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Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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The second chapter of the not so long awaited story.

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Ok, here it is, the not so long awaited second chapter. Thankyou for you're wonderful reviews, all 7 of them. Over 200 reads! of course it was probably people clicking on the story more than once, but hey, it's nice to dream. Don't expect me to update everyday, but I'll try to update as often as possible. I have to confess though, I have no plan for my writing, it's mostly spontaneous and influenced by whatever I'm listening to at the moment. I'm naming the chapters after seemingly random songs, just to be original.
Anyway, I do not own anything Harry Potter, and I wouldn't want it anyway! Well ok...I would want it....
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Somewhere deep in London...

Nancy Cardigan was a sensible woman, despite her peculiar career choice. She was a strong woman; that was a requirement, being the head of the Ladies of London. Unfortunately, like most sensible, strong women, she had her weaknesses. Those weaknesses being strawberry shortcake and the desire to take care of the orphans that inhabited the alleys.
Ok, so maybe that last one wasn't really a weakness, but it instantly became one when she saw the small, beaten, bruised, and starved form of Harry Potter. Just the sight of such defiled androgynous beauty melted her heart. So she did what any sensible woman would do; she took him home.
So here she sat, watching said beauty slumbering peacefully on her bed. She had just sent a letter telling Albus Dumbledore her not so well thought out plan. In the letter she sounded confident, but in reality, she was a mess.
What she had said in the letter was true enough. The girls, when they saw Harry, instantly started worrying about him, despite the fact that they had no idea who he was. And she had decided she was going to raise him, with the rest of the girls of course. Together all of them could teach him what would be taught at Hogwarts and much more.
Most of the girls, much like her, came from old, dark, pureblood families, and were disowned for refusing to side with the dark. So they all definitely knew what he would one day undoubtedly have to face. And there was so much more they could teach him, they would too.
She watched as the abnormally small six year old started stirring. As he came to, he immediately tensed, feeling that he wasn't in his normal environment. He slowly opened those stunning emerald eyes and looked directly at Nancy, shrinking back in the bed as he did so.
"Don't worry Harry, you're safe now. No one here will hurt you," Nancy said gently as she reached over to brush a strand of his messy jet black hair out of his face. He shrank back in fear as she did so, fearing that Nancy would strike him. The look Harry gave her with those wide, fearful, and innocent eyes all but broke her heart right there.
Of course, she could understand why he would be afraid. Not only had he been abused for God knows how long, she wasn't exactly the kindest looking women. She was beautiful, in that strange sort of dominatrix of course, dressed in tight fitting black leather, showing enough to leave little to the imagination. Her dark hair and dark make up didn't help much either.
"Harry, I don't want to hurt you. You're a beautiful boy, you know that? The ladies must love you," she got nearer to him, trying to comfort him. It was working a little. At least he didn't move back anymore.
"Wh-who are you ma'am?" Harry's timid little voice broke through the silence. Nancy gave him a soft smile as she sat on the edge of the bed. He still looked fearful of her, but didn't cringe away.
"You can call me Nancy. You're going to be staying with me for awhile, ok Hun?" she finally tucked that strand of hair behind his ear. She smiled down at him. He still looked fearful, but he was considerably more relaxed.
"W-what about Uncle Vernon? He said no one would want a f-freak like me..." he trailed off, undoubtedly thinking he had said too much. Nancy watched in sadness as he had some sort of an internal struggle, wanting to say more, but not sure if he should.
"Your Uncle was a bad man Harry; he didn't deserve to care for someone like you. And if I ever come across that muggle he'll wish he'd never been born!" she exclaimed, making Harry jump away in surprise and fear. "I'm sorry Harry, it just make me so angry, what they did to you. You're such a sweet boy, you don't deserve that."
Suddenly, an owl flew through the still open window, startling them both. Nancy went over to the owl, which was perched atop the chair to her desk. She untied the letter from his leg and read through the letter. She smiled happily as she read it.
"Great news, Hun, you've got official permission to stay with us. Of course, you would've stayed here anyway. But now you won't be taken into custody the moment you're spotted by aurors," Harry looked at her, confusion evident in his eyes. "Well, looks like I have a lot of explaining to do..."
Nancy explained the wizarding world to Harry, who was amazed by her descriptions. Nancy also got caught up in her explanation, and started Harry stories of her experiences. Harry eventually fell asleep as she was describing her first encounter with goblins. She tucked him in and went off to change out of her 'work clothes' and in to a simple night gown. She lies down next to him and quickly fell asleep.
And so Harry's new life began. After several months, his fear of Nancy and the rest of the women was completely abolished. Everybody loved Harry like a son, or little brother, all of them contributed to his education. Harry picked up on things quickly and was taught things both magic and non-magic.
He did indeed grow to be very open; not at all afraid to share extremely personal, information, yet only the superficial information. He observed and took in everything around him. He grew into a strong young man.
His life was never boring, living in a whorehouse. But he was raised being loved, and that was all that mattered. Of course, that all had to come to an end. Now, nearly 10 years after he was first taken in by Nancy Cardigan, shortly before his 16th birthday, he was going to Hogwarts, to start a new chapter in his life.

To be continued....


How was it? Maybe you all can help me, who should harry get together with, it can't be Ginny or Hermione, I have plans for them, but your suggestions would be appreciated. Anyway, please review. Thankyou, why not make a teenage girl happy and review?
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