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Fall Back Together

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Harry goes to Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts at last

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Ok, so I finally got my lazzy ass to write the third chapter. The title of the chapter really doesn't have much meaning, and is a song by Upper Class Trash. A bit longer this time, but still not that long. I am a slow writer, so I'm sorry for that. I have nothing against Dumbledore or Snape bashing, but I love the both of them way too much to make them anything but slightly unlikeable (in my eyes, anyway)
Remember, I am writing without any premade plans, and it is mostly spontaneous. So I could not be able to think of anything new and have to stop. If that happens, I'll be sure to tell you, and if anyone is willing to, they can continue to write the story. Though hopefully you will ask first...
I seriously considered making this story slash and making Harry extremely emo. I decided that wasn't one of my best ideas, and to drop that plan immediately.
Thankyou for your wonderful reviews!!!, you people are my prozac, you keep me annoyingly happy. I apologize in advanced for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I did write the last part in kind of a hurry. Feel free to correct anything I did wrong, I won't be offended...Probably not anyway. Anyway, enjoy!


About 10 years after the last chapter...

For the first time in what seemed like centuries, Albus Dumbledore was happy, positively ecstatic in fact, all because of one person. That person being Harry Potter, yes, Harry was finally coming to Hogwarts.

If Harry were a normal child, he would have started his magical education at Hogwarts five years ago, when he was eleven. Of course, he wasn't a normal child, and had been educated since long before then. Dumbledore wasn't sure of exactly when, just knew that he did. It was now the 21st of July, of what would have been the summer after Harry's fifth year, and Harry was coming at last.

Dumbledore hadn't felt anything remotely like this in about five years. Five years ago, the Dark Lord Voldemort had been sticking out of the Defense against the Dark arts teacher, Quirrel's, head. He had tried stealing the Philosopher's stone, and would have succeeded, had Dumbledore not felt the ward around it being broken.

Four years ago, Lucius Malfoy had slipped Ginny Weasley Tom Riddle's, also known as Lord Voldemort's, diary. Somehow, the memory of Tom Riddle's sixteen year old self possessed her. She had opened the fabled Chamber of Secrets and let loose the dreaded Basilisk. The Basilisk had luckily only petrified three students before young Miss Weasley had gotten control of herself long enough to give the diary to Dumbledore, who had promptly destroyed it. Of course, Malfoy had never been proven guilty and faced no repercussions.

Three years ago, the previously thought guilty Sirius Black had escaped. He came to Hogwarts, having found that the man who had framed him, Peter Pettigrew, was at Hogwarts posing as Ronald Weasley's pet rat. Black and the then DADA professor Remus Lupin forced him to transform into his rightful human form and had brought him to Dumbledore. Sirius Black, with new found evidence of the man he had allegedly murdered being alive, had been pardoned, and the real man who had turned over the Potters to Voldemort was imprisoned.

Two years ago the Triwizard tournament had come back to Hogwarts. Fleur Delacour, Beauxbaton champion, Viktor Krum, Durmstrang champion, and Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts champion had all competed in the competition. Of course, that years DADA teacher, Alastor Moody, turned out to really be Barty Crouch Jr. using polyjuice potion. Crouch had turned the cup into a portkey, and upon touching it, Cedric had been transported away. His body was returned shortly afterwards, very much dead. There was a note attached, written in Cedric's blood, saying that Voldemort had returned.

For the last year, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge had been covering up Voldemort's return. He had even sent his bitch, ahem, Senior Undersecretary, Dolores Umbridge to Hogwarts, as the "High Inquisitor" no less. The two of them had nearly ruined Hogwarts forever. Fortunately or unfortunately, Voldemort himself had made an appearance at the ministry of Magic, attempting to steal the prophecy that started everything. Luckily, Albus had received word of the plan via his spy, Severus Snape, and had shown up, stalling Voldemort long enough for nearly the entire ministry to show up. After that, Fudge had pulled Umbridge from Hogwarts, and pretty much let Dumbledore do what he wanted.

