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Seeing Is Believing

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has he returned?

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I held my hair back with my trembling hands as I violently threw up in the off – white toilet bowl. My body ached as my stomach churned up and poured through my burning throat. I’ve barely eaten since it all happened, thus making me very thin, so whatever I was throwing up came from out of nowhere. My eyes were red and puffy, bulging out like I’d been beaten by a gang of muscular fighters.
I’ve always been alone in this shit hole of a house, ever since my Grandma Elena passed away. She was the only thing I had left of my family; she taught me how to sing, how to dance and how to draw. Drawing is probably one of the only things that keep me occupied.
I lifted my head and sighed as I realised how lonely I really am. My parents left and went abroad 3 years ago, without a trace, my friends forgotten me and my only true love gone.
I closed my eyes tightly and imagined him beside me, his warmth almost touchable on my right side, and pure cold emptiness on the left. A rush of strange feeling took over my body, making me open my eyes. I could still feel the warmth. Looking to my right side, I noticed just nothing. All I saw was the grubby, once – white tiles splodged on the wall. I sighed as more tears fell.
Placing my hands on the creamy sink to hoist myself up, I lifted my head and looked into the mirror. Strangely, most of it was fogged up, as if hot human breath had come into contact with its reflecting surface. Something was written on it. I squinted as I got a much needed closer look. A small heart was drawn in the corner of the misty fog, and I know it wasn’t me who did it. I gasped as I jumped back, my heart thumping at my rib cage.
“What the…?” I whispered in disbelief, rubbing my eyes to see if I was just hallucinating. It was still there.
“H… Hello?” I shivered as I popped my head around the door into the stretched hallway. “Urm… who’s there?”
My eyes searched the length of what I could see, and I ran into my room. I caught my breath and turned on the light, shock taking me over. I shook my head and thought it was all just some crazy shit. Then the light blew; this isn’t just some crazy shit.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” I screamed and threw my pillow at the wall.
I stop as I hear a faint sob from somewhere. Slowly looking around outside my room, I realise its coming from downstairs. ‘Who could it be?’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m home alone; I always have been.’ Finally, I pick up the courage to go and investigate. Step by step, I tip-toed my way down the creaking stairs. My body shook from head to toe, and my palms were sweating with nervousness and fright, leaving hand prints on the crackly painted banister. My heavy breathing made my presence rather noticeable, and my heart felt as though it would explode any second. The sniffling got louder as I got closer to who, or what, it is. I landed with a quiet thud on the laminate floor and made my way along the hall way. The sound was coming from the living room, so I made a swift manoeuvre in that direction. I leaned with my back against the wall and closed my eyes, feeling as scared as I had ever been in my life. Who was it? WHAT was it? And what was wrong with them? I went light headed as I realised that this was really happening, and that whatever was through that door was going to give me either a big shock, or a big surprise. I let out a long, quivering breath and pushed my way through the door as slowly as I could. The door creaked slightly which made me jump a little, and the crying stopped. My heart froze alongside my body.
“G… Gerard?” a voice whispered; a voice so familiar, yet so distantly recognisable.
Wait… it… it can’t be…
I forced my way into the candle lit room and looked around. My eyes locked onto the sofa, and the figure sitting upon it. My mouth dropped as I had laid eyes on the most indescribable sight I’ve ever seen.
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