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Chapter 2 : Unpredictable Flights

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The group are the only people on the plane. But like every day, unpredictable things happen.

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The plane was completly empty. Only seven teenagers could be seen sitting randomly through the seats, trying to enjoy the 3 hours flight.
Atlanta and Theresa sat next to each other talking quietly and frequently giggling about something. Jay and Archie were sitting two rows away discussing their plans about Cronus and Synara. Neil and Odie were sitting beside Jay and Archie; Odie on his laptop and Neil signing badle to his music. No one was brave enought to sit near Herry. He was five rows in front, sleeping and snoring very loudly.
"I'll be right back, gotta use the bathroom," Theresa whispered to Atlanta. She got up and made her way towards the tiny lavatory.
"Oons Ah. Oons Ah. Oons Ah," sang Neil to some unkown song as Theresa passed.
Theresa rolled her eyes as she made it to the small bathroom. 'This could be difficult' she thought, looking at the tiny door.
"God, I'm hungry. You think the flight attendan would have come with peanuts or something," Archie complained, looking out the window.
"Hold on, I'll go get something," Jay said. "I need to stretch anyway." Jay got up, stretched, and headed towards the food across from the bathrooms.
Jay bent over, searching the cupboards under the counter.
Just as Jay bent over, the bathroom door rattled open and Theresa fell out.
Theresa didn't realize who was bent over in front of her until she had grabbed onto the counter and fell into the bottom of Jay.
"Oh! I' sorry Jay!" Theresa exclaimed, her face turning very warm. "The darn door, it was stuck."
Jay cleared his throat and blushed. "No problem, those doors can be such a nerve," Jay said, scratching the back of his neck.
Theresa backed away against the door and Jay stood there, staring at his feet.
"What were you doing over here?" Theresa asked nervously.
"Oh, me and Arch' were kinda hungry so I got up to try and find some food." Jay said, not meeting Theresa's eyes. "Um...Theresa. I gotta tell you something."
Theresa looked up with curious eyes.
"I want you and Atlanta to be extra careful when we get to the island," Jay said, sounding serious.
Theresa's mind went blank for only a second. She laughed, "Your kidding, right?"
Jay wasn't laughing.
"I'm not joking Theresa, Synara sounds like a big threat. I just want you and Atlanta to be safe," Jay responded calmy, but very serious.
"Ok...I'll keep it in mind," Theresa said, putting on a fake smile. She walked back to her seat.
As Theresa sat down, she stole a quick glance back at Jay. He was bent down again still trying to find something to eat. His eyes seemed brighter. 'I guess he bought it,' Theresa thought.
As she turned to tell Atlanta what Jay said, she realized she was alone. She turned to skim through the rows. She finally spotted Atlanta sitting next to Archie...arguing. 'As usual,' Theresa thought, picking up her book.
"I'm telling you Atlanta, Synara is just some girl who wants to be better than everyone else. You've seen TV now a days," Archie droned on. Not noticing how angry Atlanta was getting. "All the girls want to be pretty and skinny. All girls are th- "
"Not all girls are like that!" Atlanta interupted. Her hands had curled into fists. "Those are just wannabe girls! We do have other things to do than put on make-up and try to look good!"
"Yeah, yeah yeah. Synara won't be any trouble. So what if she flies? I can take her on any day!" Archie boasted.
"Well don't come crying to me when she kicks your butt!" Atlanta shouted back, raising out of the seat as Jay came back.
Atlanta stomped back towards Theresa.
"Jay kick you out of his seat?" Theresa asked, pretending she didn't hear their arguement.
Atlanta just stared Theresa in the eyes. "As if you didn't hear that," she said.
"Of course I heard that! People in Japan heard it! I'm suprised you didn't wake up Herry," Theresa laughed, sneaking a look at Herry, who was still asleep on his two chairs.
Atlanta sighed beside her. She started to rub her eyes and leaned her head against the cold window.
"Don't worry, only another hour," Theresa joked. "Atlanta...I met up with Jay by the bathrooms and..." Theresa explained what Jay had talked to her about.
"So, you lied to him?" Atlanta whispered, making sure no one else was listening.
"Of course I did. He expects us to be all 'watch were your going' and stuff," Theresa sighed.
"Well, even though you lied, we still should be careful," Atlanta explained.
"I know, I just didn't know what else to say," Theresa said, looking at Atlanta thoughtfully.
"We will reach our destination in approximetly 30 minutes," the Pilot buzzed throught the speaker.
"Huh! Wha'?" Herry shouted, finally waking up, only having to fall off his seat onto the floor.
"Only 30 minutes..." Atlanta sighed, staring out the window.


Well, I hope you all liked that! I hope to write the third chapter tonight and type it up tomorrow. I just hope I don't get writer's block tonight. I've got the whole night anyway. Please rate and review!
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