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What happens on a walk...

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So Gerard and Frank go out on a walk, and there's no knowing of where it may lead...

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]Well, this is going better than I thought! So here's another chapter. Sorry of there are any spelling mistakes, I'm half doing it on the bus XD [

Gerards POV

I wonder what Frank dreamt about. I know I certainly dreamt of him. He looks so sweet when he's sleeping, it's a wonder I can stop myself from throwing myself on him and cuddling the life out of him. Not literally, I wouldn't want to kill him or anything. Which would be very sad.

He's just woken up. Well, I say that he's woken up, but it's more like opening his eyes slightly. And now he's turned around to look at me. Oh god, those eyes are even cuter than I remember. I can feel my cheeks go a bright red, oh why do this to me?

'Morning. How're you?' Frank says politely. Well, apart from the fact that you're going to kill me with you're about to make me burst with your cuteness, I'm good thanks. Instead I say 'Morning to you too, and I'm good thanks. You?'

'I didn't sleep very well, but I guess that's kind of expected with jetway and stuff...' Aw, Frank should've come and slept in my bed, he would've got more sleep. Actually, thinking about it he probably wouldn't. Oh well.

'So you want to go down and get some breakfast?' I find myself saying. Why couldn't I say something that means I get him to myself a little longer? It's said now though, so I can't think of any more schemes to get him to myself any more.

'Yeah, that would be great thanks.' Frankie said with a smile. The whole 'Frankie' thing had caught on in my head and now I couldn't stop thinking of him as Frankie. Oh well, maybe he likes it.

'I'll have a shower first, and then you can have a wash. I expect you're feeling really gross from the flight.' I grin at him, if not in a slightly alarming way. So I grab some cleanish clothes off the floor and leap across the big gap where the stairs go down for 3 steps then go back up again. It was a habit and I made a mental note to myself to stop doing that. It just looked slightly weird to be honest.

I felt refreshed after the shower, and I had to get Frankie a clean towel and show him how to use the shower (it was surprisingly hard to operate) and now I'm sitting in my room listening to Black Flag, wondering how I shall capture his attention on the walk. It's kind of surprising that I'm doing this but I've got over my nerves of meeting him now.

I decide to wear some rather tight black skinny jeans and a fitting black tee and overall the effect is quite nice. I wish I could do something about my not normal pale skin or my black hair that is just like a black curtain around my face.

Frankie returns to my room, freshly showered and, I must say, smelling amazing. Trust me to notice. I'm getting hungry now, so I just think of a way to put this into words and a face appears around my door frame.

'Mikey, go away! How many times have I told you not to come into my room?' I shout rather too angrily. I can see Frank looks a bit uncomfortable at this, and I guess it's because he's 'intruding on my personal space' or something.

Mikey grins evilly 'Only a kazillionmillion times. Anyway, I came to tell you that mum's made some pancakes for breakfast. I'm surprised she went to all the bother to be honest, she never makes them.' So this was why he decided to step foot in my room and risk his life.

I'm feeling too happy to bother to kill him, I mean I'll shortly be walking with Frankie ALONE. This prospect is slightly scary, but I'm also quite excited to see just what the outcome will be.

'Shall we go down then?' I ask Frank, and much to my surprise he looks a bit reluctant. However, he nods and starts making his way downstairs.

Franks POV

I didn't want to go downstairs where there were other people, I just wanted to stay up in Gerards room with Gerard. I couldn't see that he'd be too pleased if I stayed up here though, especially if Mrs Way really had gone to the trouble of making pancakes.

I reluctantly make my way downstairs, and forget for a moment where the kitchen is, despite the tour of the house yesterday. Gerard smiles at me - a cute smile at that - and takes the lead, and I find myself in the kitchen. Mrs Way is busy cooking pancakes over the cooker, and Mikey is stuffing a pancake into his mouth. How that kid has such an appetite, I honestly don't know.

Mrs Way turns around to face me 'Are you hungry, because I've got a tonne of pancake mix and it all needs eating!' Those panacakes do look very nice, actually.

