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Title says it all ;)

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A/N First of all, hi!

Second of all, holy shit I'm sooo sorry that I haven't updated in so long, I didn't think that I'd be gone this long, but shit's been pretty hectic lately with family, friends, school, y'know, all that shizzle ;)

So anyways, at the moment, I've got a fuck load of tests. I have about three million of the fuckers, but when I'm done with them (which will be in a about one or two weeks) I promise that I'll try my best to start updating again. Updates will be less frequent than they used to be, probably about one chapter a week and if I'm really really fucking busy, then it'll probably a little more than a week. I know that it's not much compared to how much I used to update, but hey, it's better than nothing, right? =) =P

I know that I've probably lost a few readers (if anyone still reads this story) since I've not updated in a fucking thousand years, but if there is anyone still reading this could you review so that I know people are intrested? If anyone's reading this, then I'll give you cyber cookies, oreos and skittles for being so patient with me!

So yeah... that's about it.

If anyone's still intrested in this story, please review so that I know ;)

Much love
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