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Not A DATE-Date

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Archie and Atlanta go on a date- but it's not a DATE-Date, and they have some fun. Meanwhile the others are setting up the foosball table and Cronus is hatching a masterplan. Tulais lies in wait fo...

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Demons Within me

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

Warnings: ...Archie and Atlanta are slightly out-of-character

Authors Note: hands hurt too much to type one....



It seemed like Archie had just gotten back into his room and was flipping trough a book to try and find ANYTHING about Tulais, when someone knocked on his door.

"What do you want?" he snarled.

"It's me," came the calmer, almost timid reply.

Archie felt his heart leap into his throat as he realized he'd just snapped at Atlanta and that he'd promised to go out and exchange those tickets for the circus with her. He took one last look at his books before hopping up, ignoring the throb of protest form his shoulder, and opened the door in a matter of steps.

Something about her seemed different... was she wearing make-up? Usually Archie would never associate Atlanta with the stuff, but she was wearing just enough to accent her eyes in a way that made everything that had just happened to him seem like some sort of far-off dream.

"Tickets, right? Just let me get on a shirt," he said, feeling quite calm after looking into her green-brown eyes.

The pain wasn't as great, but still there, as he struggled to get on his white shirt. Looking around for his hoodie, he remembered that he'd given it to the redhead standing outside his door.

"Atlanta, do you still have my sweater?" he asked.

Archie noticed that she seemed to almost panic for a moment before replying, "No, it was all ripped and dirty. I threw it out after I got changed. I hope that's alright?" That wasn't really true, she was planning on getting it washed when no one was around, but currently it was in the back of her closet where no one would ever find it.

Archie sighed, "Yeah, its fine, but now you owe me a new hoodie." He grinned, letting her know it really was okay. She grinned back.

Both of them were wondering why they were feeling so tense all of a sudden. They'd gone out for weekends, spent long days running around the town on skateboards or just running, they'd fought monsters side-by-side as if they'd been fighting for hundreds of years together. Why was one little date proving to be so difficult? Except it wasn't a DATE-date, they weren't dating. They were only friends.

"Okay, we can drop by the Second-Hand store on our way back form the ticket booth," she teased.

Archie pretended to look surprised as he walked out of the room and followed her down the hall, "You have enough money for a Second-Hand store? Now that's luxury! I was thinking abut the dump," he smiled.

She laughed as they headed out the door, Archie paused to grab the keys to the motorcycle Ares had given him after the 3rd time he'd been late for early-morning training. It had come in handy, like during the mission where he'd released the Seifer Virus and had needed to get down to the reserve ware with Hope and the spear right away.

Atlanta had grabbed the helmets on her way out and tossed him his. They both got on, Atlanta in the back since Archie always drove his bike. This time though, it did feel a tad awkward as Atlanta wrapped her arms around his waist, she seemed to notice as well since her grip was very light and almost unnoticeable.

"R-ready?" he called over his shoulder.

"Yeah!" she replied as confidently as she could. Archie revved the gas and kicked off the ground, gaining speed as he swerved into the lighter traffic.


"So who wants to help me set this up?" Herry announced as he dumped the parts for the foosball table in the corner of the living room. Jay jumped up immediately.

"I will, since the sooner we set up, the sooner I can defeat you!" he said in a mock serious tone. Odie and Neil pitched in, Theresa stopped for a moment to say bye before she left for the school, and whispered something into Jay's ear, causing him to make a shocked face, and then she laughed and left.

Jay turned back to find three pairs of eyes on him as Herry, Odie and Neil all waited to hear what he had to say. He smiled and shrugged,

"She said that Archie and Atlanta are finally going out on a date- as well as a 'real' date later tonight at the circus."

"Go Archie!" Herry laughed.

"I bet SHE asked HIM out!" Neil snorted he was laughing so hard.

"I can't wait to hear how this one goes," Herry nodded.

An unconscious glance passed between the descendants of Jason and Odysseus. They hadn't forgotten how oddly Archie had been behaving in the past few days. Odie nodded his head back to the foosball pieces, deciding to keep his discovery of Archie's speed-healing a secret until he had a reason how Archie could do that.

Upon not having any instructions, it took the guys a long, long time before the game was finally set up-in working order.


"One burger and fries and a coke and a pepsi, thanks," Archie ordered.

