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On the cusp of death

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Another part.

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Embeth was starting to stir when he returned with Mary.

He went over her role again and again, instructed her to calm Embeth’s fears about him.

Why are you marrying this girl?
Mary asked genuinely confused over it considering he clearly felt no love for her, or anyone for that matter.
That man couldn’t love anyone at all she thought to herself.

Jealous? He shot back sarcastically.

Mary looked away too afraid of what he might do if she spat in his face.

She couldn’t think of anything to do or say that would begin to scratch the surface on how much she hated him- she couldn’t even kill him!

She wondered if this is how Victor Frankenstein had felt when his creation had turned on him.
No I suppose not....she reasoned with herself; Frankenstein’s monster had not dragged his master to hell....much less inflicted such horrors upon him.

Embeth walked through the western woods, checking cautiously behind her with every step to make sure he wasn't following her.

She walked and walked until she could see her house; The small cottage she had shared with her mother Nettie, her father Jacob and siblings; her sister Celia and her little brother David who is only 4.

She started into a run- she felt hot tears of relief spilling from her eyes as she reached the door.
Safe at last!

The door led straight into the tiny kitchen where Nettie, Jacob and 12 year old Celia all sat around the wooden table in silence.


Embeth asked in a worried tone after noticing none of them had looked up when she came in.

It’s very strange....The boys were out searching for her; Not a damned thing....No sign of her anywhere!

Jacob stated in mild anger and worry over his missing daughter.

All she told me was how she were going to go into the woods for fire wood- But that must have been at about seven...
said Celia to Nettie.

Aye lass, replied Nettie.

I told her to go fetch it.

That sudden memory made Nettie clutch her handkerchief to her as she began to cry.

It’s all me own fault said she; If only I had gone for the wood me self...
She’d still be here! Such a terrible mother.... Dear me, what ever shall I do?
I ‘ave as good as killed me own daughter!

Nettie was in a real state.

For goodness sakes!
Pull yourself together woman!
She’s been missing a night- No reason to think like that....
Jacob stated, taking his wife’s hand to comfort her.

Papa, do you not think it strange?
That she should disappear all night with no word?

Jacob did find it strange, inside he was in utter turmoil...
But he couldn’t show that to them; No he must stay positive if only to comfort his family.

Embeth stood behind Jacob trying to get his attention.

Papa! Don’t you see me?
I’m alright.
I’m right here!
Oh papa!
You must see me!

She began sobbing as helplessly as Nettie.

Markus is in the western woods as we speak; He’s staying there the night
and each one there after....
Keeping watch.

He sure is sweet on her that boy.

Said Joseph to his family hoping the words would calm Nettie.

Aye, Nettie replied.
He is,
and a good lad too.
Do you think they will marry when she comes back?
...if she comes back.

With that Nettie began to cry again.

Oh mam, don’t go upsetting yourself.
She’ll be alright...
there’s nothing out there.

Celia comforted her mother.

What about the legend, Celia?
Don’t you know it?

Celia and Jacob rolled they’re eyes in unison.
Nettie, it is only a legend!
No doubt dreamt up by bored housewives to scare their children
Jacob said matter-of-factly to his grieving wife.

What about all those deaths? She asked further.
They did happen there are still one or two folk living....
They were there during those dark times she paused for thought, anticipating whether she should come out with the rest knowing full well Jacob wasn’t a man of superstition.

They say there was a horseman! She finally blurted out.

Jacob shook his head, there were murders, yes.

But...a ghost?

I imagine the folk couldn’t find the guilty so cooked up a story with monsters and ghosts.
It happened 70 years ago....
There have been no more since.
He paused shortly then continued.
The killer will probably be long dead now.

Jacob hoped the facts would help his irrational wife think clearly.

Embeth had by now admitted defeat; they just couldn’t see nor hear her.

This had given birth to bigger worries.

Am I dead?
She thought scared, praying it was all just a terrible dream.

This situation, the German soldier....
and that she’d wake up in her own bed.
Go to breakfast then later she’d meet Markus at the market....

Oh God....she thought putting her hands to her face.
Markus... I’d forgotten him.
She would have given anything to see his face right now.

For him to tell her a silly joke.
For him to call her Emmy and tell her she was silly lassie....

It had always annoyed her when he said that,
she hated being patronised; but right now she would have loved nothing more than to hear him say it.

Suddenly everything began to spin, she could hear and feel the blood rushing around in her head.

What have you done to her? Mary asked the German alarmed.

Nothing...He replied as a slight trace of confusion and worry passed across his face.

This is not right he continued; this is not meant to happen.

I used a mind controlling spell I had memorised from one of my books,
Nothing I haven’t done a hundred times over...
It was meant to put her down for a short time- She should have been awake by now!

The German babbled away to Mary,
who wasn’t really listening to him at that moment.

How long did you reach into her mind with it?
She finally asked, genuinely concerned.
The years had changed her, she had learned something she hadn’t possessed in life.....compassion.

After all, now she was dead; what could she gain or lose by staying one way or the other?

Mary, look.

He instructed, he was certain he had seen Embeth’s eyelids twitch.
I...I don’t....
Before Mary could finish her sentence Embeth turned her head as if in a fitful sleep before opening her eyes.

Thank goodness!

Mary exclaimed feeling relieved.

Embeth gasped in fear when she saw Mary.

I didn’t mean to frighten you dear,
I’m sure I must look a fright!
she comfortingly told Embeth when she realised the gasp must have been due to her torn apart face.

Are you feeling alright?
Asked the German.

Embeth nodded speechless.

You had us quite worried,
you have been unconscious for 8 hours.

Mary paused for a moment or two trying to decide whether to continue or not,
she thought she had better.

You stopped breathing for a short while she continued sympathetically.

At that moment Embeth remembered what had happened.

I saw my family....She began to cry.

What is the matter with you?
You always cry, pass out...
said the German sounding irritated at yet more emotion.

They couldn’t see me, they couldn’t hear me.....

What have you done to me?
She turned pale.
Am I dead too?

She asked in a high pitched voice trying not to panic too much.

The Hessian shook his head.

No- You died briefly...
he said to her rather easily as if he were just stating what she had eaten for breakfast.

That’s when the thought hit him;

He suddenly exclaimed that is what happened!
Why did I not realise?
Instead of sending you to sleep I must have given you temporary death....
Embeth watched him in wide eyed shock.
Your soul, Embeth!
It disengaged from your body!
He practically shouted as though trying to get her to understand.

When he realised she really wouldn’t care about the mechanics of the magic he told her simply; No, you are still alive.
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