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I'm doing it for you, Gerard

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Frank has a plan to make money and he won't tell Gerard.

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Frank's POV

I had my arms wrapped around a shaking Gerard. I had just helped him back to sleep after he had a terrible nightmare and woke up sobbing. He wouldn't tell me what the dream was about but he was fucking terrified.

His body was pressed closely to mine, my arms wrapped tightly around him. I looked down at his wrists, the little cuts were almost invisible but my name was scarred into his flesh, rising off of his arm.

He was so beautiful, especially when sleeping. His messy raven hair, those big beautiful hazel eyes and that gorgeous smile. I wish he could love himself as much as I do. Maybe after I went along with my moneymaking plan and we found an apartment to settle down in he would be happier. I pushed away the thought of him hating himself so much that he would take his own life and focused on how grateful I am for him.

I kissed his head and whispered. "We're gonna make it, princess..."

Gerard's POV

Frank left really early. I felt him trying to untangle himself from my embrace, then a bunch of fumbling to get his clothes on and then I heard the front door slam. He had been gone for about two hours now.

I sat at the table clutching onto the steaming mug. Even the sweet smell of the coffee couldn't keep me from worrying. Maybe he left me... Maybe he abandoned me... I told myself my thoughts were just crazy. Frank loved me... Of course he did, he wouldn't just leave me.

"He's probably just on a walk or got a bite to eat or something. Don't worry Gerard, Frank wouldn't leave you. Trust me, I've had to listen to him go on and on for years about how much he wanted you." Ray said as he cooked some eggs in a pan. 

I blushed. "Okay I won't worry then."

"Good." Ray put the eggs on two plates and set a plate down in front of me. "Now eat, you look like you need it." He laughed.

I chuckled and started to eat. Still keeping the fear that Frank left me, even though the thought was at the back of my head.


It had been almost five hours and Frank still wasn't back. Instead of freaking out I decided to take out my sketchbook and draw to calm my nerves. I was almost finished my sixth drawing of Frank when the door finally creaked open. Frank walked in and set his guitar down. I went over to him and helped him take off his jacket, it smelled like cigarettes and alcohol.

I wrinkled my nose. "I didn't know you smoke... Or drink." 

Frank didn't respond and he took something out of his jacket's pocket before I hung it on the hook.

"What's that?" I asked.

Frank opened his hand and I gasped. In his hand were coins and ten, twenty, fifty and even hundred dollar bills.

"Where did you get all of this money?" I asked in disbelief.

"That doesn't matter. Don't worry Gerard its totally legal and in a couple of weeks we'll be able to rent an apartment." He kissed my cheek. "I'm gonna go take a shower."

I watched as Frank walked into the bathroom and then looked at the pile of cash. What was he doing that he got that much cash?

Okay so I'm going to be doing this fan fiction in Gerard's POV for the updates to come for the obvious reason. I hope you enjoyed this update I have writers block and a lack of motivation but I'm getting there! Oh also I'm uploading this with my iPad so tell me if anything's wrong. Thanks for reading!

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