He and Atlanta had just refunded the tickets, and apparently they'd gotten four so that meant two others could come with them to the 'Circus of the Impossible'. They were at their favorite fast-food restaurant, since Archie needed to 'make it up' to Atlanta for the fight. They were going to the mall to buy him another hoodie after.

He carried the tray back to their table and sat down, Atlanta immediately grabbing a french-fry and eating it quickly. Sometimes, when he wasn't feeling too hungry, Archie would just sit and enjoy himself by watching her eat. Just plain hanging out with her was fun enough. But not right now, he hadn't eaten all day and, despite the circumstances, he was starving. He grabbed a handful of fries and ate them in one gulp.

"Hey!" she pretended to sound offended, "those are mine!"

"I bought them," he managed to say through his mouthful of potato.

She laughed and took a sip of her coke, then made a face. Archie raised an eyebrow, but then she reached over and grabbed his pepsi and took a big sip.

"Hey! That's mine!" he cried, not realizing they were starting the same conversation over again.

She made another face, "I can't tell which is my coke and which is your pepsi!"

Then, while Archie watched helplessly, she took another sip from both cups.

"Nope," she muttered, "I STILL can't tell."

As she took another sip, Archie finally realized she was teasing him. He planned a course of action so as she set the cups down to take a drink; he grabbed her burger away from her.

"Archie!" she protested.

He took a big bite out of the burger, savoring the taste just to annoy her more.

"Sorry, 'Lan, it looks like they got your burger mixed up as well. Guess I'll have to eat it all myself," he pretended to look upset at that fact. Just to annoy her more, he took another bite, this one smaller since he wasn't feeling as hungry anymore, and then suddenly she grabbed it back from his hands. Before he could protest, she took a big bite as well and glared at him with mock anger as she chewed.

"You're right! This... this burger isn't what I usually have- it's better!" she laughed and Archie found himself laughing with her. She took another bite of the burger and then split it in half and gave on half to him, the other she kept for herself.

They were getting back on the motorcycle, not as awkward anymore, when Atlanta finally said, "Why don't we ever just buy TWO hamburgers?" and they both ended up laughing as Archie pulled out of the parking lot.


"How's this one?" Archie asked, holding up a huge sweater that might fit a family of five.

"So you," Atlanta nodded sarcastically.

They were now at the mall, almost on their way back to the brownstone to pick up two other companions for a trip to the circus. All they had to do was get serious for once and actually get to work.

Archie finally selected a hoodie that was the exact size, brand and color as his old one. Atlanta nearly started laughing when he insisted that that was the one he wanted, and no other variety. So she ended up buying it- at a fairly good price she might add.


"Hurry up you fools!" Cronus cried in annoyance.

He had finally located the alleged nest of the fierce Stymphalian Birds, but his stupid giants would have to dig them out first... and that was going to take all day it seem at this rate.

The giants heaved and dug their pick-axes deeper into the hard earth, then stopped when they heard a strange sound.

Cronus grinned as he heard the high-pitched shriek that was oh so original to the Stymphalion Bird alone. Once he released it on those stupid brats, he was positive there was no possible way to stop them from tearing those little teenagers apart one-by-one.


Tulais sniffed along the ground, wondering where he could head the Brat off and question him. To learn what was really going on in this time and age.

He slipped through his undergrowth with unnatural ease for his large bulk, and then stopped as he caught a familiar scent, mixed with something terribly disgusting.

Curiosity got the better of him and he dropped into a low crouch and slipped through the woods and spotted a number of large beasts, giants, digging away at the ground. Standing nearby, in the shade, was Cronus.

Tulais growled and felt the hackles along his spine begin to stand up, but no. He couldn't attack yet, not until he talked to the Brat and understood everything that was happening right now.

"Once you've broken through to the birds below, we will need to lure those seven brats here to meet their doom! But they won't be coming in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT!" Cronus roared impatiently.

Seven brats? Tulais' ears perked up. He had fought four children while trying to take the Brat away from them. And there had been the fairly strong scent of Odysseus and a Narcissus flower on the four he had fought. That would make Seven.

So was Cronus' Seven the same Seven he, Tulais, was looking for? Tulais figured there was a pretty good chance of that being true and so he decided to lie in wait in the undergrowth.

The city had been far too hectic for his taste anyways, and that huge monster-machine thing had scared him more than he liked to admit.

Tulais rested his head on his paws and watched, until slowly he drifted off to sleep while the giants toiled away in front of him.


Wow, so there you go... my hand hurts too much to point anything out, but can anyone see what episode this is leading up to?

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