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I Have Friends and They Have Friends and They Have Parties, and I'm So Awkward

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Jon's true love is revealed.

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We were just about to leave when I heard the slapping of Jon’s flip flops on the tiled floor behind us,

“Hey, Spencer, it was nice meeting you and if you ever wanna…go out sometime, just call me”

“Yeah! Sure, I-I’ll call you” I looked over at Brendon, he had a wide grin plastered across his face, it was so cute how much he cared about Spencer.

“Shouldn’t you be working!?” Shouted an English boy of about 14, he was waiting in the end of the queue, had an impatient look on his face and was wearing drop dead shirt.

“Yeah, I really should” He turned to Spencer “ But I've got more important things to do”
Spencer smiled coyly and put his hands in his pockets.

“Joe, shut the fuck up!” It was Josh, he was standing behind him, his brother I presume and still looked scared of me.

“What’s up with him?” Jon asked, gesturing towards Josh,

“Oh, he was my ‘buddy’” I told him, putting air quotes around the word buddy.

“And as for his brother, I think he’s just impatient”

“Yeah, I suppose I’d better get back to w-WOW DOES HE HAVE A CAT ON HIS SHIRT!?!” Squealed Jon, his eyes seemed almost animated as he made his way over to them, he was almost skipping.

“…I like cats, I have a cat at home, his names Dylan” We laughed as Jon’s obvious love for cats was brought to our attention. Spencer watched him eagerly with lustful eyes.

“You so want him” Brendon teased.

“I do not!” Spencer playfully hit him in the chest.

“Don’t lie Spenny, right my house, now.” Brendon demanded, Spencer glared at him at the nickname Spenny.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love it” Spencer shook his head, laughing.

“Well he was nice” I joked as we walked out of Starbucks and back towards Brendon’s house.

Spencer reddened “He was”

“Ohmygod you totally love him!” Squealed Brendon

“Come on, I barley know the guy”

“You two sound like preppy teenage girls” I shook my head.

“Let’s have a slumber party!” Spencer mocked the cliché, putting on a cheesy accent.

“Oh god you’re embarrassing, and do what anyway, have pillow fights in our underwear?” asked Brendon, raising one eyebrow.

“Dude, girls don’t actually have half naked pillow fights, I bet they just sit around playing video games, eating and looking up weird things on the internet” Spencer pointed out.

“Like us?” Brendon laughed

“Pretty much. Hey, how about we have half naked pillow fights at mine this weekend?” Spencer asked.

I kept quiet, I wasn’t sure if he was directing this to Brendon or both of us.

Oh for god’s sake Ryan, why would he be directing it at you, you’ve only known him a day?

“I hope your joking Spence, but yes, it sounds great”

“Ryan?” Spencer asked, the question was directed at me this time, “Don’t worry we don’t actually have half naked pillow fights”

“But we can if you want” Brendon added, a cheeky grin on his face.

I relaxed, “Sure”

“What, so we can have half naked pillow fights?”

“Bren, you’re such a pervert”

I thought back, I didn’t want to admit I’d never actually slept over at a friends before, I mean I’d stayed at my cousin’s but, that was my cousin.


“So, um, do you want to stay at mine this weekend?” I asked nervously,
“Sorry Ry, I can’t I’ve got band practice and we’re all staying at Alex’s, maybe some other time?”

“Okay, talk to you later.” I hung up, what was the point? It seemed like all Jack wanted to do recently was hang around with these new guys, Alex, Zack and Rian. RIAN, the tosser even stole my name, but he spells it with an ‘i’ because he’s…well it’s just the way his name’s spelt. But you know what FUCK him, fuck Jack. Fuck all of them!

Who was I kidding? Come Monday morning it would be the same as always, I’d meet him before school, he’d be all nice if ever so slightly reserved and all he’d fucking talk about were his mates and their stupid band, and how absolutely amazing this Alex guy was and how talented he was. I’d get sick of it, but would I say anything? No, because I’m Ryan Ross, I’m a pushover, I don’t speak my mind. I was glad they didn’t go to our school, because if they did, I’d have no friends, I’d probably have to hang out with that weird British kid, what was his name? Charlie McDonnell. The one who spends all his time on the internet.

No, you know what, I bet even he wouldn’t hang out with me.

I lay on my bed, facing the ceiling.

I was the weird ‘emo’ kid who wrote lyrics in his spare time.

What was the fucking point?

End Flashback

“Welcome to my humble abode!” I looked around.

Well, I’d zoned out but still been able to walk in the right direction.
What an achievement.

As we walked along the path down Brendon’s front garden I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to mine, but it was different in so many ways.

There were flowers framing the grass instead of beer cans and empty bottles of vodka.

