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School for once was exciting, like really exciting. Ray and Mikey are joined at the hip basically, but I'm trying my hardest to get Ray to ask my brother to homecoming. Hana has been ignoring me, but is always 'talking' to Frank. He is starting to be open more, but I guess Hana just scares him. The school football team is in first right now, all thanks to Jay. Frank and I started hanging out in the yearbook room a lot, we even started to make friends! Today at lunch we were heading over there when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me down another hall. 
"What the hell," I yelled.
"Shut up and listen to me," Hana said icily. "You and Frank need to stop being so close. He's had a messed up life, and I don't want it to get worse."
"What do you mean?" I spat back. "Wait a minute, you're jealous!"
"I'm not jealous! I mean I'm glad you too are friends, but I don't want him to be tied down to just you."
Holy crap, Hana doesn't know about Frank and me. She legitimately did not here about us. "Look," I said getting into my sassy stance. "Frank can hang out with whoever he wants. And if he wants to hang out with his boyfriend then fine."
I looked at her, jaw on the floor, bug eyed face, as I walked down the hall. When I saw Frank, we turned and saw Hana staring at us in disbelief. He grabbed my hand, and I lifted his chin up with my pointer finger. We looked into each others eyes before we connected our lips. 
At the yearbook room I saw Mikey and Ray discussing fonts, Bingham pouting because Jay had a lunch practice, two kids I have never seen before, and Brendon Urie poking Ryan Ross in the side. I pulled Frank over to where Bingham was, and sat on the floor by him.
"What do you guys want?" he said dryly. "Gonna make fun of me because Im a nerd dating a jock?"
"You guys are really cute," Frank whispered looking down. "He really cares about you."
I nodded in agreement, to see Bing start blushing. Frank grabbed my backpack and opened the pocket were we kept our lunch. We made some small chit-chat with everyone, and when Ray joined in, I pulled him away.
"Ray," I said seriously.
"Yeah Gerd? Whats up?" he said flipping his fro back. "Is it about Mikey?"
Wait, Mikey? "Uh, I guess," I said, wondering whats up. "You like him right?"
"Dude your so lost!" he laughed, his head of hair moving with him. "He asked me out on my first day! Your his brother, you shouldve known."
Ray walked off to where Mikes was, kissing him on the cheek. Are Frank and I just so wrapped up in each other, that I didnt even realize my brother get a boyfriend? Maybe Hana was right, maybe we are to tied down to each other. My own boyfriend came over and poked my stomach. 
"Whats wrong?" he asked, with a hint of sorrow in his voice. 
"Nothing, I'm just," I replied, pausing to find the right words. "Shocked that my own brother didnt tell me about him and Ray."
Frank looked at me shock as well, "Wait? Ray and Mikey are together? Since when?"
"Ray's first day here," I said draping my arm around the short boy. "Do you..."
"Do I what?" he asked, snaking an arm around my waist. 
I shook my head, realizing it was just my nerves getting to me, "Uh, wanna get coffee?"
He nodded as we walked out of the room. We strode to the coffee shop where we first met, and I saw my ex-best friend from middle school, and my ex-girlfriend (who dumped me when I she found out I was gay), making out. Frank tugged my sleeve and asked whats the matter, I nodded over to where Lyn-Z and Chris were. 
"Do you know them?" he asked getting in line.
"Ex girlfriend and ex best friend. The chick found out I was using her as s cover, the man whore during eighth grade became a bitch just because i started to wear eyeliner and tight pants," I said snaking my arms around Frank. I was kissing his head as we progressed through the slow moving line, and when we finally got our coffee I decided we should leave. Frank understood why, so as we were heading out the door Lyn-Z yelled my name.
"Oh my GOD! Gerard is that you?" she said grabbing my arm. "I haven't seen you in like FOREVER!"
"Hey Lynz," I muttered, keeping Frank behind me. "Same here. Its been what, 4 years?"
"Yeah," she chuckled. "You know Chris right?"
Chris looked just like he did in 8th, stuck up and full of him self. He looked me up and down, before he nodded his 'hey.' 
"Well it's been nice Lyn-Z," I said before ushering Frank out the door.
"Who's that Way?" Chris laughed. "Is that your new BOYFRIEND?!" 
Frank turned around, eyes wide and urging to overflow with tears. Chris pushed past me, and when he saw Frank he stop in his tracks. "Chris? Chris Kennady?" Frank sniffed. "You know Gee?"
"Hey Frank," the other replied. "Uh, yeah. He used to be my bestfriend. How do you know him?"
"Well you guessed right, he's my boyfriend."
"Wait a minute," I interupted. "How do you two know each other?!"
Frank looked at me and smiled, "I'll tell you later ok?"
I nodded, gave Chris a glare, and left. 
"Hey Frank," Chris called. "Im still sorry about what happened."
I felt Frank wrap his arms around me, and pressed his head against my back. I really want him to tell me his story.
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