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Chapter Twenty One - Pain Is A Part Of Life

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"You know like you thought Better Living had something to do with Acid disappearing? Well, I think we have an answer now."

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A/N Hey, so there's something important that I need to tell you all. There's been a lot going on in my family lately, I won't go into too much detail about it, but my grandma had a heart operation and during the surgery, there was a complication, but for now, she's okay (thank god). There's been stuff happening with my friends and again, I won't go into much detail, but things have been kind of hard to deal with lately. Because of what's been happening, I've found it really hard to write, so I don't know when the next update'll be. I might post another chapter in a few days, it might be a week or two, but I promise that I'll try my best to update as soon as I can, I just want to spend more time with my family and friends while all of this is going on. Anyways, this is getting kind of long, so I'll stop talking in a sec. If you can, please review. Sorry if there's any mistakes or typos. I hope you guys enjoy the next chapter x

Chapter Twenty One - Pain Is A Part Of Life

Lypse wondered what they'd done to Acid. He'd spent the whole night awake with Ella, she wouldn't stop crying, but she eventually cried herself to sleep.
"Pen, we've gotta get out of here." He wispered in Pen's ear.
Pen was extremely angry and she couldn't help but let it show when she answered Lypse. "No shit shirlock. I think this is the most shocked I've been in my whole life, Lypse, really I do. I mean, I just thought that we'd stay here and wait to get killed, but a plan to escape? Wow, I'd never thought of that before."
Her comment stung Lypse a little.
"Hey, what the fuck was that for?"
She sighed. "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that. I'm just worried about Ace."
"We all are."
Ella had finally gone to sleep and Steph was still sleeping, too, so it was just the two of them.
"I'm just hoping that when they kill us, it'll be quick." She said calmly.
"How can you be so calm about this, Pen?"
"Because I'm trying not to think about it."
"How can you not think about it?"
"I can let myself think about it for second or two, then that's not long enough for me to freak about about it."
"That didn't answer my question."
"You want to know?"
He nodded.
"Well, our lives are probably going to be over soon, so I'm thinking about the good times, the people that I loved. The people who I'll see again when I'm dead . . . it really does help take your mind off of things."
"So you believe in heaven?"
"I believe that when someone dies, then whatever they want to happen after their gone happens, as long as they weren't a complete asshole in their life time. Like, if they want to go to heaven, then that's where they'll go and if they want to go to hell, then they'll go to hell."
"And if someone's an atheist?"
"Then there'll be nothing, at least, if that's what they truely want."
"I like that idea. I guess when I die, I'll see my family again."
Pen smiled sadly. "Then that'll happen."
Steph was awake and she'd heard everything they'd said. So, she decided to join in on the conversation.
"Why are you two talking about it like you're actually going to die?" Steph asked.
They both looked at the red haired girl. "Because we are. There's no getting out of this one, Steph. I don't see how we can get out of here. Even those two Dracs can hear everything we're talking about right now."
She pointed to the Dracs that were standing outside of their cell.
"We'll find a way. We have to, we're Killjoys for fuck sake! Since when did we ever give up, huh?"
"Steph, you're not a Killjoy, before we were captured, you didn't fight again BL/ind, you only hid from it just like me and Ella did. The only Killjoy that in this cell right now is Lypse."
"Well then you'd better make it two because I'm becoming a Killjoy. I'm sick of just waiting for someone to take down BL/ind again! I want to do something about it!"
"You can't become a Killjoy, Steph."
"Why the fuck not?"
"It's too dangerous for you, Steph. You don't know what they could do to you."
"I've seen it all before and I know how they can kill us. I want to do something about it. I don't want to just sit here and wait to die, that's not what I'm about."
"Me too!" Ella said. She'd heard the conversation, too, she just pretended to be sleeping.
"Ella, you especially can't become a Killjoy. You're only five!"
"I don't care! I'm a Killjoy now!" The little girl insisted. "I'm gonna be . . . Princess Kitty!" Ella started getting more excited.
"Ella, you're not going to be a Killjoy."
"It's too late now, I already have a Killjoy name! And it's not Ella anymore, it's Princess Kitty now, Pen!"
Pen rolled her eyes.
"I'll be . . . Angelic Devil. Devi for short." Steph said with a grin.
"I wanna be called Kitty for short!"
"Okay, so now that you're Killjoys, what are you going to do?" Lypse asked.
"Come up with a plan, duh." Steph, or Devi as she now wanted to be called, wispered to Lypse.

