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worst nightmare

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with Gerard panicking about his parents, he sees a bit of everything...

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Waking up, I out-stretched my arms and let out a squeaky, baby dinosaur sound. I suddenly felt where I was laying; on the… floor? My body jolted upwards as my eye lids peeled open. The room was dark, cold and empty; and I knew immediately that I wasn’t in my house. I stumbled to my feet and looked around. Nothing. Just pure darkness. With my arms stuck out in front of me, I felt around, with the hope that I might feel something familiar; like a damn light switch.
After a few minutes of flailing around like an idiot, and not feeling anything, I decided to run. With my arms still in front of me, I picked up the pace and was eventually sprinting. I stopped as I realised one thing; I wasn’t going anywhere. Walking to my right, now with no hope of finding where I am, I fell over something on the floor and sprawled onto my stomach. Finally, a clue. Picking myself up onto my hands and knees, I crawled over to it and touched it with my hand. I felt something long, with a wooden texture. Rubbing my fingers up further, the wood turned to a cold, smooth metal. Whatever it is, it has a handle. Sliding my hand around it, my fingers felt over a sharp edge that sliced into my skin. I hissed in pain as I jumped back from it, and put my fingers in my mouth. Blood poured into my mouth from them, and I felt the deep open wound with my tongue. With my other hand, I picked the object up and realised it was really heavy, so I had to use both hands. I brought it up to my face and squinted as I got a closer look. Realising what it was, I dropped it in front of myself and backed away quickly.
“So you found my axe.” A deep voice boomed from behind me.
I tried to locate where it was coming from.
“I’m all around you, Gerard. I killed your brother, and now I’m gonna kill your parents. I hope you enjoy the show.”
“YOU BETTER NOT HAVE TOUCHED MY FAMILY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, only to realise that nothing came out; I couldn’t speak.
The voice let out a low menacing laugh, and everything lit up. I looked around at my surroundings. On the ceiling, there were chains and ropes, some with dead bodies attached to them, and some with just limbs. To my left was a large guillotine, with blood splatted up the wooden frames and blade, and heads on the floor around it.
“Welcome, Gerard, to my lair.” The voice said in an all but welcoming fashion.
To my right was a bed, with two levers at both ends and chains joined to them. Looking closer, a torso of a body was attached to one part, and the waist downwards on the other. Blood soaked through the mattress and dripping onto the floor as intestines were sprawled around it. Turning back around, I saw the axe. But beside it in a pool of fresh blood, was a head. Mikey’s head. Still with his glasses sitting above his nose.
My stomach churned as I violently threw up. When I opened my eyes, I saw no sick. All I saw was blood. I was sitting on the floor of a murderer’s heaven, covered in my own blood. I gasped for air and turned back around to the part of this place that I haven’t yet seen. I blinked several times and noticed a weak person strapped to a chair. They started moving their head, so I knew they were alive. I crawled closer to the being, but jumped back as more lights were flicked on. Two more people were tied up. They were set up in a triangle formation, and the back two both raised their heads. It was mom and dad. I screamed for them and noticed I still couldn’t speak. The front person raised their head. It was Frank. I got to my feet and ran towards them, but they kept getting further away, and I couldn’t reach them. I fell to my knees and noticed a masked human walking towards them with a whip in hand. I tried to scream as loud as I could, but still, nothing came out. He tied gags around their mouths, but struggled as he got to Frank. Frank didn’t want to be gagged, so he latched his teeth into the man’s wrist, but then got whipped across the chest for it. The man left Frank ungagged, and walked away. With the hope that he was gone, I tried crawling towards them, and felt myself get closer. A few metres later, I was tugged back and painfully chained to a metal chair. All I could see was the view of my loved ones, tied up, with no way out. I tried to free my hands, but they were securely chained behind me. My feet were chained to the legs of the chair, and there was another chain tightly around my waist and chest. It was very difficult to breath, so I decided not to try talking. The dark figure crossed swiftly in front of the tied up trio, Frank got angry.
“Just kill me and let them go! You can do what you like to me!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.
The creepy looking guy laughed and whipped Frank’s legs, but Frank refused to scream, or even flinch.
“Is that all you’ve got?” he spat, making the man get closer to him and rip his shirt off, revealing his cut up and blood drenched chest. He let out another two thrashing whips to his chest, which spurted blood down his stomach.
