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Shit, Frank's birthday is the day after the Art show, and with the hype of the show I wont be able to do something special for his birthday. We've been together for a week, and when we came out no one cared. Frank finally got me to dye my hair red, and he's been calling me Party Poison ever since. Today, Frank woke me up with the smell of coffee and pancakes, he basically lives here.  
We made some small chitchat, and then we got ready for school.
He was pulling on his skeleton gloves when I spoke up. "Hey Frank," I said 
smoothing my hair back. "What did Mikey tell you? About me."
"Uh...The day we met?" He replied grabbing his eyeliner. "Just, about your guy's real parents, and about you getting beat."
"Little Mikey sparing the details for you."
He chuckled and sat on the bed, patting the spot next to him for me to sit. I laid my head down on his lap and started my story.
"It started when I was three and Mikey was 1, child services took us away because our parents were never home. Our neighbors saw that, and thats how we met Donna and Donald Way, they were a young couple, and when they saw us at the agency they just wanted us. Donald did not like me, he lied about everything. One day when I was 12 he said he got tickets for the two of us for a Green Day concert. On the drive there he pulled over telling me we ran out of gas, so Donald told me to go out and check in the trunk if there was any gas. 'But dad, the concert was suppose to start at 8, its 8:30!' I said. 
'No buts,' he said smacking the back of my head. When I got out of the car and walked to the trunk, Donald started the engine again and drove off. Next thing I know I heard tires screeching and a crunch. Donald was dead instantly, I pulled out my phone and called 911. They came, and took me to the police station, asked me question. I started to yell, scream, kick, and they said I had mental issues because I saw my dad die. I told them I was fine, but a cop came up behind me and injected me with some drug. And for fucks sake I'm terrified of needles so when I saw the shot I freaked even more. I woke up in a white room, and these doctors where staring at me. I hated it, so I got violent and well...I got checked out," I said, and by the time I finished I was crying. Frank sat me up, grabbed my head and started to kiss me. He pulled away, and looked me in the eye, I lifted my hands up to his head and started stroking his hair. They ended up on his neck, and I started to pull him closer. When our lips connected again I licked his bottom lip, and he granted me entrance. Our tongues started to dance with each other, and I won dominance. I removed my hands from his neck, and grabbed the bottom hem of his shirt and started moving my hands up his chest. Frank's tongue started to move along the edge of my teeth, and I started to growl at the feel of that. I pulled away and started to nibble along his jawline, moving down his neck. When I got his sound of approval, I stopped, and removed his stripped shirt.
"What happened to you Frank?" I asked calmly. "Why did you become anorexic, and why did you hurt yourself.?"
"Please Gee," he gasped. "Not today. I can't, not after you told me your story. I just can't take it."
I nodded, giving his shirt back, and kissing his nose. He smiled, and nibbled my ear. "Oh, and that was great," he giggled. I grabbed his face again and started kissing him again.
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