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Chapter NUEVE (9)

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WHO LIKES MY SPANISH CHAPTER TITLES? :) P.S ELF, READ THIS: I know you don't wear lipstick, but I had too put it in, us bitches AREN'T Sherlock Holmes... :/ xxxx

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-02-10 - Updated: 2012-02-10 - 249 words

"Hey, BITCHES!" Grinned Arrow as she strolled back into the living room, looking considerably pleased with herself.
"...Where's Ray?" Asked ELF, looking a little concerned.
"...In the closet..." Replied Arrow, looking slightly insane.
"Oh... Shit." ELF replied, calmly.
"I will rescue him..." She muttered, exiting the room.
"...How?!" Asked Gerard, looking slightly mind-blown.
"DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME 'CAUSE I'M SHORT, DICK." Screamed Arrow, looking even more insane.
"Okay..." Gerard said, backing away slightly, looking a little scared.
"Glad thats sorted. Who wants to play 'Truth Or Dare'?" Arrow said, grinning knowingly at Frank.
"Yeah, okay." Replied Poison.
"AWESOME. Who wants to go fiirrrsssttt?!" Arrow asked.
"Frankie, maybe??" She added, looking spiteful.
"UMMM... NO THANKS." Frank replied quickly.
"OKAY! FRANKIE'S UP!" Giggled Arrow, not taking 'no' for a answer.
"Truth or Dare?" Asked Gerard.
"Um... Truth, I guess..." Replied Frank, quietly.
"WHO DO YOU 'LIKE'?! You know... Like-like?" Asked Arrow, winking at Frank.
"Uhh... Well... Uhh..." Frank said, stalling.
"Yes???" Questioned Mikey, twigging.

Just then, ELF and Ray burst back in.
ELF's pale pink, 'naked' lipstick was allover Ray's face... It was barely visible, but it WAS visible.
"Had FUN have we?" Asked Arrow, winking at Ray and ELF.
ELF looked down, awkwardly.
Ray just stood there grinning.
"A word?.." Georgia said to her sister, dragging her into the kitchen.
Everyone turned their attention to Ray, who was still stood there, grinning like a idiot.
"Shes a great kisser." He said, before flopping onto one of the sofas, and checking twitter.
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