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After a few moments of awkward silence, I finally managed to spit something out,“Um, sure. I'm Gerard by the way.” I stuck my hand out for him to shake.

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I stopped by the front desk in the apartment building. Derek was standing there, working as usual. Derek had been working as the front desk guy here for as long as I had lived here. When I came to get my mail, we might talk a little bit.

We never talked about anything important, but it was still nice to have someone to talk to.

He smiled and handed me my mail, “There you go.”

“Thanks.” And without another word I headed up the four flights of stairs to my apartment and shut the door behind me. I glanced at the clock and smiled. It was still early. I sat down on my couch and started looking through my mail. Bills, mostly.

One of the letters made me cringe. It was from one of my old friends, Jimmy. After my original friends kicked me out, I was left to fend for myself. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere if it hadn't been for Jimmy. He took me in, gave me a place to stay, let me eat his food. He was my best friend, until I screwed everything up.

I did something so terrible to him, that I would never be able to forget it. He wouldn't either. After I did it, he told me that if he ever saw me again, he would kill me. I believed him. He was the best killer in the world. If he wanted me dead, he would have me dead. I might not even see it coming. One day I could be minding my own business, when all of sudden he comes out of nowhere and kills me.

I had been living my life in terror, for the last few years. I just knew that he would find me, and kill me once and for all. And now, here was a letter from him. He must have finally found me, after all this time.

I was surprised that someone like Jimmy would send me a letter. He must be planning something bigger, otherwise he would have killed me already. I could only imagine what was inside the letter. I had never been more terrified of a letter in my whole life.

I took a deep breath before ripping it open. I pulled the letter out, revealing a blank piece of paper. I searched the envelope for anything else, but that was all it contained. Confused, I put the paper back in the envelope and set in on the coffee table with the rest of the mail. I had no idea what was going on. Probably just some punk kid trying to play a joke on someone.

I was somewhat relieved. That might mean that Jimmy hadn't found me after all. That or he was trying to send me a message.

I stood up, trying to forget about it. I had other things I needed to worry about. I headed into the kitchen and as I opened the fridge I heard a lot of noise out in the hallway. Curious, I shut the fridge and walked to my front door. I looked out the peephole, and didn't see anything. After a few seconds I opened the door. I looked around the hallway, but no one was around. I shook my head. I was going crazy. I was just about to shut my door when someone walked out of the apartment directly across from mine.

He was a very attractive man. Cropped black hair, beautiful brown eyes with flecks of gold. He wore a plain white t-shirt with paint splatters all over it. His black jeans were tight fitting. I couldn't help thinking about ripping him out of those jeans and--

“Hey, do you have a minute? I could really use some help getting all my stuff inside.” he asked, running his hand through his black hair. At first I couldn't respond because I was so taken by his appearance.

After a few moments of awkward silence, I finally managed to spit something out,“Um, sure. I'm Gerard by the way.” I stuck my hand out for him to shake.

He nodded, “Frank.” He shook my hand before leading me down the stairs and outside to his car. His car was tiny, and I was amazed that he managed to fit all of his belongings in it. There were only a two boxes in the car, and I wondered how many were already in the apartment. Probably not many, his car probably couldn't hold a lot. He handed the two boxes to me, while he grabbed some smaller things. I followed him back upstairs and set the boxes down in a corner where all the other boxes were sitting. There were probably ten boxes total.

I looked around his apartment. There was no furniture, just boxes. I looked at him again, and I noticed how young he looked. He was probably fresh out of high school, and this was his first apartment. That would explain why there was no furniture. It made me feel weird about being so attracted to him. I asked anyway, “Where's all the furniture?”

He smiled, sitting down on the floor, “The moving van got delayed. It won't be here until tomorrow.” He shook his head, “Looks like I'm sleeping on the floor tonight.”

I looked around the apartment, looking for anything that would give a clue to how old this guy was. When I didn't see anything, I decided to just ask, “So, how old are you exactly? You look like you just graduated high school.”

He laughed, putting his hands in his lap, “Nah, I'm twenty-two. What about you?”

I shrugged, “Twenty-five.” When he didn't say anything else, I nodded. “Well, if you need anything, just let me know. I'm right across the hall.”

He smiled at me again before I headed out of his apartment and back into my own. I sat down on my couch and smiled. His smile was amazing. I had never seen anything like it. When he smiled it was like the whole place lit up. I shook my head, how in the world did I get so lucky to have him as a neighbor?

I leaned my head against the back of the couch and closed my eyes. I could still see Frank sitting on the floor in his apartment. I smirked as I thought of him sleeping on his floor, wrapped up in his blankets. I pictured myself wrapped up with him on the floor, our clothes scattered across the room. I couldn't help myself. There was something about him that I wanted. No, there was something I needed.
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