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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

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Authors Note:
Well, howdy motherfuckers. Considering I was off school for the day -due to my shit immune system- I decided I would be nice and bless my readers with another chapter, regardless how bad it is. I hope you enjoy, things will be moving pretty fast from here on out -I hope, you know what I'm like, always changing my mind when I please- so if all goes to plan, things should flow more nicely after this chapter.

Frank's Perspective

“Gerard… Gerard, why are you here?” I asked, my cold hand reaching out to tuck his bangs behind his ear, his pale face hidden behind his thick hood. He swayed, stumbling a few steps forward as a drunken giggle escaped his chapped lips. His warm breath tickled my face as the cold air nipped my raw cheeks.

“Gerard?” I encouraged as I let my hand rest on his shoulder. I felt his body deflate with a sigh, his alcohol tinged breath filling the air between us. I watched as he staggered and mumbled under his breath, his brow furrowed into a scowl as he took his bottom lip in his mouth and started to tear the skin.

I slowly brought my hand to his face, softly plucking his raw lip from his mouth with the pad of my thumb before lightly tracing my fingertips across the skin of his cheek. “Don’t do that,” I mumbled, “you’ll mark the skin.”

It was then when he looked at me for the first time since his arrival. His pale face broke out from the depths of his hood, the dim moonlight giving him an almost ghostly look. His blank eyes were clouded with a thick layer of alcohol, his eyelids drooped and lazy. The deep pools of hazel irises were swirling with pain, confusion and determination as his pupils dilated and contracted as he struggled to focus on my face.

He parted his lips to say something but he cowered away into his hood, ducking his head and averting his gaze before the words could fall from his mouth. He swayed, stumbling backwards on boneless legs and a small yelp escaped his mouth as his backside collided with the cold hard concrete beneath him. His hood fell, leaving him exposed and bare. I could feel his fear, his paranoia, of feeling naked as he let his head fall, his chin resting against his chest.

“….Always fucking everything up. Always.” He mumbled as he brought himself to sit on his knees, his jeans grating against the concrete as dust started to collect on the fabric. I sunk to the ground, my knees crashing against the concrete as they supported my weight, my body heavy and growing tired. I pushed my hair from my face as Gerard started to drag his hands through his, his pale hands fisting tightly as he pulled and cursed under his breathe, his knuckles turned white.

“Hey,” I said softly, concern lacing my tone, “Gerard… Gee, don’t do that. You’re hurting yourself.” I mumbled as I covered his fisted hands with mine and tugged softly until he relaxed and let his hair go. I took his hands in mine and brought them to rest on my thighs as his body sagged lazily. “C’mon,” I said as he shuffled closer, I gripped his hands tightly, my skin buzzed. “You need to go home Gerard, you’re drunk and your Mum and Mikey will both be worried." I let go of his hands reluctantly, the tingles lingered.

Gerard swayed, let out a choked dry sob in protest as his warm body fell forward to rest against mine, his hands fisting my shirt as he pressed his forehead into the crook of my neck. My legs buckled and I was suddenly sitting on my ass with my legs splayed out awkwardly around Gerard’s body. No tears, I thought, that’s good. I felt Gerard move until he was practically sitting on my thigh, his legs splayed out to the side as he wrapped his arm around my neck, letting the other rest on my shoulder.

“No,” he mumbled, his voice muffled as his lips moved against my neck, his warm breath tickled my skin until goose bumps formed. “Want… to stay… with you, Frank… Please, please let me. Let me stay…with you… Please.” He begged, bringing his face close to mine. I let out a shaky breath, one I didn’t know I was holding, and I almost choked as my lungs seized for air. I closed my eyes tightly, cursing the effect this one boy had on me. One of his hands started to play with the hair at the nape of my neck as he waited for a reply, the other tracing his fingertips across my collar bone through the thin fabric of my shirt.

