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"Umm hello, I'm Frank Iero." Frank said down the phone "I was wondering if you had got in touch with the Orphanage that Jasmine was adopted from, Sister Alice had mentioned that she would-" Someone said something to him "Oh you did!" More muttering down the phone "I don't understand... How can they have no record of her being there?" There was more talking "Oh, yes please, thank you." Frank hung up the phone. This didn't make any sense.

In the middle of the night Frank woke up and got dressed. He couldn't stay here, he couldn't let Jasmine hurt his children. If Gerard wanted to play happy families with her then he could. But Frank wasn't going to be a part of it.

Frank paused for a moment, remembering that Cameron and Jude weren't actually his children. But they might as well have been. And it wasn't like Gerard was concerned for their safety at the moment anyway. So Frank continued down the hall.

He crept into Cameron's room and tip-toed over to her bed. Just as he was about to wake her up, a light flicked on in her room. Frank turned to face the source and found Jasmine sitting on one of the armchairs in the room "She's sleeping." Jasmine said softly "Let's not wake her."

"What are you doing?" Frank asked "Go to bed! Right now!"

Jasmine laughed "Frank, come on. We're past that now, surely?"

Frank glared at her before nodding and saying "I know what you're doing. And I will not let you hurt my children."

"Me?" Jasmine gasped sarcastically "I'm not the one who passed out drunk and nearly let Cameron drown in the pond!" Frank was gobsmacked. How had she found that out? "If it weren't for Gerard, she'd be dead. And you'd probably still be in prison."

"Who told you about that?"

Jasmine held up Frank's diary "I learnt so much about you." Jasmine smiled.

"Give that back!"

"Jessica." Jasmine ignored her "Your cheating husband. Where you hide your wine bottles." Frank reached for the diary but Jasmine opened it up and started reading it outloud "She was still kicking when the Doctor told us that she was experiencing something called-"

"Shut up!" Frank snapped, grabbing the diary and pulling it out of Jasmine's hands.

Jasmine got to her feet "It's too late Frank! It's your own fault! You took your family forgranted!"

"What do you mean?" Frank cried, grabbing Jasmine's not-broken arm.

Jasmine pulled her arm away and smiled sweetly "What are you going to do? Hit me?"

Frank let her walk past him. What could he do? Confused, he went back to his room but barely got any sleep.

The next morning Frank wasn't just confused. He was angry. He rang up Sister Abigail "We adopted her from you!" Frank snapped "How can you not know anything about her?"

"They might've adopted her illegally." Sister Abigail replied calmly "Are you sure she doesn't remember anything that can help us?"

Frank thought about it for a moment before remembering something possibly important "I'm gonna call you back." He hung up without bothering to wait for a reply.

While Frank was busy worrying about Jasmine's past, Jude was busy trying to decide Jasmine's future. He was desperate to get Jasmine arrested for everything she had done. And he couldn't do that unless he broke into his tree house. Underneath his bed was a hidden crowbar. Jude grabbed it and pulled on his coat. He ran down one of the stairways... Just as Frank walked past. But Frank wasn't focusing properly. He was thinking about something that he had found of Jasmine's when she first arrived...

The first place he checked was in Jasmine's chest of draws where he had first found it. But Jasmine must've known he'd look at it because she'd moved it. He checked through every cupboard or draw in her bedroom. How could one nine year old girl be so good at hiding things?

Frank went to check Jasmine's bed and chucked all the teddy bears that were there onto the floor. He picked up a large, square blue odd looking teddy bear and chucked it to the floor. It made a loud clunking noise. Frank paused and turned around to look at it. He picked it up and squished it a little. What he was looking for was inside. Frank twisted and turned it until he found a small gap.

He pushed his fingers into the gap and pulled out what he was looking for. The small brown bible that he had found a few weeks ago. He opened it to the first page and didn't find what he was looking for. So he opened it to the very last page and noticed something at the bottom. Written in clear letters were the words 'Saarne Institute.'

Frank went straight to his computer to look up the Saarne Institute. Unfortunately the page was in Polish so Frank couldn't understand a word of it. He found the phone number and rang them up instead. "Saarne Institute, jak mogę pomóc?"

Frank took a deep breath and asked "Umm hello... Do you speak English?"


"Do you speak English? This is very important." Mikey looked up at Frank like he was strange but Frank wouldn't be put off.

"Jedna sekunda, proszę trzymać."

"I have no idea what you're saying..." Frank breathed. Nobody replied so he waited a moment.

Suddenly Frank heard someone say in a Polish Accent "Hello?"

Frank sighed with relief. Finally someone he could actually talk to! "Hello, is this the Saarne Institue?"

