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Questions and Coffee

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questions + lemons!

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Sitting in the kitchen, conversation between me and my ghostly lover drowned any leftover thoughts that haunted my mind. But I still had a few questions to ask Frank.
“So, is there anything you can’t do? You know, because you’re a spirit?” I asked curiously.
“Nope. Well not that I know of…” he giggled in reply.
“So, you can eat, drink, sleep, and have sex…?” I managed to push out. Frank howled with laughter.
“Yeah, I can! But, there is one thing…”
“What’s that?”
“Nobody can see me, but you.” He smiled. That confused me.
“Why?” I wondered.
“Because I had the choice to either stay or pass on, so I decided to stay, and I can make myself only visible to you.” He claimed.
“Wow…” I gasped. Creepy. You see things like this in films; I never thought it would be real.
“So… are there many other spirits?” I asked, to which Frank nodded in agreement.
“Yeah, but they choose who they are visible to, while some decide to pass on.” He confirmed. “Then, those who pass on go to the unknown. Even I don’t know what it’s like there. Once you go there, you can’t ever come back. It’s a very hard decision for some.”
The only reason he didn’t pass on was because he came back for me. How sweet! Does this show a sign…? I was bust out of my thoughts when I heard the beep of the coffee machine.
“Want a coffee, Gee?” Frank offered.
“Oh, yeah, please.” I nearly begged. After not having coffee since yesterday, I really need one now! He fiddled with the machine and turned his back to me, waiting for it to do something. His perfectly fitted skinnies showed the curves of his sexy arse and his slim legs, the right of which he moved his body weight to and then back to the left, every so often. I couldn’t peal my eyes from his perk little bum until he turned around with 2 coffees in hand.
“Um, Gerard?”
I snapped out of my mind’s sexual illusions.
“Oh, um, cheers, dude.” I said as I accepted the hot mug of sweetness and heavily blushed. I hope he didn’t see me looking…
“Were you, you know, looking at my arse?” he asked with a smirk on his face.
“Um, no, you know, um there was something…” I stuttered.
“I know I have a sexy arse!” he winked, making me giggle. He wasn’t wrong though!
I gulped down my coffee like it was going out of fashion, which shocked Frank.
“You drank that like it’s going out of fashion!” he joked. Exactly my point…
I got up, collected the 2 empty mugs and popped them into the sink. With nothing else to do, I hurled myself up on the kitchen side and sat there waving my legs beneath me. Frank looked at me like I was crazy.
“Fwankie! Come here pwease!” I said in a baby-like voice, making Frank stand up and walk towards me. Holding out my arms, I pulled a mock-sad face and he came up to me and hugged me.
“And don’t go touching the sexy arse, you naughty boy!” he joked. That teased me, so I did so anyway. He let out a moan as I squeezed it and he pulled me down from the kitchen side so he could slap mine. I slapped his back, so he squeezed mine in retaliation. I bit my lip, as this was clearly turning me on, and I pushed him onto the kitchen table where he laid and looked up at me. The seductive smile on his face drove me crazy. The way he didn’t react badly to any of this made me think that he probably does feel the same towards me as I do to him. Plucking up the courage, I got up onto the table and straddled him.
“Someone’s feeling horny.” Frank quoted. I lowered myself down to him so my lips were near his ear.
“Well, you haven’t stopped me… so you obviously don’t mind, which means I’m currently dominating.” I whispered. I heard him gasp softly and he lowered his hands down my back and squeezed my arse again.
“Show me what you’ve got then…” he offered. That was it; my mind went into a craze, making me want his body so badly.
I moved my face so it was just hovering over his, and I looked closely into his hazel eyes, like they were windows to his sweet and sexy soul. Sliding his hands up my back, he felt up my neck and into my hair, and then pulled down on me, making my lips crash into his. In my mind, fireworks were going up; but in my body, Gerard Jr. down there was doing the same. My lips moved in sync with his as my hands roamed his body. I felt his hands slide up my shirt, making me gasp against his lips. His hands were slightly cold, but the sensation made me want so much more. As his hands slid up my chest, my top went up too. He broke away to pull it off, before pulling me back down for more lip action. I tugged on his shirt and pulled it off, then his hands wandered down to my belt. I teasingly grinded my hips against his and felt his hard crotch against mine. He undid my belt and I pulled away.
“Bedroom?” I asked and he smiled back up at me.
“Let’s go baby.” He replied in a teasingly sexy tone. I got off of him and helped him up, then ran up the stairs. Frank followed me, and at the top he got impatient, so he pushed me to the wall and desperately planted his lips onto mine. I slid my hands down his legs and lifted him up so he was straddling me. With the kiss not breaking apart, I carried him around the corner and into my bedroom.
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