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The next day at school, things didn't get much better for Jasmine. She walked down the corridor carrying as many books as she could manage in her arms because she didn't own a bag or backpack just yet, she was still waiting for Frank to buy her one. Jude was walking down the corridor towards her with his best friends. "Your parents must've gone to a lot of retard camps to find someone as dumb as her." Liam whispered into his ear.

Jude glared at his adopted sister then suddenly knocked her arm. All her books crashed to the floor and everyone around them laughed "Watch out!" Jude cackled, walking past them.

Jasmine groaned, gave Jude a scary look then bent down to pick up her books. As she reached for her bible, which she had dared to bring to school, someone else picked it up before her. Jasmine looked up and saw it was Aven who was standing there with one eye-brow raised. Jasmine stood up and stared into Aven's eyes.

Aven held up the brown book and asked "Is this a bible?" Jasmine nodded. There was a pause before Aven laughed and held up Jasmine's bible "Hey everyone! Jesus freak brought a bible to school today!"

Jasmine didn't re-act, simply continued staring at her while everyone around her laughed hysterically as if it were funny to carry round a bible. Aven smiled and held out the book to Jasmine. Knowing it was a trick, Jasmine continued staring at her for a minute. Aven raised one eye-brow and then Jasmine grabbed the bible with one hand. But, as she had expected, Aven held onto the book. Jasmine tried to pull it out of her hands but Aven who was stronger.

Suddenly Aven let it go and it went crashing to the floor, pages going everywhere. Jasmine gasped and dropped to her knees, trying to grab all the pages and arrange them in some kind of order. "Your sisters a total spaz." Liam told Jude.

Jude looked at him "She's not my sister."

Aven noticed the ribbon that Jasmine was wearing round her neck. She laughed and reached for it "Oh little doggy, is this your collar little doggy?"

Jasmine felt her fingertips brushing her ribbon and turned to face her, knocking her arm out of the way. She opened her mouth and started shrieking. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, with no intention of shutting up. Aven stared at her like she was a freak while everyone else laughed except for Jude. Jude hid his face in his hands. Why did Jasmine have to be so freaky?

"Not A, B, B, A." Frank corrected as he helped teach Jasmine piano.

Once the song was over, Frank beamed at Jasmine "That was amazing! You did fantastic."

Jasmine sighed "No, I didn't. I made like eleven mistakes."

Frank simply laughed slightly before saying quietly "Your teacher told me what happened at school today." Jasmine didn't comment "Do you wanna talk about it?"

"There's nothing to talk about."

Frank looked at her before saying "Well, I want you to know I'm always here for you. You know that right?" Jasmine nodded. Frank put his arm round the back of the piano and pulled out a small brown book "I have a book exactly like this that I use as a diary. And I found this one and figured you and me could make a scrapbook..." He opened it to the first page "This is me and Daddy on our wedding day." Jasmine smiled "Jude when he was seven on christmas morning." Jasmine smiled again "Aww this is Cameron when she was a baby." Jasmine giggled. Frank glanced at her before turning the page "And here's you." He said.

Jasmine looked at the page. There was a picture of Jasmine and Cameron smiling and hugging each other and in fancy writing at the top of the page was 'Jasmine joins the family.' Jasmine took a deep breath before daring to ask "Who's Jessica?" Frank went pale "Cameron talks about her."

Frank cleared his throat before taking Jasmine's hand and taking her to their green house. It was a room attached to the house because Frank had an interest in growing plants. He took Jasmine to a large plant of white roses. Sticking out of the white roses was a little plaque which Frank read out loud "I never held you, but I feel you. You never spoke, yet I hear you. I never met you... But I love you."

"What-What happened to her?"

"She died, while she was still in our donor's tummy." Frank told her "So... We scattered her ashes here and now, I feel like... A long as this plant grows, part of her can always grow." Frank looked at Jasmine and saw she was crying, silent tears rolling down her cheeks "Sweetheart?"

"She'd have been lucky." Jasmine whispered, turning to face him "You're a great parent."

Frank's eyes filled with tears "Oh Darling, thank you." He hugged Jasmine close "That means a lot. Thank you so much."

"It was interesting..." Frank told Gerard "Jasmine really seemed to open up to me today."

"That is interesting." Gerard replied, smiling at Frank "Hey." He took Frank's hand and pulled him closer, wrapping his arms round his waist and planting a kiss on his lips.

Frank hugged Gerard then suddenly pulled away "Gee, not in here..."

"Oh come on." Gerard laughed, stopping Frank from running upstairs "The kids are in bed. No one's gonna know!"

"No, no, no..." But Frank was giggling too. He glanced around before pulling off his shirt "Alright."

"Yes!" Gerard grinned, pulling off his own shirt. Both of them pulled off their trousers and Gerard got Frank against the kitchen counter. Frank half-turned around and kissed Gerard passionately on the lips. When he turned around, he pushed his head back and accidentally whacked it off Gerard's chin. Both of them laughed nervously before hearing a small noise from their left.

They both turned in the direction and saw Jasmine standing there. Frank gasped and pushed Gerard away from him. Jasmine turned and walked back up the stairs. "Shit!" Gerard cursed, reaching for his clothes "You'd better talk to her about that one."

"Right now?" Gerard nodded and Frank quickly pulled on his clothes before running to the stairs. He went up them two at a time and went into Jasmine's bedroom. She was sitting at her easel painting a picture of a woman "Jasmine, Sweetie, we need to talk about what you just saw..."

"Do we?"

"Yes, we do." Frank said awkwardly "Sometimes... When two people... Well... Jasmine, are you listening to me?" Jasmine turned her head to look at him. She didn't look uncomfortable at all, just bored "It's just... When two people love each other very much. They wanna... They wanna show that love, they wanna express it!"

"I know." Jasmine interupted "They fuck."

Frank's mouth fell open and Jasmine turned back to her painting.

[A/N] - I'm no good at smut and I won't apologise for that :L
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