My eyes blinked open and I let my left hand rest on the small of Gerard’s back as the other rested on one his knees. I felt as though the butterflies in my stomach were going to rip through my skin, that my body would burst into flames any second or my lungs would give away due to lack of breath. My heart was bursting in and out, crashing against my rib bones as it desperately sent blood through the rivers of my chest and body.

I gulped the air greedily, all too aware of how close Gerard’s face was to mine, and I swallowed and pressed my lips in a tight line as I flickered my eyes up to meet his. I found that he was already gazing down at me, all cloudy eyed and waiting, head lolling slightly through his drunkenness.

I let out a desperate noise, a groan in frustration almost as I tore my eyes away and chewed the inside of my cheek roughly. Gerard was calm, his hands still playing and tickling at my hair and clothed chest. I could hear him breathe deeply, his warm breath washing over my cheek and lips every time he exhaled.

My tongue brushed across my lips without me realising before I rubbed them together and continued to chew the inside of my cheek. I felt Gerard fidget, his fingers tightening in my hair as he shimmied his backside against my thigh. I flicked my eyes up to his face again as my mouth dropped open in a gasp.

“Please Frankie… Just, just let me stay.” His voice soft, sweeping like leaves into the air. I could almost taste his alcohol tinged breath, almost feel his lips brush against my cheeks as he spoke.

“Okay.” I mumbled, “Alright, come on.” I kept my eyes on his face as we got up, or more so as I pulled him up, waiting for any signs of fear or refusal as I pulled him along into my house by his hand.

No matter how willing he seemed, he was still drunk and I knew I was taking advantage, knew he wasn’t in the right state to know what he was doing but I was selfish and didn’t want to let him go. Not again.

So I quietly led him into my room, flicking on the light as I closed the door shut behind me with a silent click. Gerard moaned happily and let go of my hand, stumbling his way over to the bed, pulling himself up onto it and falling into the middle, wriggling and cocooning himself with the thick sheets and duvet. I was left standing at the door, staring down at my outstretched abandoned hand, it was growing cold as the tingles and Gerard’s heat began to fade.

I tore my eyes away from my hand as it fell limply to my sides, silently seeking the familiar tingles and the soft shape of Gerard’s hand to melt into. It seemed that ever part of me needed something of Gerard to pair with or to touch and feel and get lost in.

I blinked stupidly at Gerard curled beneath the covers on my bed, his black figure contrasting vividly with the brilliant white sheets. His pale skin almost matched the sheets, he was just somewhat greyer. Definitely pale, definitely white just dull, lifeless.

I stumbled over to the bed to find Gerard sleeping, his face calm and relaxed, and his breathing shallow. His black hair was hanging over his face as he slept on his side and I had to fight the urge to sink in next to him, curl around him and lie with him. Protect him against the demons I know he fights alone, make all his troubles go away and keep him safe.

Instead, I fell away from the bed to the old wooden wardrobe that sat in the corner of my room and sought out an old pillow and some blankets. I held them close to my side, tucked under my arm as I made my way over to my bedroom door.

I quickly glanced back over my shoulder at Gerard, he stirred slightly, gripped the sheets in his fist tightly as his face screwed sourly. I grimaced at the open doorway, wanting to stay but knowing it would be best if I left. Slowly, his face relaxed and his hand unfolded to splay against the pillow near his head, his fingers twitching slightly. I turned away and as I let out a deep breath, I flicked the light off and stepped out of the room into the hallway, closing the door shut behind me.

I trudged my way along the dark hallway, down the stairs and into the pitch black living room. The curtains were drew shut and the television was off, the only sound was the howling wind outside and the rustling of the trees. I let the pillow fall from my arm at the head of the sofa as I kicked off my converse and wrapped the blankets around my body, gripping them closed together at the base of my collar bone. I sunk down the sofa, letting my head fall to the pillow with a thump before bringing my legs close to my torso and closing my eyes, knowing full too well that it would be hours before any signs of sleep consumed me.

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