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Welcome Home

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is this all real?

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“No… no…” I sobbed as I rubbed my eyes and backed away. It was unbelievable. I never thought I would see this sight; ever.
“Hello, Gerard.” He whispered, emitting a white haze around him.
“No… no, it… it can’t be you… y… you’re… YOU’RE DEAD!” I screamed.
He sat there with his head in his hands, shaking his head in disagreement.
“I came back.” He claimed.
“No… no, no, no… it’s, it’s not you... it... it can’t be…” I cried as I backed into the far wall of the old and wrecked living room.
“It is, Gerard. It’s me. I promise you.” He wailed as more tears fell down his pale cheeks.
“But… how? How can it be you?”
“I came back… for you.”
I slid down the wall and sat on the grubby carpeted floor, tightly gripping my knees into my deep breathing chest. I kept shaking my head, knowing for sure that this was unreal; just a mere dream. Looking carefully at him, I noticed the way his ghostly haze drifted softly around him. To me, it was quite calming, but very unusual. All was quiet as we both had time to think, but I decided to break the silence.
“Where’s Bert, then?” I questioned, making him jump. But then he frowned.
“He decided to pass on… to the other side. No one will ever see him again…” he whispered with sorrow sweeping his face.
“Oh…” i sighed as my shoulders dropped slightly. So many questions started buzzing around my mind, it made me feel dizzy. Memories of the accident came swirling back once again, making me feel sick.
“C… come here…” he suddenly said.
I hesitated, and then decided that I should at least investigate all this. I slowly rose from the floor and step by step, got closer to him. Smiling at me softly, he held his hand out to me, as if he wanted me to touch it. I stopped about 3 feet from him, and held out my hand, desperately, but slowly, reaching for his. Our fingers got closer and closer, and then finally… they touched.
We both jumped back as a shock went through us, almost like a painful electric force, repelling us apart. The shock went up my arm and waved my whole body, ending at my toes. We both gasped and looked each other in the eye. But, I know it was him, I could feel the very texture of his finger as it touched mine. Tears streamed down my face.
“Oh, Frankie!” I wailed, making him jump up from his soft perch and wrap his arms around my waist.
“Gerard…” he sobbed, “I came back for you; for no one else but you.”
He softly stroked my hair as we both calmed down, still in each other’s firm grasp. I didn’t want to let him go as I was scared I would never be able to feel him against me again.
“This isn’t just a dream, is it?” I asked him as we finally pulled away.
“No, silly!” he softly giggled. Even his laugh hasn’t changed. I smiled and let out a sigh of relief.
“So, you’re… a…”
“A spirit…” he confirmed in a whisper. “I’m not a zombie, a vampire or a living dead… well, not exactly, you know, living dead…” he shrugged, smirking at himself.
“But… I didn’t think I would be able to, you know, touch you…” I blushed as I asked, to which he let out a thoughtful smile.
“I didn’t think I’d be able to, until our fingers touched just then.” He admitted. Then I remembered the heart on the mirror.
“Wait, so… it was you who fogged up the mirror in the bathroom and drew a heart?” I realised. He suddenly blushed deeply and quickly nodded. My heart melted. Does he feel the same as I do? Does he know I love him? And does he love ME? I suddenly felt really warm inside, and felt complete. I’ve longed to feel this way for many years, and it’s finally happened. Maybe not in ‘human form’ but… Oh what the heck, he’s here! He came back! And he looks as stunning as he did before the accident; with his smudged eyeliner and perfectly fitted skinny jeans, alongside his Misfits t-shirt and black converse, with his hair messily hung over his beautiful glistening eyes.
Yeah. This is definitely my Frankie!
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