The man then flew over to my mom and roughly grabbed her hair. He pulled on it so tightly that blood seeped through her scalp and dripped down her face. She whimpered in pain behind her gag and tears mixed with the blood on her cheeks. Moving onto my dad, the man slipped a knife out from behind his cloak. He freed my dad’s right hand and placed it onto a blood filled table, then secured it down with a strap. With his knife filled hand above his head, the knife flew down with a sound of cutting flesh and my dad screamed as one of his fingers flew off. Blood spurted out like a hose, making me vomit again. But, again, the vomit was blood. Another two flesh cutting sounds echoed around as two more fingers popped off and rolled onto the floor. Tears streamed down his face as he squealed for mercy. Then he got to Frank. My face was drowned with tears, but I knew this was just the beginning.
The cloaked freak got down and removed Frank’s shoes and socks, then slid a hot tray of coals under his bare feet. Frank struggled from the man’s grip, but the man got impatient and slammed his feet onto the red hot coal. With his eyes tightly shut, Frank tried his hardest to not let it get the better of him, until the cloaked man shovelled more coals on top of his feet. Frank yelped and spat at the man, and the man retaliated by pressing a piece of coal to his bare chest. I saw the skin of his chest bubble around it and burst, spitting hot blood from it. I shut my eyes as the man walked towards me. Hearing his footsteps fade, I opened my eyes again and saw him carrying the axe I found earlier. Next, he walked back to my dad. Blood was still flowing from the three holes where his fingers were and I noticed he was getting weaker and weaker. His face was very pale and his head was drooping slightly, and so were his eye lids. The sick cloaked beast held the axe above dad’s two fingered hand and chopped it off from the wrist. He then took the rest of his arm and cut it into thin, painful slices. The bone separated from the muscle tissue and fell to the floor in a heap of goriness. Dad’s eyelids finally closed, and I had a feeling he was gone. The axe equipped mad man then whipped his knife out and drew long, deep slits up dad’s other arm and to his throat. After one last deep strike, dad gargled as blood frothed out of his mouth.
“One down, two to go,” the killer quoted, “Wait, three to go!” he chuckled as he looked my way. “Saving the best ‘til last!”
I kept vomiting over and over again, and swore that soon I’d run out of blood to throw up and just die.
“Oh,” the freak whispered, “Looks like someone didn’t enjoy drinking their brother’s blood when they were asleep?”
I screamed and begged for myself to die now, but my voice went unheard by all. He laughed and walked towards my crying mom. His hands were covered in blood and he bent down to pick up one of my dead dad’s severed fingers. He waved it in front of my mom’s face as he removed her gag. She vomited violently, but it was blood; just like mine. He let out an evil smile and shoved the bloody finger into her mouth and down her throat. Whilst she choked on her dead husband’s finger, the cloaked killer held up the axe and thrashed it into her throat. Once… twice… three times until her head fell onto the floor. I threw up over and over again and began to choke on the bubbling blood in my throat. Coughing and spluttering to clear my breathing hole, the man walked towards me with my mom’s head in hand. He patted me on the back and placed her head on my lap, her fresh blood drenching my trembling legs. I shouted at the killer, but he put his finger up to my mouth.
“Hush, little boy.” He whispered and turned on his heel, now facing Frank. Franks body was sweating all over, but the boiling coals had cooled down quite a bit. The murderer stood beside him and began to choke. Then, to our disgust, he coughed up a razor blade and blood poured from his smiling lips.
“Sick bastard.” Frank spat as the freak lifted the blade from out of his mouth. He placed the blade over Frank’s arm and deeply slit it continuously, causing blood to spill down his arm.
I looked down at my mom’s head, still placed on my lap. I coughed up more blood which spilled over her beautiful face and hair.
Looking back to Frank, the razor blade had turned to a knife, now slitting his stomach. Frank’s intestines began to slip out between the deep cuts, making him go weak and on the verge of death. I felt hopeless, and helpless. I couldn’t do anything but sit here and watch this freak, and then wait for my own death. Frank tried to hold his head up high.
“I love you, Gerard!” he shouted, before his head finally dropped. The killer laughed and picked up the intestines of my dead lover. Tears fell down my face as I watched the sick man chop up some of the tubing that was once in Frank’s body. He lifted a sliced bit of it up to his mouth and placed it between his teeth, which clamped down on it and chomped away. I gasped as the man swallowed it and patted his stomach.
“Mmm, tasted like a murderer’s heaven.” He sang as he made his way over to me with the rest of Frank’s intestine. Feeling weak and drained, I felt dead already. He wrapped the intestine around my neck and pulled it tighter, making me choke and unable to breathe. I heard a far off voice. “Gerard…” it distantly called, “Wake up…”
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