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Longest chappy ive written

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Yay, its long and confusing

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OK! Im judt gonna post the rest of it today cause i have nothing better to do an so there is still the matter of writing it

Mikey came home, with Hana...and they were pissed. 
"Why weren't either of you at school?!" the girl yelled at me. Her face was as red as Party Poison's hair, and her eyes had actual daggers in them.
"Calm down Radioactive Lollipop," I said, before I realized it was too late. I clamped my hand over my mouth and willed myself away.
"What the heck did you call me?"
Everyone was staring at me, and even though it was just those 3 I felt terrible. I only mentioned my first dream to Mikey, so this was still new to him. Frank poked my arm, and I freaked out. But only because I was jumping in and out of my dreams and reality.
Did you just call her by her old name? Fun Ghoul asked, brushing the hair out of my face.
N-no! It slipped! I stuttered. 

"Im sorry Hana, it wont happen again."
Mikey shook his head and went into the kitchen, leaving Frank and I with the she devil.

You're on drugs, she said putting her gloves on. And YOU'RE supposed to be responsible.
Radioactive shook her head and followed Kobra.
I relaxed into Frank's arms, as we listened into the others conversation.
"I just don't know what to do!" Hana said, followed by the sound of a bag being slammed on a table.
"Well he is your cousin," Mikey replied. 
You don't get it! I can't fight Dracs, why cant you guys do it?
Kobra sighed, Jet makes the team whole. And hes the one who needs his butt saved.
"And that means he cant stay here?"
Mikey returned holding three mugs of coffee. He gave one to Frank and one to my self. Being the caffeine lover I am, I scarfed the warm brown liquid down.
"What's the problem?" Frank chipped in, placing his mug on the side-table. Hana, bag in hand came in the room and glared at us. 
C'mon Fun Ghoul, she snapped. Fun Ghoul shook his head, and grabbed my hand.
Im staying here.
"With Gerard."
I nodded, placing my head in the crook of his neck. Oh how I wanted to leave soft kisses on his milky skin, but I bet if Hana saw me touch him like that, she'll slaughter me. I heard her groan, and the opening and closing of the front door.
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