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What I've Waited For

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with a scent of lemons...

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After carrying my sexy load in my arms, I placed him back down so his feet were firmly on the ground. Our lips came together in deep embrace and he seductively slid his tongue along my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I parted my lips allowing our tongues to meet, the warmth of our mouths binding together. Battling for dominance, our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Before long, Frank wanted more, so he pushed me back onto my soft, springy double bed. Landing with a firm thud, Frank got on top of me and kissed down my neck. I gasped as he kissed down my chest and stomach, stopping at my waist. He undid my belt and button, and then unzipped my skinnies. The sensation from his touch near my crotch made me want him so much more, but he already had me pinned, so I was under his command. He finally pulled down my jeans, giving my painful erection the space it needed. After pulling down his own skinnies and throwing them on the floor, he playfully rubbed his erection against mine, which were both still hidden away by our underwear. I knew I couldn’t take his teasing any longer, so I rolled over and pinned him down, ripping off his underwear which let out his huge erection. He looked away, looking slightly embarrassed, so I took off my own underwear and looked him in the eye.
“You’re beautiful.” I whispered, making him blush.
“Who’s going on top?” he whispered back, curiously.
“Well, as I would suspect, neither of us have fucked a guy, so it’s whatever you want really.”
“I’ll go on bottom then,” he quickly offered. “Only if you’re careful with the sexy arse, though.”
“Ok, I promise.” I giggled as he winked at me.
I reached into my drawer and got out a bottle of lube, and then flipped Frank over so he was on all fours. Popping open the lid and smothering my fingers in the jelly-like substance, I carefully slid a finger into his very tight entrance. He let out a hiss of pain which made me stop, in worry I’d hurt him.
“Keep going.” He instructed, so I did as I was told. When I had my first finger in all the way up to the knuckle, I slowly moved it out and then back in. He let out a soft moan, so I slid in another lubed-up finger. I gently stretched him out in a scissor-like motion, being extra careful not to damage him in any way. I slid in a third finger and he moaned louder.
“F… fuck me, baby!” he gasped, so I took out my fingers and lined myself up with his entrance. When I touched him with my erection, I wanted to fuck him so hard, but thought it was best to keep it slow. I gently pushed it in and felt him tighten up around my shaft. I let out a low moan as he moaned my name. Gently pulling back out, he gasped, and I pushed myself back in, only deeper this time. His moaning got louder, making me more impatient. As I got faster, i gripped onto his waist, slightly digging my fingers into his skin.
“Gerard, ohh… fuck me… HARDER!” he screamed, so I pushed in with all the force I had, making him scream in pleasure. I angled it differently as I went back in, directly hitting his prostate.
“FUUUUUCK! Gerard, RIGHT THERE!” he wailed, so I angled myself again and hit it dead on every time, making him scream for more.
“OH, YES GEE!” He screamed, making me scream in reply as I knew I was so close to cum.
“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned as I fucked him harder.
“Cum for me, baby.” He whispered, whipping his hair out of his eyes. I closed my eyes tightly and felt myself so close. I fired my load straight into him, moaning at the top of my lungs. My vision went blurry until the sensation tingled away, giving me time to catch my breath. Pulling myself out, I pushed Frank onto his back, where he landed in a sloppy, tired heap. I moved down his body and latched my lips around his shaft, knowing he was definitely going to cum very soon. I traced patterns on him with my tongue which made him moan in pleasure. I tried to take him in as deeply as I could, but did so carefully so I didn’t gag.
“Mmm, Gerard, I’m so close…” he warned me, bracing me for his load which was soon to come my way. I sucked as hard as I could, and then slowed down as I tasted a salty presence in my mouth and around his shaft. He let out a low moan and gasped as I swallowed it down. I looked back up to him, noticing his sweaty hair stuck to his forehead above his tightly closed eyes.
“That… was amazing…” he managed to quietly gasp. I nodded in agreement and slumped down next to him. I didn’t know you got this tired after sex! I pulled my sheet over us to keep us warm.
“I love you, Gerard. I always have.” Frank whispered in my ear, before closing his eyes and softly drifting off to sleep.
“I love you too, Frankie.” I whispered back to him, noticing him smile softly back. I smiled to myself as I realised one thing; I just had sex with my lover, but strangest of all; I just had sex with a ghost!
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