The gate was clean and opened without the need of a crowbar.

There was a comfortable silence coming from inside his house, not yelling and arguing.

"Hey Mom" Brendon shouted to his mother as we entered his house.

"Hey Brendon" She came out of the kitchen holding an envelope, she looked alot like Brendon, they had the same big brown eye's and warm, friendly smile.

She looked startled when she saw me and Spencer standing there.

I suddenly felt awkward.

"Hi Mrs Urie" Spencer said casually, "This is Ryan, he's new." He gestured to me.

"Hey Spencer, and hello Ryan" She looked at my shirt, "you like My Chemical Romance huh? Brendon likes them, he's always playing that song..what's it called" She paused, looking thoughtful.

"The Green March!"

"The Black Parade, Mom" Brendon corrected her, he looked embarrassed.

"That's it!" She grinned, "Have you boys eaten yet?"

I waited for someone else to answer.

"No but we're okay for now, Spencer's had two chocolate muffins anyway" Brendon told her, winking at Spencer.

"Spencer, why an earth did you have two chocolate muffins?" She asked in mock-horror.

Spencer smiled to himself, blushing.

"You guys wanna watch a movie?" Brendon asked, as Spencer was obviously avoiding his mother's question.

I nodded eagerly, as did Spencer.

Brendon opened a door to what presumably was their living room.

"Thanks anyway!" said Spencer, following Brendon. I scurried after them.

"Can we watch the parent trap?" Spencer smiled pleadingly.

"Fine" Brendon reluctantly agreed, "Sorry about this Ryan, he likes this film way to much"

"No problem" I laughed, not wanting to confess my secret love for chick flicks.

Spencer put the disk in, an exited look on his face and sat down on the left side of the sofa, Brendon sat in the middle so I perched on the other end, awkwardly.

Before long the film was about half way through, and Brendon had his head on my shoulder, mouth wide open, breathing deeply, he was asleep.

By the end of the film, Brendon had his head on my lap, his feet on Spencer's and was drooling, all over my jeans.

"I don't care if you're a glass of orange juice baby..." Brendon mumbled, stretching in his sleep, "Come on, let's have sex"

I would have keeled over if I wasn't sitting down, I looked at Spencer, who was biting a cushion to suppress his laughter. I put my hand over my mouth, trying desperately to stop any sound from escaping.

Spencer looked over to me, "Well this is nice" He whispered, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Sure is" I sighed.

He looked over at the clock above the TV.

"FUCK!" He shouted standing up abruptly, causing Brendon to roll off the sofa and onto the floor.

"AGH!" Brendon rubbed his eye's, "What the fuck was that?"

"You dribbled on Ryan and wanted to have sex with a glass of orange juice, what's new?" Spencer filled him in.

"oh" Brendon giggled, "Sorry about that Ry"

"Um, it's no problem" I rubbed at the drool near my crotch, giving up when I realised it looked like I was feeling myself.

Brendon's POV

Did I really just fall asleep on Ryan's knee?

Good job Brendon, and you drooled on him?

Oh, well done. He's going to think that's really attractive.

"Oh shit, I was supposed to be home half an hour ago" Spencer exclaimed, running out of the living room and towards my front door.

"Dude, chill, that clock's five minutes fast" I pointed out, stretching as I did so.

"Oh, thanks helpful Bren!" He shouted, running down my garden, he may have been slightly out of breath, but I could still hear the sarcasm in his voice.

"Anytime!" I turned to face Ryan.

"You don't have to go, do you?"

"um, not really but I should.." he looked worried all of a sudden.

"What's wrong Ry?" I asked, shutting the front door and walking towards him.

"Nothing, it's just, I'm not good at this"

"Good at what?"

"This, one on one situations" He pushed a strand of hair from his eyes "I'm awkward"

"Well I'm not, so stay and I promise I wont stop talking for the entire time you're here"

"Oh, I don't doubt that" He laughed, his eyes shining.

"And plus I don't usually invite people round when I haven't known them for more than 12 hours" I raised an eyebrow,

"Well, I'm honoured" he looked slightly more comfortable.

I edged closer to him, his eyes shifting from the floor up to meet mine.

"Ryan, I know I haven't known you long but, I kinda feel like I know you, like I can trust you"

I felt my heartbeat quicken, do I risk it?

I raised a shaking hand and softly graced his cheek.

I couldn't wait. I closed the space between our lips.


Sorry I haven't updated, my life's all exams and sleeping at the moment, anyway, again sorry for my bad Americanisms and don't worry I love All Time Low and Charlie more than anything! Any hate here is expressed purely for entertainment purposes :P OH and The orange juice bit is something I got from another fanfic, I don't own that :P
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