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Feed me food

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [X] [?] - Published: 2012-02-24 - Updated: 2012-02-24 - 403 words

After class I saw the girl with blue hair talking to Frank, and that's when I saw the tattoo. The...
Ghoul? I asked stroking his neck with my finger, looking at his scorpion. When'd you get this? I never seen it before.
He sighed. I dunno, high school maybe. I try to hide it, because it reminds me about how terrible that time was.
...Scorpion. Frank, was Fun Ghoul. Frank IS my best friend. Frank is staring at me. Frank is blushing. Frank is really cute.
When school ended, I tried to find Mikey. Then I remembered, he goes to that coffee shop after school. I sighed, putting my earbuds in, blasting 'Skulls' by The Misfits. I headed over to the shop, cause I need coffee like now. I walked in, looking over at the yearbook nerds, catching Mikey's eye. 
"Hey Gee," he said when I sat down at their table. "We might be awhile. Hana can't decide which club should go first. We keep telling her to go alphabetical but she says that's lame."
"The only lame thing is her hair, my dad did that in like 2001," Bingham said rolling his eyes. I chuckled at that, remembering the secret he told Mikey and I. He is Matt Bellamy's son, frikkin Muse baby!
"I like her hair," an unfamiliar voice said from behind her. I looked over at Frank, who was sitting at her right, hiding himself from us.  
"I don't know, it's starting to fade," I said raising an eyebrow at him. "Are you planning on re-dying it soon?"
She scoffed at my sassy response, whereas everyone else giggled. Even Frank.
"Hana?" Frank asked tugging her sleeve. 
"Yeah buddy?" she asked glaring at me. He leant up and whispered something in her ear, and she frowned. We all looked at her questionably, because we wanted to know. "Sure,sure. Stay here and make friends though."
"What's up?" Jamie asked, putting his chin on top of Bingham's head. 
"Oh Frank just wants some food. I was going to get him some Subway."
"I'll get it for him, I was going to go get dinner for me and Mikey anyways," I said looking at the small boy. "I can take him with us, drop him off at home. You have work to do."
Franks eyes seemed to light up at that idea. I stood up, and he did too, walking over to the door. 
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