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Chapter 1 : Beauty Kills

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A new creature is set loose by Cronus and causes threat to Theresa and Atlanta. Can the gang stop it before it's too late? J/T and A/A

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This is my first story, so bare with me. I wrote a rough copy on a peice of a paper, like how nerdy can I be? Well, I should update soon, but if not..enjoy this for now! I'm a first timer here, so I can get as much help as I need! Tips and stuff would be great! Happy reading!

The group sat outside Hera's office, still wondering what was going on.
"What could be so important that we had to wake up at 7 am to talk to Hera?" sighed Neil, looking at his baggy eyes in his personal mirror.
"Probably something important if we're here," Theresa said, staring into oblivion.
Just this morning Hera called a meeting with the group. No one knew what for. Neil never liked being up early, so he was even more grumpy than usual.
Hera's study door opened and she stepped out.
"I'm sure your all curious about why you're here - " Hera started.
"Duh!" Neil commented.
"Neil. Anyway, Cronus has unleashed another horrible creature onto human kind." Hera said glumly.
"What is it this time?" Herry said, looking bored.
"She is called Synara. She was a young woman who was jealous of all the women around her. She thought she was the ugliest thing alive. Her heart slowly turned to darkness from her evil jealousy. She locked herself up from the world and was never heard from. Until now."
"So what does this Synara want with human kind?" Atlanta asked.
"Mainly Cronus has turned her jealous ways even more evil. She steals young women and their beauty away for herself." Hera said sadly.
No one said anything. Jay was shooting nervous glances towards Theresa. Archie was looking at Atlanta out of the corner of his eye. Everyone seemed tense.
"So...what should we do?" Herry asked, finally breaking the silence.
"Right now, Synara is hiding away on an island of the coast of Mexico. And that is where you are headed." Hera spoke clearly.
"Alright! Mexico!" cheered Neil.
"A warning though, Synara is very quiet. She is a bright green winged creature. Odie, try to get a tracking device on her as quick as you can. Good luck to you all. You'll be leaving tomorrow morning." Hera said. Exiting back into her study.

Later that night Atlanta and Theresa decided to go shopping one last time before being sent off in the morning.
"So, what do you think of this Synara beast?" Theresa asked, looking at Atlanta behind her sunglasses.
"Sounds like a total bitch to me," Atlanta replied, smirking.
Theresa and Atlanta laughed and sang along to the music on the radio as they pulled into their parking space.
"Did you notice how tense Jay got after Hera's speech? That boy needs to relax," Atlanta said, walking toward the opening.
"No, was he?" Theresa lied, hoping Atlanta didn't notice her tone of voice.
"Oh, come on, Theresa. He was all fidgety and worried. It was like he was scared for us." Atlanta said.
"Scared for us? What?! Did he think we girls can't take care of ourselves?" Theresa said smugly.
"Honestly. Sometimes those guys can be so immature." Atlanta laughed.
"Well WE know we can take care of ourselves," Theresa said bravely.
"This Synara won't know what's coming." Atlanta smirked.

Jay, Odie, Herry, Archie and Neil were all sitting in the living room of their dorm.
Jay was sitting at the table with his papers trying to figure out Cronus' plan with Synara.
Odie was on his laptop looking up information that might help the group about Synara.
Archie, Herry and Neil were watching a movie, hardly worried.
"Odie, what have you found out about Synara? Anything helpful?" Jay said, finally looking up from his papers.
"Well, this Synara resembles a woman. But, she's covered in bright green scales...and flies. Cronus must have really made her feel bad just to make her come back." Odie said, not taking his eyes off his laptop screen.
"This Synara must really want to look good," Archie grumpily said.
"It's not east to look good, you know. Beauty Kills." Neil said, looking in his personal mirror.


I hope that was good. I will probably update...I don't know when. Wednesday maybe. I have the week off, so I might as well get started on Chapter 2!
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