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He tried to kill me, and ever since the moment he shoved that knife in my neck, I swore that if I ever saw him again I would kill him.

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I smiled, leaning against the back of the chair in my hotel room. After seeing Gerard earlier, I was sure that he was terrified of me. He knew I was going to kill him. When he left he probably never thought he would see me again. He was probably thinking that he could get away, that I would never find him.

I shook my head, “Silly Gerard. You can run, but you can't hide. I will always find you.”

I closed my eyes, thinking about the time when we were still friends. He was my everything. I never told him how I really felt for fear that he wouldn't feel the same way. Besides, I taught him that relationships were dangerous, whether the other person knew about the job or not.

My whole life, I had spent away from people because I didn't want to get involved. I didn't want anyone to get hurt when I had to leave again. Relationships were hard when you killed people for a living. And then, I met Gerard.

One day he just arrived on my doorstep, saying he heard I was the best killer around. He was still young then, and he was eager to learn. So, I let him into my home, and into my life. I never planned on our friendship to become so strong. I never planned on falling in love.

Sometimes I still wonder how things would have been if I would have told him how I really felt. Would he still have tried to kill me, just to get ahead? Or would we be working together? Deep down, I still loved him. He was my first, and only, real love. Then he decided that he wanted to be the best. He tried to kill me, and ever since the moment he shoved that knife in my neck, I swore that if I ever saw him again I would kill him.

However, the very next day after the incident, I got home to find him packed and leaving. I knew I should kill him on the front porch, where he stood, but I couldn't. I still loved him too much. So, I let him go, warning him that if I ever saw his face again I would kill him.

I figured that over time, I would stop loving him. That wasn't the case. I still loved him, maybe even more than I did before. But I said I would kill him, and I never go back on my word. As much as it hurt, I would kill him.

I heard my hotel room door open, bringing me out of my thoughts. I turned to see Joe, the watcher they put on Gerard. “Any news?”

Joe nodded, quickly walking toward me. He sat down in the chair across from me before he began speaking, “I've only been there for a day, but I already have something.” He paused, “I think Gerard is seeing someone.”

What? I couldn't believe it. I shook my head, “What? Who?”

He shrugged, “The name is Frank. He lives across the hall. Apparently he just moved in not too long ago. I had some of the guys do a check on him. He lived in a small town about four hours away from here. He moved about three months after his husband died.” He shrugged, “Really sad story there. Husband's name was Sam. After only being married a short time his organs started to die.”

I just sat there, stunned. Gerard was seeing someone. I couldn't believe it. I had never felt more jealous in my entire life. I had spent the longest time, only wanting to be with Gerard, only to get my chance ripped away from me. And now, here was some random guy off the street, sleeping with Gerard.

I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to calm down. “How long has this been going on?”

Joe shrugged, “I don't know. I've only been there for a day. Probably a while. Last night, I was monitoring the cameras, and found Frank go into Gerard's apartment at about midnight, and he didn't leave until the next morning.”

How could you be so stupid, Gerard! If you learned anything, it should have been that you never get into serious relationships. They just complicate things. I smiled, a brilliant plan beginning to form in my mind.

If I couldn't have Gerard, no one can. He broke my heart, why don't I break his? This would be perfect, and incredibly easy. I was going to kill Frank, and make Gerard watch as I did it. Then he would know how it felt when he left me for dead in that warehouse.
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