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"I'm calling you about one of your children who was adopted a while ago... She's a girl..."

"She does not come from here." The voice replied.

Frank paused "I haven't even told you her name yet."

"You do not understand, Saarne Institute is not an Orphanage, it is a mental hospital."

While Frank was talking to the only English speaking employee at the Saarne Institute, Jude had already reached the tree house and climbed up the two long ladders to the top. He was about to use the crowbar to break open the door but he noticed the lock was already open. Not thinking much of it, Jude pushed open the door and climbed inside. Cameron had told him that the stuff was hidden in the wonky floorboard so he went over to it and started going through it. But he couldn't find any of the 'bad things'.

Without a sound, Jasmine opened the alternative entrance to the tree house. They had built a door that led out onto a little balcony so you could see everything outside. Jasmine had been hiding out there. "Looking for these?" Jasmine asked, making Jude jump and whip around to face her.

Jasmine opened Cameron's backpack and started pulling out the things that had been inside them. The blood stained dress, the hammer... "Poor Sister Alice." Jasmine smirked "I couldn't have done it myself you know. Cameron is just as guilty."

"Whatever Cameron did, you made her do it!" Jude snapped, getting to his feet.

"Think about it..." Jasmine pulled out Cameron's badly drawn pictures of all the bad things Jasmine had done from her pocket and dropped them onto the floor "How did she even know this was up here?" Her hand reached into her other pocket and she pulled out a small bottle of gasoline "It is always best to burn the evidence." Jasmine started squirting the gasoline over the items she needed to get rid of "If they find these things, they won't just be coming for me. They'll be coming for Cameron too. Is that what you want?" Jasmine pulled out a box of matches from her pocket and lit one.

"Wait!" Jude cried but it was too late.

Jasmine threw the match onto the pile and it instantly went up in flames "Are you crazy?" Jude screamed. But Jasmine wasn't done. She squirted even more gasoline, some of it even splashing onto Jude's leg. Jude quickly put out the fire on his leg but the whole room was now surrounded with flames. Not wasting any time, Jasmine opened the latch into the tree house and climbed out. Jude saw what she was doing and ran to the latch but not quickly enough. Jasmine slammed it shut and clicked the lock back together. Jude was trapped inside.

"Help me!" Jude shrieked "Let me out of here!" He looked around the room, trying to find another way out. The only other exit was a window on one side of the tree house. The door Jasmine had walked through wouldn't help him at all.

So Jude leaned out the window, put his feet onto the edge and climbed up onto the roof of the tree house. At this point Jasmine had scrambled down the ladder and was now safely on the ground, smiling at Jude as he screamed "Frankie! Dad!"

Meanwhile, Frank was back on the phone to Sister Abigail "It's called the Saarne Institue, S-A-A-R-N-E. It's in Poland."

"No, that's impossible." Sister Abigail told her "All her paperwork is from Russia..."

"I'm sending them a picture of her right now." Frank said "Maybe her birth mother was a patient there... I dunno, maybe she was even born there."

From the house nobody could hear Jude's desperate cries. By now he had started to cry hysterically. He took a few steps forwards but almost fell back into the burning tree house. Luckily he managed to regain his balance. Trying to get away from the fire, he went as fast as he could to the edge of the tree house. He fell off and managed to grab one of the beams used to support the tree house to keep himself up. Jasmine stood beneath him, laughing hysterically. "Help me!" Jude cried "Daddy! Frankie!" Suddenly his hands slipped and he screeched as he fell a long drop down to the floor.

Jasmine smiled then realised he was still alive and frowned. Inside the house, Frank finally looked out the window and saw the tree house on fire. "Call nine one one!" Frank yelled, running to the back door.

Not happy that Jude was still alive, Jasmine decided to take action. She picked up a large rock and smiled. Just like the bird, Jasmine would put Jude out of his misery. She walked over to him and held the rock above her head "Don't worry..." Jasmine soothed "You're going-"

Suddenly someone shoved Jasmine over. Jasmine sat up to see who it had been. Cameron glared at her and Jasmine glared back. How dare she mess up Jasmine's plans! Well she was going to pay just like her brother-

"Jude!" Jasmine suddenly heard Frank cry. He was running towards them. Jasmine's eyes widened. Was she finally going to get caught out. Instead of making accussations though, Frank shooed the girls away "Move away from the fire now!"

Jasmine and Cameron scuttled away from the fire while Frank bent down next to Jude. "Jude? Can you hear me? It's Frankie... Please say something Baby..." Jude groaned slightly "It's going to be okay, an ambulance will be here soon..." Frank looked up at Jasmine and glared at her. How could she do this?
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