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The Doctor walked into the waiting room. Everyone except Jasmine stood up. Cameron wasn't standing either but Frank was holding her in his arms. All of them looked at the Doctor and waited to hear about Jude's health "We've stopped the bleeding," The Doctor told them "But he has a serious neck injury but other than that, he's going to be okay. You should consider yourselves very lucky."

"Oh thank god and thank you." Gerard said, sighing with relief.

Frank wasn't completely satisfied "Can we see him?"

"Not yet, he's resting in ICU."

"And when he wakes up..." Frank asked "Will he be able to tell us what happened?"

Jasmine snapped into attention. "It's possible, we're not sure what he'll remember until he wakes up."

"Okay." Frank smiled a weak smile at him and the Doctor left the room. He handed Cameron to Mikey and grabbed Gerard's arm, pulling him out of the waiting room.

Frank explained to Gerard what he had found out about Jasmine, about the Saarne Institute and everything. He gave Gerard a piece of paper all about Saarne Institute. "Look, I know you're confused and upset, I am too. But there has to be some other explanation. She didn't come from an insane asyulm."

"How do you know that?" Frank asked him "The orphanage you thought she came from has never heard of her!"

"Okay, well, we have her Passport... Her birth certificate..."

"Oh please, those papers came from halfway around the world!"

"What's this?" Gerard gestured to the sheet on Saarne Institute "It's a piece of paper!"

"It wasn't just me this time!" Frank cried "Your brother was there this time! It wasn't just me, your brother saw it too! It was either Jude or Jasmine who started that fire. Who do you think it was?"

"I... Don't know..."

"Oh for gods sake..." Frank rolled his eyes "I'm done connecting these dots for you! I'll leave tonight! If that's what you want, I'll leave tonight! But on one condition. Jasmine goes too."

Jasmine looked at the arguing couple then turned to Mikey and asked "Can I have a dollar for the soda machine?"

Mikey thought about it then replied "Your Mother wants you to stay right there."

Jasmine frowned, trying to think of another plan. But she didn't need to. Mikey took pity on her and reached into his pocket. Jasmine smirked. "Here you go," Mikey said, handing her the dollar "Don't take too long."

"Thank you!" Jasmine smiled, stood up and started walking down the corridor. She continued smiling sweetly until one doctor walked past her. Then she glared at no one in particular. Jude couldn't tell her on. Jasmine was going to make sure of that.

While Frank and Gerard continued to argue in the corridor and Mikey sat back, wondering whether Jude was going to be okay, Cameron tried to figure out what Jasmine was going to do. She was almost certain that Jasmine wasn't going to the soda machine. So she decided she'd have to check for herself. 'I'm going to go find Jasmine.' Cameron signed to Mikey.

Mikey nodded and let Cameron jump off his lap and walk down the corridor. Until Mikey could no longer see her, Cameron walked. But as soon as she was out of sight she started running towards the soda machine. Just as she'd expected, Jasmine was not there. Her face fell. What could she do? She turned around and started running back to her Uncle.

Jude was still asleep in ICU. So he didn't notice that the curtain by his bed was being dragged round so that no one could see them. Even if he was awake, he wouldn't have been able to do anything. He was too weak to move.

Jasmine climbed onto his bed and looked down at him for a moment. She got on top of him and took the clip attached to his finger that they used to measure his heartbeat and put it on her own finger. That way when he died, she'd have a chance to leave before they came running into the room.

Jude didn't wake up until Jasmine took the gas mask off his face. He blinked a little. His vision was hazy but he could just make out Jasmine and knew he was in danger. Knowing he was completely defenceless, his eyes filled with tears. Before he knew what was happening, Jasmine had shoved a pillow over his face.

Jude struggled underneath her but he was powerless. Jasmine pressed down on the pillow harder, not liking the fuss that Jude was making. Suddenly Jude stopped struggling beneath him. Just in case it was a trick, Jasmine still kept the pillow against his face, making sure that he couldn't breath at all. When she was certain he was dead, she pulled the pillow away. Jude stared up at her, unblinking and unbreathing. Quickly, she placed the gas mask back over his mouth, jumped off the bed and placed the clip back over his finger. The heart machine made a large beep, signalling that there was no heart beat. Jasmine scurried out of the room and down to the soda machine.

Cameron ran over to Frank and grabbed his sleeve, desperate to get his attention. Frank looked at her "What? What is it Sweetheart?"

Before Cameron could tell him, Frank heard the words "Code 99. ICU."

"What?" Frank asked "Jude!?"

"Code 99. ICU."

"Jude!" Frank screamed, running down the corridor towards his room. Right behind him was the medical team pushing a large trolley.

"Clear the corridor!" One of the Doctor's yelled.

Gerard dodged past them and pulled Frank out of the way so the Doctor's could get through. The Doctor's swept into the room and a nurse turned to Frank and Gerard and said "It's best if you wait outside."

The two of them looked through a small window in his room. Neither of them moved until they heard a Doctor say "We've got a pulse!"

Frank's heart was racing. He was so angry. Nobody was going to hurt his son like that! He stormed into the waiting room. Jasmine was just walking back into the room carrying a soda "What did you do?" Frank screamed.

"Frank!" Gerard cried, carrying Cameron into the room.

"What did you do to him you Bitch?" Frank shrieked, slapping Jasmine round the face as hard as he could. Jasmine cried out and fell to the floor.

"Mikey, take Cameron." Gerard handed Cameron to his brother and rushed to Jasmine's side.

Mikey took Cameron away from them, thinking that Frank had gone insane and might hurt her too. Two Doctor's ran towards them, pulling back both of Frank's arms "She's trying to hurt my babies!" Frank yelled.

"Daddy!" Jasmine whimpered "Daddy! Daddy!"

Gerard lifted her up and started walking away from Frank who was screaming hysterically. Another Doctor ran over and injected something into Frank's arm, calming him down before he passed out.

The last thing he heard as he went out was his phone ringing. But he couldn't answer it.

When Frank woke up, he was in a hospital bed. Gerard was standing next to him "Frank, it's me."

"... Jude?" Frank asked.

"Don't worry about Jude, he's fine. They're running some tests, we should know more by tomorrow." Gerard told him calmly "You need to stay here overnight. I'm gonna take Cameron and Jasmine home."

"Gee..." Frank breathed "Please don't let her near Cameron..."

Gerard sighed "I love you." He said quietly, giving his husband a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Frank looked out the small window of his door. Like Jude's had been, Frank's vision was a bit hazy. But even he could make out was going on. Mikey walked away holding Cameron in his arms. Gerard was holding hands with Jasmine. Jasmine turned back and gave Frank a look. One look, that was all it took. Realising it was pointless to argue further, Frank lay back and fell asleep.
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