your daughter will be given to someone in Battery City."
"And the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys? What about Zack and Grace?"
"The Fabulous Killjoys, including Lenah, Jessey and Iris, will also be exterminated. Zack will be given away, if a child is two years old or under, then they will simply be given to someone in Battery City, but if they are over two years old, then they will be exterminated. Grace will be exterminated."
That was when she snapped.
"We want a perfect world, Alexandria. If we must spill some blood to make this world perfect, then so be it."
"When the Killjoys are gone, the world will be ours. We will make sacrifices for a perfect world, we must if we want it to be perfect. We will be seeing you very soon, Alexandria. Farewell for now."
They left the room and Acid did the only thing she could. She cried.

A few hours later, she was moved out of the room she was in and she was taken into an unfamilar part of the company. She was being escorted by two Draculoids, who had guns pointing at her and they felt the need to grip her upper arm so she couldn't go anywhere. There were prison cells, but everything was white, not that she expected any different since almost everything was white at the Better Living center. Inside the cells there were Killjoys with Draculoids guarding them on the other side of the bars that held them in the room. She looked down the corridor, they were hundreds, maybe even thousands, of cells. Each cell had around five Killjoys inside.
Everyone was staring at her with wide eyes since most of them knew that she was married to Party Poison. She saw Andi, Vam, Chemycal and C-Bomb in the same cell as eachother.
"ACID!" Andi shouted her hands were wrapped around two of the bars, but a Draculoid seemed to have a problem with it.
"Move away from the gate." It's robotic voice said.
She glared at it for a second, but she removed her hands and she took a step back.
The gates opened to another cell and she saw Lypse, Ella, Penelope and Steph inside.
"Acid!" Ella said, wrapping her small arms around her legs.
"Step back." One of the Draculoids holding Acid's arm said.
"Ella, step back, honey." Steph said, pulling the small child away from Acid.
Acid was pushed into the cell and she fell to the floor. Ella wrapped her arms around her again.
"I missed you, Acid."
Acid closed her eyes and hugged her. "I missed you, too, Ella."
"So, how did you get caught?" Lypse asked her.
She stopped hugging Ella, but she still had an arm around her waist.
"I had a fight with Poison and I went back to the underground, but no one was there. Some guys found me there, they called themseleves Killjoys, but the give them to Better Living so they won't be killed." Tears filled her eyes again. "Mom and dad . . . they work for Better Living. They've got a chip in the back of their neck that controls them. They're the reason we're all in here. Then there's Cyanide . . . she works for them, too. They all lied to his, Lypse. They all lied."
"W-what? No, Delusional Death and Mother War wouldn't do that. They wouldn't do that to all of us, I've known them for years. They loved me and Sarah like we were their own kids." Steph said.
"They're just doing their job, Steph. They're not even themselves anymore, I guess you could even call them robots. In a sense, I guess they are."
"What about Johnny and Jenny?" She said, worried about her neice and nephew.
"They're going to be given to a couple in Battery City."
"And Ella? Will she be given to someone else, too?" Penelope asked.
She didn't want to say this infront of the little girl, but she had no choice. She refused to lie to them, she wanted to tell them what Dr. Isoda and her so called 'perants' told her.
She shook her head. "Ella's going to be exterminated, too."
The little girl started crying.
"I'm so sorry, Ella. I'm only telling them what they told me. They said that they only let kids who are two and under be given to people in Battery City, they think that if they're any older than that, then they'll remeber what happened when they're kids and they'll want revenge on the people that Better Living killed."
"So we're all going to die?" Lypse asked.
She nodded. "Yeah. We are. I wish I was dying, too, Lypse."
They were all confused. "So they're not killing you? What are they gonna do to you?" Penelope wondered.
"You remember what I said about my perants being controlled by a chip, right?"
They all nodded.
"That's what they're gonna do to me."
"No, we won't let them. We'll find away out of here, I'm not letting them kill us and I'm not letting them turn you into a mindless drone." Steph insisted.
"How can we do that when there's Draculoids watching us twenty four seven?" Penelope told her.
"I don't know, but I'm not letting them do this to us. I won't let them."
"Acid, did they say when they're planning on killing us?"
"I'm sorry, but I can't remember. I think they mentioned something about a few days."
He nodded.
"I'm so sorry. If you'd never met me, you wouldn't be here, Lypse. Neither would Andi, Vam, C-Bomb . . . " She trailed off.
"Don't blame this on yourself. It's not your fault, it's Better Living's fault."
He hugged her. He didn't want to die, but he couldn't see how they could come up with a safe plan to escape safely, especially in only a few days. He'd miss being a Killjoy, they all just hoped that when they died, that other Killjoys would take down Better Living. All they could do was hope, because sometimes, hope is all we have left.
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