I nodded a little shyly, and took a seat next to Mikey. Gerard sits next to me and I feel my heart rate increase as he brushes his hand against my leg as he does so. Oh god, is he trying to make me into a nervous wreck?

Mrs Way, or Donna as she told me to call her, puts a plate in front of me and promptly puts a pancake on my plate. In front of me, there's a range I toppings that I've never even considered before. I mean, in New Jersey we had maple syrup and that was it. Here there were lemons, sugar, ice cream, chocolate spread, banana, other sorts of fruit and jam.

Gerard puts lemon and sugar on his freshly served one, so I follow suit and squeeze some lemon on mine before putting a bit of sugar on it. I take a small bite to see what it tastes like, and I must say, I've never tasted anything quite so nice. I begin to shovel it in my mouth like Mikey was when we entered the kitchen.

'Good, isn't it?' Gerard winks at me. Oh my god, he actually winked at me. A little part of me inside died. I manage to mumble out 'Yeah, it's so yummy!' without sounding like a complete moron, so it's not all bad.

When I think that, a bit drops onto my lap and without breaking eye contact, Gerard picks it up and eats it slowly. Right, that's it. I know he's trying to murder me, I just know it.

Pretty soon after that 'incident', we finish our pancakes and Gerard begins to put his shoes on, so I quickly start lacing up my red converse. I look across at him, and he's got THE EXACT SAME PAIR. How freaky is that?

We head out of the house making small talk, and pretty soon we reach the end of the lane that leads to the group of houses. Now Gerard gives me the choice that confused me last night.

'So, the muddy walk or the walk through the forest?' I feel like such an idiot now, for not getting the meaning of it last night. I glance at my shoes and decide not to risk getting them muddy, so I say 'The one through the forest please'. The strange thing is that I catch him smirk triumphantly, before he sees me staring at him and he hastily wipes it from his face. I can tell he's struggling to not smile again though.

He kind of takes the lead as we turn left and set off down the road towards the forest. Pretty soon we reach the edge of it and we have to climb a style to enter it. Gerard is obviously used to them, and climbs over with no trouble at all.

When it comes to my turn though, please bear in mind that I've never attempted at climbing one before because I've only lived in the city. So, I try and sort of leap over it and end up face planting in the dirt at Gerard's feet. Just great.

'Shit! That fucking hurt!' I can't help exclaiming. I look up and see he's trying not to laugh.

'I'm sorry, but I've seen someone fail at climbing a style before, I thought is was really simple!' Okay, now he's actually laughing at me. I scowl at him but it soon turns into a smile as he offers a hand so I can get back up again.

'We just need to go along this path and then it's a short walk before we're out of the woods.' Gerard's commentating on the route we'll take on my behalf, bless his little cotton socks. That's such a cute expression, bless his little cotton socks.

I forget to breathe for a moment when he starts swinging his hips and then glances round at me. It's clear he's doing it because of me, unless he's suddenly injured his hips or something. No, it's definitely for me. Shit. I feel myself going steadily redder in the face.

Suddenly he trips over a tree root and I wasn't paying attention so I land in a heap on top of him. Could this day get any more embarrassing?

I swear I'm gonna have a heart attack in a minute, it's beating so fast. All of a sudden he tries to get up and our lips end up brushing. I start, and leap up, so he doesn't think I wanted it or anything. Oh my god, I've just realised his eyes have had a mischievous glint in them the whole time. Meaning he wanted it to happen? My brain's to tired to think properly at the moment.

'MIKEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!' Gerard suddenly shouts at a figure behind me, and I turn around to find out that it is in fact, Mikey. How did he follow us without us noticing?

Mikey has a grin on his face, and I turn around to find that Gerard has gone as red as a tomato. Which is pretty impressive considering how pale he usually is. And my face is burning up now as well.

'Am I missing something here?' I say as Mikey's grin widens and Gerard's blush deepens.

'Well, I think that Gerard has got something to tell you, but seeing as he doesn't appear to have told you yet, I guess I'll just have to tell you that-' Mikey begins with a slightly evil smile on his face now.

