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Episode 14: Rayne vs. Ferril part2

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The final battle between Ferril and Rayne. who will come out on top.

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(Rayne charges at Ferril with ferocity. Ferril jumps out of the way.)
Ferril: (To herself.) I better watch it with this Dhampir. She is not normal.
Rayne: what's the matter Ferril, are you scared?
Ferril: you wish.
(Ferril then runs towards Rayne with her claws out.)
Ferril: try to stop my fury swipes.
(Ferril attacks and Rayne disappears.)
Ferril: where is she?
(Rayne grabs her from behind.)
Rayne: here I am.
(Ferril struggles to break free, but Rayne breaks her arms and rips it off. Ferril screams and runs away from Rayne.)
Rayne: hey! (She yells out.) Don't you want your arms back!
(Ferril stops at a far away distance from Rayne. She grows her arms again.)
Ferril: (to herself.) This can't be. Could she be the one? (She pauses.) No it can't be.
(She looks at Rayne. Ferril looks into Rayne's eyes. The red eyes glow with fury.)
Ferril: she could be. The legendary vampire. It was said that there was only one, but they never saw that vampire again. Rayne could be the next one.
(Rayne interrupts.)
Rayne: what are you blabbing about? Lets fight already.
Ferril: I have to get that thought out of my mine. I will not lose this fight.
(Ferril uses her speed to disappear and reappear.)
Rayne: your wasting your energy.
(Ferril gets behind Rayne and tries to slice her, but Rayne gets out of the way.)
Ferril: how did you know I was going to be there?
Rayne: I can sense you. (She pauses.) Now it's my turn sister.
(Rayne gets into her stance. Ferril gets in her stance.)
Rayne: lets see what is stronger, your claws or my blades.
Ferril: my claws has never failed me before. I will not lose this duel.
(They charge at each other. In one fast moment they clash, slicing each other at the same time. Both are still standing.)
Ferril: not bad. (She coughs up blood and falls to the ground.)
Rayne: looks like your done.
(Ferril hears this and gets up slowly. She looks at the sky. The sun is starting to come up. They are protected because the shroud covers the tower, but Ferril has a plan.)
Ferril: if I can knock her off this building then she'll fall right into the sun. She'll burn in hell. (She laughs.)
Rayne: what's so funny?
Ferril: my victory.
Rayne: I guess you hit your head, because you said your going to win.
Ferril: that's right.
(Ferril runs towards the edge of the tower. Rayne follows her. Ferril stops at the edge.)
Rayne: end of the line Ferril. Time to die.
Ferril: come and get me.
(Rayne charges with her blades, but Ferril jumps over her and slices Rayne's face and Ferril kicks her of the building. Rayne goes flying and she goes through another building near the factory.)
Ferril: that is fucking bad luck. I kick her so hard she went through another building.
(Suddenly the building across the factory collapses and buries Rayne.)
Ferril: yes. I killed her.

(Suddenly the elevator door opens.)
Ferril: it's you father.
Kagan: we have to talk Ferril.
(Ephemera and Shiva appear behind Ferril.)
Ferril: what is the meaning of this father?
Kagan: your sister has informed me that you plan to betray me.
Ferril: she is lying. I will never do that. I was fighting the Dhampir.
Kagan: what Dhampir?
Ferril: you don't believe me, then look under that rubble next to the factory.
Kagan: Shiva go look.
(Shiva jumps down and lands on his feet. Then he looks through the rubble. He finds Rayne and he picks her up and buries her under the rubble.)
Shiva: now to report.
(He jumps up and lands on the roof.)
Kagan: report.
Shiva: she is lying. The Dhampir isn't down there.
Ferril: what?!
Ephemera: you lied to us sister.
Ferril: you set me up bitch. (She looks at her Father.) I will never do this. I'm your must loyal daughter.
Kagan: Ferril. We won't need your services no more.
Ferril: no father. I.....
(Ephemera stabs her in the back and whispers to her.)
Ephemera: you may be the strongest and the fastest, but I'm just a bit more clever.
Ferril: I'll get you all for this.
(Ephemera then picks her up and throws Ferril off the building. The sun burns her skin up.)
Ephemera: that problem is done.
(Kagan signals Shiva over.)
Kagan: spread the Shroud. It's a bit to sunny.
Shiva: right away.
(Shiva turns the wheel and the shroud covers the city. Then Kagan calls Xerx with his phone.)
Kagan: let them loose.
Xerx: yes father.
(Xerx opens his doors and his creations roam the streets killing innocent people. Vampires start to come up from the ground. The whole city gets destroyed. The people that survived either hid under ground or anywhere, if it was safe. The vampires now ruled the city and Kagan is planning his next plan. The world is his objective.)

( Kagan is now at his tower. He goes to his balcony and looks at the city. He hears the cry for help.)
Kagan: music to my ears.
(Ephemera appears with Shiva.)
Kagan: look my children, the day and the night belongs to the vampires. I can't be stopped. Now I will spread the shroud to the whole world as soon as Xerx creates the machine.
Ephemera: this is so great father.
(Shiva hears the cries, but doesn't enjoy it.)
Shiva: I have to go.
Kagan: something wrong.
Shiva: no. I want to be alone.
Kagan: go then my son and enjoy yourself.
(Shiva exits)
Ephemera: I'm worried about him.
Kagan: don't worry he'll come around.
(Kagan goes to his dudgeon room. To see Severin.)
Kagan: you hear the cries of your species.
Severin: you monster. Just kill me.
Kagan: no! That is too easy. I rather torture you.
Severin: how you going to do that?
Kagan: I sent a group of vampires to attack Brimstone.
Severin: leave them out of this.
Kagan: I'm going to end Brimstone. Then no one will stand in my way. You'll be the only one.
Severin: what about Rayne?
Kagan: no one has seen her. She's probably dead.
Severin: I don't believe it. She'll stop you.
(Kagan slaps Severin.)
Kagan: we'll see.
Severin: (To himself.) Rayne is our last hope to save humanity. She can't be dead.
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