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Franks hair is black parade era, i couldnt think of a way to describe it...I've got dub step stuck in my hea-WUUUUUUUUUUU WUB KRSH WUB WUB WUB WHOOOOOOB WUB

"You play guitar?!" I said pointing at the white guitar. "Oh my god you play guitar!"
Frank looked back to where I was pointing and blushed. "Thats Pansy," he said rubbing the back of his head. "I forgot all about her."
I grabbed Frank's head,examining his hair. "Your hair is pretty," i said stroking it. "Did you change it?"
He blushed and nodded. "I had my bangs cut, and I dyed the sides brown."
I felt him grasp my hand, rubbing his bony thumb over my knuckles. "Im sorry," he whispered. Warm tears started to fall on our hands, so I took my hand out of his and grabbed his face. 
"Don't cry," I replied before kissing him softly. He started to weave his bony fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to him. I poked my tongue out at the same time as him, so we granted each other acsess. He tasted sweet today, like coffee and skittles, well those are his favorite foods. As our tongues danced around, his won dominance, and he mapped out the cavern of my mouth. My shaky hands moved down his body, rubbing my thumbs against him. Trailing wet sloppy kisses from his lips to his neck, I told him I loved him repeatedly. I nibbled on his neck, before I started to suck the milky skin there. His moans of pleasure were getting me aroused, and I knew I had to do something before he noticed. I bit down one more time before I pulled away, Frank whimpered grabbing my hand.
"Gee," he said sadly. I shook my head, wrapping my arms around his small body. He nuzzled into my neck, kissing it lightly. God Frankie, why do you have to be so perfect.
"What are you thinking," I asked rubbing his back. "Like what are your thoughts right now?"
He mused this over for a minute, "You dont deserve me. You deserve someone better, someone who you dont have to feel bad for."
Frank looked down in shame, and embarrassment. I tried to get him to look up at me, but he was being stubborn. Sighing in defeat, I laid back on the floor. Closing my eyes, wishing for a dream.
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