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Akiyo: The boy with silver eyeliner

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Toshiya is so over Shinya now..

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"That was awesome", Kyo said, kissing Angie softly. Angie laughed. "yes, it was because your awesome", She replied, starting to put her costume back on. Kyo wanted to take her home so she could stay with him and he wanted her to be his. "Do you live out here in Hyogo?", He asked her. She turned to look at him with her beautiful blue eyes. "Oh no, my cousin lives here and I just came to visit but I met Kaoru a few years ago when I came to see you guys in Osaka". Kyo imagined what it would be like living with someone. He had once lived with Toshiya but in the end he made him angry all the time and decided to kick the bassist out. "I-I really like you Angie", Kyo blushed ,"Will you come home with me tonight?". Pure delight lit up on the girl's face. "Of course I will Kyo, I never thought you'd ask me to because ya'know I'm probably just a crazed fan to you but I've seen how much of a thoughtful, caring man you are behind the psyco-ness you show on stage". Kyo chuckled. "Yeah..I get angry alot but having you around would calm me". "Oh Kyo", Angie exclaimed before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

Toshimasa Hara walked out of his room and back into the party. He hated how much he still thought of Shinya but most of all, he hated himself. It really didn't matter if Shinya loved the rhythym guitarist, he could still go out there and find another guy. He spotted a tall, muscular man with short dyed green hair and silver eyeliner wearing a monkey kigurumi suit. He went over to talk to the monkey. "Hey", He spoke in his seductive voice. "Well hello there, world's sexiest bassist". Finally someone recognised him. "Wanna be my bitch for tonight?", Toshiya asked, batting his fake eyelashes. "How could I say no? By the way, I'm Akiyo", The boy smiled, his black eyes shinning. Toshiya placed his hands inside Akiyo's pockets and kissed his cheek. Akiyo's cheeks burned a deep red. "What are you waiting for? You know you want to do me", Akiyo teased pushing Toshiya down to the ground and pulled off his high heels. "Woah," Totchi hushed the boy, "Are we really doing it here?" Akiyo smiled. "Why not?" He started undoing the buttons on his kigurumi and now he was just naked wearing black boxers. "Oh you tempt me so much", Toshiya licked his lips before stripping out of the fairy costume for the second time tonight.
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