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Ghoul get back out here! Jet Star ordered him. He's gone! You can't do anything.
Fun Ghoul shook his head, turning around facing the Dracs. You're wrong. I can sacrifice myself to make sure you and Grace leave safel- ACK, Ghoul said before the ray cut him off, and tumbled forward. Dead!
"GHOUL!" I yelled before I realised it was another one of those dreams. Sitting up, I looked over at Frank. He was laying on my stomach, his hand grabbing at the fabric of my skeleton pjs. He really did need me, just as I need him. I brushed the hair out of his face, and kissed his head gently. Then I smelled coffee. "COFFEE!" I yelled jumping out of bed. That must of scared Frank, because he started to scream.
"Don't let them take me Gee!" he cried, looking at me. I started to shush him, telling him no ones here. Just me, him, and Mikey, no one is going to takes him. "C'mon Frankie, let's go get some coffee."
He took my hand as I helped him of the bed. He wouldn't let go, and just hid behind me. Not that I had anything against it. No wait I did. I shook my head, letting go of his hand, and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "This way, I have a better hold of you."
 Ow, Mikeys are violent in the morning. All I did was grab one of the two mugs of coffee he had for us, and he hits my hand with a wooden spoon, as if to tell me it was for Frank. Mikey nodded his head over to the counter, where there was a prescription bottle. Hana must've given it to Mikey last night, before he left. Frank saw what I was looking at and smirked, "Yup. I have to take one tablespoon, mixed with liquid."
"And it... Helps?" I asked looking at him, raising an eyebrow. 
He nodded, taking a sip of his coffee. "It makes me feel full, but there's one downside."
"What's that?" Mikey and I asked simultaneously.
"If I feel full I don't eat, and if I don't eat I get thinner."
"Mikey," I grunted. "Go to your room. I think this might get... Yeah."
My little brother nodded, heading to his room. I waited for the door to close before I started again. "What crap are they giving you?!" I yelled at him. "You told me this is supposed to help you!"
"It is Gee. I eat all the time now because I like that feeling. The feeling that I'm about to puke."
"So now you're belimic? Make up your mind Frankie!" I cried, sitting down on the floor. Sobbing my eyes out, I started to tell myself he was lying that he was really ok. Even though he was really not ok.
Party Poison, calm down. I'm going to be alright, Ghoul said to me, grabbing my hand. He started to stroke his thumb against the back of my hand, before I tore away from him. 
If you haven't been so reckless, you wouldn't be here! I already saved your life once, I don't want to save it again, I yelled at him.
When did you save my life?
Back in highschool, I can't believe you don't remember!
I do remember Poison, you kept me living. You fed me. You got me to stop taking my medication. The painkillers, and the abuse. You taught me to stand up for myself. Your my hero Gerard, I flinched at the use of my old name. Now I want to be yours.
You're the only hope for me, I whispered.
No, Gee. YOU'RE the only hope for me, he said, taking my hand again. Im just yours.
"Im sorry Frank," I mumbled. Looking around the room, and not finding Frank, I decided he hates me now. Self explanatory really. I got pissed over some piece of crap medication. I noticed both Mikey's and Frank's mugs were gone. Great, Mikey's probably giving him my life story. How I hate being lied to. "Gee?" I heard Frank call from the attic. "No, he wouldn't." 
Yup, Mikey's talking to him. I started to cry before I head footsteps and felt two arms wrapped around me. "Mikey told me about your dad. I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry, the doctors already took care of that part. I showed them how sorry they should've been."
"I know, I know what it's like. To be lied to, that it's going to help."
"Frank?" I asked, not wanting to ruin it, but I knew I had too. "Why did your parents leave you?"
He let go of me, turned me around to face him, and cried. I tried shushing him, telling him he can tell me later. He nodded, and snuggled into my chest. We sat there, me comforting him, and him comforting me.

••• is time lapse, and ^^^ is flashback....AWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE one day we will grt Gee to share his story, along with frank...I PROMISE RAY WILL BE HERE EVENTUALLY!!!!
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