'NO! Please don't tell him Mikey! Please, I'll do anything! Just don't tell him!' Gerard interrupts Mikey. Dayum, he's got me curious as to what the big secret is now. 'And why can't you tell me?' I ask innocently.

'It's kind of personal...' Gerard mumbles. Well, I'll have to press a bit harder then. 'But we're gonna be sharing a room for the next few months, surely you can tell me?' If this didn't work I'd just have to resort to flirting. Which would fail miserably, but it would be the only option.

'Well, it's kind of hard with Mikey stood there...' Gerard begins. He gives Mikey a menacing glare which sends him scuttling back in the direction of the village. Gerard was really very good at scaring him.

'Um, well, I'm kind of. Oh shit, this is hard. Er, I'm gay. And Mikey knows that, and he hasn't stopped teasing me about you coming to stay since we heard about it. And it's a whole lot worse because he knows what I think of you...' You know, I really admire Gerard for telling me, whose practically a stranger. But I've got to make him feel better about it though. Here goes.

'Well, it's not a problem because I happen to be gay as well' I grin at him. 'And what do you think of me? I bet it can't be worse than what I dreamt we did last night...' Okay, this last part was hard to say, but I said it and he can probably guess exactly what I dreamt of.

Gerard looks awkward at this, so I think I went a bit far. 'If I guessed right about your dream, then it looks like we kind of had the same dream.'

I wasn't expecting this! But then again, it would explain his behaviour towards me this morning. If he had guessed right. 'Well, I dreamt of you and me like, I dunno how to put this. We were kind of, you know...' Did I really say that? At least now he knows.

At this he suddenly walks up to me and kisses me gently. Shit, I definitely wasn't expecting this. But it's a good kind of surprise. I respond a little more passionately, and put my arms around his neck. I can tell he really wanted this.

He presses his lips harder against mine, and puts his arms around my waist, sending shivers up my spine. I find one of my hands creeping up and wrapping his hair in my hand, and it's so soft, I never want to let go. He moans gently into my mouth. He must be enjoying this as much as me then.

We pull apart reluctantly, and both of us are breathing quite hard. We look into each other's eyes. Those gorgeous hazel eyes. I was about to kiss him again when suddenly a sound behind me makes us jump apart and look awkward. Shit.

It's Donna, walking the family dog (who is called Pepsi, and is the colour of Pepsi. Literally.) and judging by the look on Gerard's face, she doesn't know about him being gay. She looks at us in surprise. To be honest, I would've been more than a bit surprised.

'So, when were you planning on telling me that little secret, Gerard?' She asked. And if I was being brutally honest, she had every right to.

At this question, Gerard looked down at his feet and mumbled something that neither of us could hear. He looks so damn fuckable when he does that. Shut up, now isn't the time for this!

'I'm not angry or anything, sweetie. I would just appreciate it if you told me things like this.' Donna said with a slight trace of a smile on her face.

'I er wasn't um planning on telling um you but...' Gerard still didn't look up when he said this. Aw, he must be really embarrassed.

'And Frank, I must say, I didn't really mark you out as someone like that. From what your mother said, you liked girls.' Oh shiiiittt, now Donna turned on me. I really didn't know what to say to that. I mean, what do you say?

I decide to try and say something that makes it okay 'Well um, the thing is, I only realised like um a few days or weeks or months or years ago...' That didn't make any sense AT ALL.

Donna was getting a bit uncomfortable now, so she turned and started walking back down the track. To leave us alone. The trouble was, I don't think either of us would have the guts to kiss each other again now. Shame really.

'So, shall we keep on walking?' Gerard's voice interrupted my thoughts and I nodded before we started walking again.

To cut a long story short, we talked about random stuff and generally had a laugh. I was glad because now things weren't awkward or anything.

Oh, and Gerard told me that Mikey was playing his bass at a school thing and Donna and Donald were going to watch him so we'd have the house to ourselves for a while. Boy, I was looking forward to this!

[**] Well I hope that was alright, and I surprised myself there! I really didn't expect things to happen that soon, but oh well. Please R&R, and I think that's about it from me XD
mychemicalpony :)
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