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fun with spiders

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some questions, laughter and a spider.

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I woke up with a slightly banging headache. The sun light was beaming through my curtains, making me wince in pain. Remembering last night, I looked to my sides, eyes open wide. Frankie was gone. I panicked, thinking he’d probably passed on. I don’t want that, he needs to stay. I need him. I jumped out of my warm surroundings and flew around the corner and down the stairs. There he was, in the kitchen, leaning against the side. I let out a sigh of relief and walked towards him.
“Frankie, don’t do that! You really scared…”
“Last night? What did it mean to you?” he interrupted. Such an outburst shocked me.
“It… it was amazing; beautiful. Frankie, what’s wrong?”
“So, it wasn’t just a meaningless fuck, to you?” he asked with a serious tinge in his eye.
“No. It would never be that. I love you, Frank!” I exclaimed with all of the meaning in my heart. He smiled up at me and looked like he was going to burst.
“I love you too, Geegee! Why do you think I came back for you? It’s because I love you! I always have! Have you never noticed?”
“Well… since the accident, I’d been thinking so negatively. I was so close to suicide, Frank. I didn’t know what to think.” I admitted, leaning against the worn out kitchen table. He walked up to me and threw his arms around me.
“Baby, I knew you loved me. From the flirty tone in your voice to looking at my arse yesterday, I knew it all along.”
“R… Really?”
“Yes! How could I not notice? From the very first time we met, I felt a connection between us,” he claimed, holding me at arm’s length. “The only thing was; I didn’t think you were, you know, gay.”
Smiling a warm, welcoming smile, I tucked his fringe behind his left ear and kissed him on the forehead.
“You are my world, Frank.” I whispered, making his face beam.
“You’re my world too, Geegee.”
He softly took hold of my cheeks and brushed his lips against mine. I stroked his hair and kissed him back, feeling like I was floating on cloud 9.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered to me. “I’m so glad we feel the same about each other.”
I blushed and looked him in the eye, then watched him as he turned around and fiddled with the coffee machine.
“Right, so you push this, this and this…” he informed himself, and then the black mixture of amazingness started mixing and stirring, making a range of funny noises. After a few minutes of silence, the blend came pouring out into two mugs, with the steam rising from both and merging together. Frank turned around, carefully handling the precious luggage.
“There you go, handsome.” He sang as he placed it in front of me. I perched myself down on one of the kitchen chairs and took a whiff of the coffee. The warm, soft textured scent drowned my nostrils in a burst of caffeinated fireworks. I gently lifted the mug to my dry lips and felt the hot liquid trickle into my mouth, and down my throat.
“Mmm, Gorgeous.” I commented, wrapping my hands around the sacred chalice to warm myself up. Frank took a sip at his, and then gulped it in a matter of seconds.
“And you thought I was bad!” I quoted, raising my eyebrows towards him, making him poke his tongue out at me. I stuck my tongue out at him in retaliation.
“I bet you’ve put that tongue to good use before…” he teased. My mouth dropped open.
“What?!” he smirked, “That blowjob last night was amazing!”
I smiled to myself and gained a wink off of Frank, and then I gulped down my coffee and placed it onto the table with a clunk. I grabbed mine and Frank’s mugs, stood up and threw open the door of the dishwasher, placing them and all of the other scattered mugs in it. As I was bent over and loading the wonderful time saver, Frank quietly crept behind me and pretended to fuck me.
“Oh, yes, Gee!” he wailed in a mock-orgasmic tone as he thrusted himself into me. Getting back up and turning towards him, he burst into fits of laughter. I just shook my head at him and sat on the table, of which he followed. He carefully looked me in the eye.
“You’ve got something in your eye…” he said, coming closer to me. I thought it was just a sloppy pick-up line, so I slowly got closer to him. Then, unexpectedly, he put his fingers to my eye and picked something out, making me jump in pain.
“Ouch!” I moaned as he wiped his fingers down my arm.
“Yeah, you can have that back…” he smirked. We both fell into fits of laughter, and Frank fell off of the table, making us both laugh more.
“I… I thought you were going to… kiss me!” I sputtered between giggles, and Frank clutched his stomach.
“I knew you were gonna think that! So I decided to do it, and burst your bubble!” he giggled. When the laughter died down, I slid off of the table and helped him up onto his feet.
“Cheers, dude.” He thanked me.
“Right, I want a kiss now, after all of that comedy.” I smiled and he planted his lips on mine for a long embrace. When the amazing connection finally broke apart, we smiled at each other and burst into laughter again. When everything went quiet again, I noticed a spider running along the tiled floor. I watched it as it ran towards Frank.
“Frank, spider!” I exclaimed and pointed at his foot.
“Yeah right,” he sang, and then looked down, “AWW FUCK!” he squealed and jumped onto the table. I ran around after it, but I just couldn’t keep up and Frank was now crying with laughter. When I finally caught up with it, I stomped my foot down on it with an almighty thud, and squashed it without any further order. I bent down and peeled the ugly creature from its death zone by one of its legs, and waved it in front of Frank’s face.
“EWWW!” he squealed, and then its body dropped off, leaving only a leg between my fingers, and its 7 legged remains flat on the table. Frank lost his breath with laughter, and I thought any minute now, he was going to pass out and need CPR. Putting the still-twitching leg into the bin, I flicked the spider which fell directly in, too.
“Nice shot, Gerard!” I applauded myself, as Frank was spluttering for air.
“Its… its leg… it… HAHAHA!” he howled, making me chuckle slightly.
“Dude, you’re crazy.” I commented as he finally came up for breath like a man coming up from diving too deep.
“That, that was just so funny, though,” He coughed out, and finally let out a sigh that ended his laughter. I think that from now on, this is going to be one crazy house hold!
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