Pulling himself about his melancholy memories, Dumbledore prepared for Harry to arrive. He would be coming through the floo in Albus' office. Just then, the fire momentarily flared green and a young man stumbled out. A disgruntled, "Bloody chimney's," was heard as he dusted himself off.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, welcome to Hogwarts, it's a pleasure to see you again." Harry turned around to look at Albus as if he hadn't noticed him there before. Harry tilted his head to the side, and seemed to look through Dumbledore's very soul.

"Hello Headmaster, it's wonderful to see you again as well. Of course, I don't really remember seeing you before, but I trust that I did at one point in time see you," Harry said cheerfully. Dumbledore took the opportunity to truly look at Harry.

He was rather tall for his age, standing at about 5'10". At first glance, Harry didn't seem to be too muscular, but Dumbledore could make out some tight, wiry muscles underneath his clothes. The way he held himself, most people might get the impression that he was drunk. Of course, Albus saw the strange sort of feline grace underneath.

Harry had messy, silky jet black hair that went down just past his chin, the fringe covering his scar and most of those piercing emerald eyes, which seemed to twinkle almost as much as Dumbledore's. He was dressed in muggle clothing. A green t-shirt that said something Dumbledore couldn't quite read underneath a half zipped hooded black sweatshirt. Black pants that seemed neither too baggy nor too tight, and a pair of well worn converse sneakers.

"Please have a seat," Dumbledore motioned for him to sit in the comfortable armchair in front of his desk. Harry did so, walking in a seemingly clumsy manner, making himself comfortable, "Lemon drop?"

"I'd love one, thanks," Harry took one of the offered lemon drops, popping it into his mouth. He sat back, looking at Dumbledore expectantly, while savoring the taste of the lemon drop. "So, what's the plan?"

"You will stay here until you are finished going through your maturation. We have a warded room being set up as we speak. After that is finished, you will be going to the Order of Phoenix headquarters. There are some young adults your age there that I'm sure you will get along with. In the meantime, you have access to most of Hogwarts, besides teacher's personal chambers of course." Dumbledore explained, while Harry listened attentively.

"Sounds like a good plan. How many teachers stay here during the summer?" he asked, no missing a beat.

"Just Professors Trelawney, McGonagall, and Snape. May I ask where your things are?"

"Oh, there in my pocket, shrunk them," Harry said pulling out a miniaturized trunk from his pocket, then putting it back in his pocket. "Are you going to give me a tour of the castle, sir?"

"Of course I am, my boy," Dumbledore stood, as did Harry. "Now, where to start, I wonder."

"The beginning is usually a great place to start, sir," Harry said politely. But of course, at that moment, there was a knock on the door.

A simple "Enter" was all that was needed before the door opened and a tall man with hair as black as Harry's entered. His hair was long, and slightly greasy, no doubt from potion fumes. He had a somewhat large, hooked nose, and was taller than Harry by at least six inches.

"Ah yes, Severus. You are finished then?" At the man's nod Dumbledore continued, "I was just about to give Harry here the tour. Harry, this is Professor Severus Snape, our potions master."

Snape merely smirked at Harry, while Harry responded in a much more respectful way. "It's a pleasure to meet you Professor Snape. I read your book on the properties of Bezoars. I found it fascinating."

Snape seemed taken aback for a moment before he drawled, "A Potter, fascinated by anything related to learning, highly unlikely."

"The advantage of not being raised by Potters is that one usually has a broader range of interests, sir," Harry mimicked Snape's signature drawl.

Snape glared at him for a moment, before he burst out laughing. Not hysterical laughter, but truly amused laughter. "You are most definitely Lily's son. Perhaps you are not totally incompetent."

"One can only hope, sir," Harry said, in what seemed to be his usual respectful manner.

