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Chaper DIEZ! (10)

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Arrow and Poison just shrugged, and went to find Georgia and ELF, in the kitchen

...In the kitchen...
"Your just jealous, 'cause you wanna snog Gee!" Replied ELF.
"Gee and Gee, sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Sang Arrow, giggling at Georgia.
"Shutup!" Said Georgia, grinning, as she took a swipe at Arrow's head.
"Who do YOU like then, Arrow?!" Poison asked, grinning, doing her best to embarrass her little sister.
"Uh... Thats irelivent..." Muttered Arrow, as her cheeks turned a violent shade of pink.
"Yeah! Who?!" Asked ELF.
"WHO WHO WHO?!" Continued Georgia.
"...Mikey..." Said Arrow, in almost a whisper.
Georgia, ELF and Poison all laughed their heads off.
"Awwww... Cute!" Grinned Georgia.
Everyone turned to look at Poison.
"Well?" Arrow said, looking expectantly at her sister.
"Well... I guess I kinda like... Fr-" Replied Poison, before her sentence was cut off by Gerard and Frank bursting in.
"I'M SO TELLING MY BROTHER!" Grinned Gerard.
Arrow grabbed his collar "...Do that, and I will cut your balls off." She said, darkly... Before
laughing like a maniac.
"...I can't tell if your joking or not..." Gerard replied.
"I know" Arrow replied, winking.
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