While Zack was watching t.v., his mother, Static, was sitting down with him when someone unexpected walked in.
"So, how's my sister doing?" Cherri asked with a smile on her face.
Static looked behind her and saw Cherri with Beautiful Lie, Attack and Hurricane.
"Cherri? Oh my god!"
Static got up and hugged her sister eagerly. It'd been a long time since she'd seen her sister.
"Fuck, how've you been? It's been too long!"
"I know, it's been pretty hectic lately. Acid's gone missing, Poison, Death and Ghoul are convinced that it's BL/ind."
"Shit, how's he doing?"
"He's actually not too bad, I think he's feels like he has to stay strong for Bandit."
"Do they have any proof that it's BL/ind?"
"No, but she's been missing for a few days now. She would've come back by now. Even though she's pissed with Poison, she wouldn't just leave Bandit, we know that for sure."
"Aaaaaaaah la la la la! " Zack complained with a frustrated look on his face.
Static looked over in her son's direction, the t.v. was still on, but it was no longer an old kids show that was on before BL/ind. It was... was that Acid?
"What the fuck?"
Acid was being forced to lie down on what looked like an operating table.
"Poison, get your ass in here!" Static shouted.
Poison didn't know what his brother's girlfriend wanted, but he came out of his room anyway. He was surprised to see Cherri there, he was about to ask her why she was there, but Static started talking before he could ask her anything.
"You know like you thought Better Living had something to do with Acid disappearing? Well, I think we have an answer now." She pointed to the screen and Poison saw his wife being pinned down.
He watched what was happening for a few minutes before he decided to finally speek.
"What the fuck are they doing to her? We need to go down there!"
"The date and time that this happened is in the corner of the screen. This was yesterday afternoon, all of this has already happened, Poison." Cherri pointed out.
The doctor grabbed one of the knives from the operating table and pressed the blade lightly against her skin.
"I'm not even going to be unconcious?" The words came out in a rush.
"No, you will be awake through out it." The doctor said to her.
The blade was pushed into her skin, making her scream. He dragged the blade down her arm. They could see the blood all over the doctor's coat.
The couldn't see what happened next, but they knew it must've been bad since Acid carried on screaming with tears streaming down her face.
Zack burst out crying at the sound of screaming, so Static scooped her son into her arms and took him to his crib. Static couldn't watch the torture they were putting her though anymore, so she stayed in her room with Zack.
Poison wanted to stop watching, but he couldn't move. Was this how his wife had died? Was she dead now or was this just torture?
They heard a snapping sound, which made Poison cringe, they knew it was one of her bones.
"STOP! PLEASE, STOP!" She begged and screamed with tears streaming down her face.
The doctor removed what looked like half of a bone.
"I-is that w-what I think it is? Is that her fucking bone?!" Screamed Ghoul.
"KILL ME! PLEASE, JUST KILL ME!" That was the breaking point for Poison. They'd tortured her that badly that she'd begged for death. They'd made her want to die after everything she'd over come. Poison wanted to puke, scream, cry, break and kill the heartless bastards who'd done this to her all at once.
They pulled out the other half the bone and they could see that they were putting something else in her arm, but the quality of the video wasn't good enough for them to see what it was clearly.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" Jet screamed from behind Poison.
That was when Acid passed out, but they couldn't tell if she'd passed out, if she'd died from shock or died of blood loss.
The screen went fuzzy until it finished.
They all stood there in silence. No one knew what to say. What could they say in a situation like this? 'I'm sorry your wife and the mother of your child was tortured and possibely even died? '
"Mom . . ." Grace barely wispered.
The silence was broken when they heard a humming noise coming from outside, it sounded like a motorbike and mostly Draculoids used bikes, so they knew that there was probably one coming to the diner.
Poison angrily stormed out and grabbed his lazer gun. His brother followed him, since he knew that after watching somthing like that he would probably do something stupid and that he would most likely regret later. Ghoul, Jet, Static and Lo followed Kobra into the destert to see what he was doing about his brother.
Poison saw the Draculoid on a motor bike outside of the diner and it started shooting at it.
Poison carefully aimed the gun at the Draculoid's wheel, making fall of the bike.
He ran towards it and he grabbed it by it's collar. He shot the Draculoud in it's knees, so it couldn't run off anywhere, and he let the animal inside him come out. He started violently beating the shit out of the Draculoid. It tried to fight back, but Poison was too strong for the Draculiod to even want to fight back against him.
Poison started kicking the Draculoid in the ribs. He could hear a cracking sound, most likely breaking it's ribs.
"POISON! STOP!" Kobra screamed, trying to pull his older brother away from the Draculoid.
"WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I? IT WORKS FOR THEM AND THEY FUCKING TORTURED HER! SHE DIDN'T DESERVE IT! LEXIA DIDN'T DESERVE IT!" He got tired so he stopped beating it and he fell to his knees, crying.
The Draculoid didn't even bother getting up. It just lay there, barely breathing.
"She didn't deserve it, Mikey. She was a good person."
"I know. It'll be okay."
Kobra hugged his brother as he cried. He already knew that they'd have to go to Better Living to see if Acid was even alive, so he started planning it in his head almost straight away.
"Get back in here! There's more! It's a message from Dr. Isoda!" Grace shouted from the diner.
Kobra looked at the Draculoid that his brother had just beaten. He knew that even if they wanted to help it, then they couldn't. He could see that there was too much damage done to it already, so he put it out of it's misery and he shot it in it's head.
They walked back in the diner and saw Dr. Isoda's face on the t.v. screen.
"Greetings, Killjoys. I am Dr. Isoda. You have just seen what we did to Alexandria Way and I would just like to tell you that we will not be so kind to the rest of you. When we find you, which we will do, then your deaths will be much slower and much more painful. Although, we already know that we will not have to do that for Jesseyca because of her illness." Radio's heart sped up. What Dr. Isoda going to tell them about her illness for her? She planned on telling them later that night.
"The children, Zack and Bandit, will either be given to couples in Battery City so that they will be raised to love and accept Better Living or one of them will become the new ruler of Better Living when I am no longer alive, I have not decided yet. As for Grace, we will have to exterminate her along with other Killjoys. I must leave now. The reason we filmed this video was to show you what your fate is. You will not be able to escape it like you have before, Killjoys. You can keep running, but we will catch you. Have a plesant day, Killjoys, for it could be your last."
The screen went black and the room was filled with the sound of silence.
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