Snape suddenly turned serious. "Because you are you're mothers child, I expect nothing less than perfection in my class," if Harry didn't know better, he would think that the Professor was growling. "Headmaster, if you have no further use for me, I shall retire to my quarters." Without waiting for a response he turned on his heel and left.

"Is he having a weird day, or does he always suffer from mood swings?" Harry asked, still totally respectful. Albus briefly wondered how the boy could possibly be so respectful. Albus had imagined Harry would be a bit on the rude side, considering where he grew up.

"Severus' mood is... Unpredictable, at best,"

"Are you going to show me around now, or should I sit back down?"

"Ah, let's go then. I do believe you will like Hogwarts. It is a wondrous place; it will never cease to surprise you." Dumbledore then proceeded to give Harry a grand tour. Giving rather in depth explanations of everything, even some information Harry could have done without. Out of the entire tour, the Library had been Harry's favorite feature; it practically radiated the knowledge Harry craved.

Harry was showed where his quarters for the next week were. Harry was given the password, which just happened to be 'twizzlers,' and he entered the rooms. The bedroom was a bit on the small side, but more than enough for Harry, it had an attached, moderately sized bathroom, which had both a shower and a bathtub. There was also a small living room, with a lovely fireplace and some bookshelves filled with all of the necessary school books and many more; most seemed to be on potions, most likely because Snape chose the books. Everything in the rooms was decorated in soft earth tones.

"The rooms are wonderful Headmaster, everything I could possibly need, except food. Speaking of food, when is dinner here?"

Albus chuckled; perhaps Harry Potter was a normal teenage boy after all. "Why, I believe it is just about now, my boy."

"Oh good, I here Hogwarts food is some of the best." They then proceeded to the Great Hall. Harry marveled at the ceiling, which was enchanted to look like the sky above it.

"Minerva, I believe you remember Mr. Potter here?" Harry was broken out of his observation by Dumbledore addressing a strict looking woman, with dark, but graying hair pulled back in a tight bun.

"Of course, it's good to see you again Mr. Potter," The strict woman said, extending a hand. Harry took the hand and shook it.

"Er...Likewise, Professor...?" Harry tried valiantly to remember who she was, but failed miserably.

"Ah, I suppose you wouldn't remember me. I am Professor McGonagall, I teach transfiguration," she said, almost briskly, Harry thought.

"Come now, enough chat, let us eat," Dumbledore said, sitting at the head of the only table in the hall, a moderately sized circular one.

McGonagall sat at Dumbledore's left side, while Snape was already seated on his right. Harry took the only other seat available, across from Dumbledore. As soon as he sat down, the golden plates around the table filled with food, which had Harry's eyes widening and his mouth watering.

"Headmaster?" Harry asked, after finishing his large, but well balanced meal.

"Yes, Harry my boy?"

"Didn't you say there was another professor here?"

"Ah, yes, Sybil tends to stay in her tower. She doesn't often join us for meals."

"May I be excused, sir?"

"Of course, my boy. You need not to ask, you could just get up and leave at anytime."

"Thank you sir, good night Professors," Harry said, nodding to each McGonagall and Snape, and standing up. He turned and left the great hall, making his way up to fifth floor, where his rooms were located. He found the portrait of an extraordinarily ugly man balancing a fish on his nose and gave the password.

He entered and walked straight to the bedroom. Harry took his shrunken trunk out of his pocket and enlarged it with the 11 inch Holly and Phoenix feather wand that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Harry took off his sweatshirt and put it into his trunk, revealing the black dragon hide wand holster on his left fore arm; he would have to start charming it undetectable soon.

Harry stripped down to just his boxers, removing the concealed knife on his leg and the two muggle pistols, strapped to each of his ankles, as he undressed. Harry made sure to put up proper wards around the rooms before laying down on the comfortable full sized bed and falling asleep. His last thought before he fell asleep was, 'Today went well.'
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