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I turned around to get a better look as he walked inside and my heart almost exploded out of my chest. It was Jimmy.

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I leaned back in my chair, gazing out the window. At any second the man I was supposed to take out would walk into the building across the street. Then he would take the elevator up to the top floor to his condo. As soon as he was in sight, I would take the shot. He would never know what happened or why. I don't even know why this person needs to be killed, all I know is that it's my job to get rid of him.

I looked down at the street, seven stories down, and saw the man walking into his building. It wouldn't be long. Soon he would be walking into his condo, and I would kill him. I grabbed my gun and raised it, aiming it at the door to his condo.

After what felt like hours, he finally walked inside. I watched as he shut the door, locking it behind him. He took his coat off and hung it next to the door. A few more seconds and I would take my shot. He walked closer to his window and looked outside. I smiled, “I hope you enjoy the view. You won't be seeing it again.” I let out a breath and pulled the trigger. It was over in an instant.

I watched the man as he fell on the floor, dead. His blood was all over the floor in his condo. I looked back down at the street and smiled. No one seemed to notice what had just happened. They all continued on with their day like nothing had happened. They would read about it tomorrow in the paper, and wonder how they didn't hear anything.

I smiled, taking the silencer off the gun. I quickly loaded everything into the briefcase before heading downstairs. I stopped by the front desk, “I guess he wasn't home. Maybe I'll get him next time.”

The woman at the desk nodded, “Do you want to leave a message for him?”

I shook my head, “I can call him later. Thank you, though.” Of course I didn't want to leave a message, this person didn't exist. I just used that room to do my job. I wasn't a businessman looking for my partner so I could drop of some papers, I was a murderer. The woman at the desk didn't need to know the truth, and she never would.

I made my way to my car and threw my stuff in the trunk. I climbed in my car and started it. Without another glance back at the apartment building, I drove away toward the warehouse district. After a short fifteen minute drive, I was pulling into the warehouse parking lot. I climbed out of my car, grabbing my stuff from the trunk.

As always, two guards met me and led me inside. When we got to the main office, the guards left me alone with the boss. I set the briefcase down on his desk.

He smiled, “Two hits for me in a row? I assume you're thinking about taking my offer.” He reached under his desk, grabbing a suitcase with all my money in it.

I shook my head, taking the suitcase, “Just because I did two in a row doesn't mean anything.”

He sighed, leaning back in his chair, “I really wish you would take the offer. We could use someone like you around here.”

I smiled, “Sorry, but I'm not interested.” I turned around and walked out of his office. I wasn't going to take his stupid offer. I wasn't going to get tied down to someone, that's how people make mistakes.

As I was heading outside, I brushed past someone that I hadn't seen around here before. I turned around to get a better look as he walked inside and my heart almost exploded out of my chest.

It was Jimmy.

I would recognize him anywhere. He still had the same brown hair, and same brown eyes. The scar on his neck made my cringe. It was a terrible reminder of what I did to him. I thought I was going to be sick.

That letter wasn't a prank, it was Jimmy telling me he knew where I was. He turned around before he pushed open the doors, and he smiled. It wasn't a friendly smile, it was more like an I'm-going-to-kill-you-because-of-what-you-did smile. He turned around and headed inside. I ran the rest of the way to my car. As I started the drive back to my apartment, I tried to forget what I saw, but no matter how hard I tried, his face kept crawling back into my head.

Jimmy wanted me dead. He told me that himself all those years ago. If he ever saw me again, he would kill me. Now here he was, in my town, obviously working. I felt my body shudder. Jimmy was almost as good a killer as me, if not better. If he wanted me dead, he would kill me himself and not think twice about it. Never before had I been more scared of losing my life.

As long as I could stay away from Jimmy, I would be okay. I just had to wait out his stay. Before I knew it, he would be moving on and it would be like nothing ever happened. Everything would go back to normal. If you call killing people for a living normal.
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