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Chapter 3 : First Impressions

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The group reach the island and already things are getting weird.

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Well, I started typing this at around noon this morning, but BY ACCIDENT I clicked the X button at the top and I lost everything. Everything I typed that is. But I'm here! I'm going to pull up my pants and finish typing this chapter! I'm going away this weekand but I'm going to work on Chapters 4 and 5. I'll be back on Monday so I will most definetly update then! Enjoy!


At around 11 AM, the groups' plane landed in Mexico. Neil wanted to stay in Mexico and check out the local shops. Jay refused it. Jay wanted to get to the island as soon as possible.
When they came outside of the airport there was a black limo with a man in uniform standing in front. He was holding a sign that said 'Hera' on it.
"That must be us," Jay said, directing the rest of the group towards the limo.
The car ride took longer than Jay anticipated. Neil had brought so much luggage he had trouble getting it into the trunk. Archie and Herry ended up getting out to help him. They had roughly stuffed Neil's five bags, with some difficulty.
"Ever hear of packing light?" Atlanta said sarcastically as Neil climed in after Herry and Archie. "We're only staying for three days."
"You never know what you'll need," Neil sighed, as he took out his mirror.
The group were dropping of their luggage at the hotel they were staying in, only for one night as they were camping overnight at the island, if needed to. Their limo driver was then taking them to the docks were Hephaestus had left a boat.
After they had dropped everything off at the hotel, 10 minutes later they had arrived at the docks. As the driver, who went by the name of Vladimir, (I've always loved that name! I couldn't help myself but add it in!) helped Theresa and Atlanta unload the needed bags, he handed Jay a little card.
"That's my cell number. Call me and I'll come and pick you up," Vladimir said, unloading the last bag and getting back into the car and driving off.
Theresa and Atlanta grabbed the bags and followed after Jay, Neil, Archie, Odie and Herry towards the boat. They threw the bags at the back of the boat and helped Jay prepare the boat. Since Jay knew so much about sailing, they were off in less then 10 mintes.
It was quiet as they sailed, after a while a small island in the distance made itself clear to the group.
"I was born to do this!" Neil shouted, staring out at the water and fixing his hair. He seemed to be enjoying the way the wind hit his face. "Why isn't anyone taking pictures?"
Jay just rolled his eyes. He checked the cooridinates Hephaetus gave him. They seemed to be going in the direction, the island was getting bigger. He turned the wheel slightly to the left. 'Only a little longer...' he thought, looking around the boat.
Odie was on his left, looking at something on his laptop. 'Does he take that everywhere?' Jay thought. Neil was staring in his mirror and adjusting his face in the light. Herry and Archie were arm wrestling, Herry seemed to be winning yet Archie refused to give up. Atlanta and Theresa were behind Jay, going over all of the materials and weapons.
Jay's eyes lingered on Theresa and Atlanta. On the inside he was really worried. 'Maybe they shouldn't of come...' Jay thought. 'No!' Jay shook his head. 'This team is nothing without them.'
Jay directed his attention back to the water.
"Are we there yet?" whined Neil.
Jay rolled his eyes. "Another five minutes or so, Neil," he shouted back, his voice droning over the waves crashing against the sides of the boat.
Just like Jay had said, the island got bigger quite quickly.
Jay dropped anchor and the rest helped drop the water raft in the water.
They rowed the raft towards the island and pulled it up onto the sand. Once the raft was secure on the sand, Odie jumped out and set up his laptop on a rock.
Once everyone else was out, they all scanned the island. Neil noticed the first thing about it.
"Seems pretty big," Neil said.
"Thank you Captain Obvious," Atlanta said, being sarcastic as she unpacked the bags.
She handed Theresa her nun-chucks. Archie his whip. Herry his unbreakable rope and Jay his xixphos. (Am I spelling that right?!)
As if on cue, a large dark portal appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the beach, ten feet away from the team. Cronus stepped out.
"Cronus!" Jay yelled, making everyone else's heads snap up. They all raised their weapons angrily.
"Now, now. No need for violence. I just came" Cronus growled, smiling evily. "I'm sure your all eager to meet a dear friend of mine."
"We'd like to get it over with, so if you don't mind," Neil said, staring at his nails, oblivios to the danger.
"Oh, yes, of course. You don't mind if I watch do you?" Cronus sneared.
Herry's patience snapped. He ran forward, fists clenched. Jay and Archie ran forward to, yelling and waving their weapons.
"Another time then," Cronus said, stepping back into his portal and disapearing.
"What a coward. Everytime we want to fight, he runs off like a little baby," Atlanta said, crossing her arms across her chest.
"Hey, does anyone else see that?" Archie said, squinting his eyes and pointing to a speck in the sky.
Theresa dug around in the bag until she found the binoculours.
"It's her. Synara. She's headed this way," Theresa said, setting down the binoculours.
"Odie, have you got the tracking device ready?" Jay said, turning towards Odie.
"All set," he said, holding up a small metal circle with blinking red light in the middle. He attached it to a little launching gun.
Everyone was quite as Synara flew closer, her appereance getting clearer.
"Get ready.." Jay said. His voice was shaking but see stood steady.
It was as if time stood still as Synara floated above them, analyzing the group.
Theresa was staring at Synara when they locked eyes.
Theresa noticed how wild she looked. Her eyes were black, her hair wild and crazy. It was bright red with leaves sticking out everywhere. Her body was completely covered in bright flourescent green scales, her wings bat like. Dark brown bone extended into a claw at the end. The membrane the colour of old parchment with hundreds of veins running everywhere.
As soon as their eyes had locked, Synara dived.
"odie! Shoot!" Jay shouted, jumping in front of Theresa, holding up his xixphos.
Odie shot the tracking device and it lodged itself in Synara's shoulder. A peircing shriek echoed through the air, making them all cover their ears. Synara shrieked one last time before turning sharply and flying away.
"She'll be back," Jay said, lowering his hands and staring after Synara.
Theresa hadn't moved from the spot. 'What just happened?' she thought, feeling dizzy. She raised her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes.
"Theresa?" Atlanta asked, sounding worried. She placed her hand on Theresa's shoulder. To Theresa it felt like a ten pound weight slammed onto her shoulder.
Everyone turned. Jay looked worried as he turned towards Theresa.
"Are you ok?" Jay asked, sounding worried.
"I'm fine, it was just...our eyes locked and I got all dizzy. It was like out minds connected. I had all these weird visions and then everything went black," Theresa said, her voice shaking.
"Here, sit down," Jay said, grabbing Theresa's shoulders gently and directing her towards a dead log.
Theresa sat down and put her head in her hands.
"What did you see?" Herry asked.
"Lots of things. A girl in a cave...A girl being bullied by a group of people...I got into Synara's mind. It was awful. So much jealousy. Evil jeaously," Theresa sighed, raising her head and rubbing her eyes.
"Archie, get some water," Jay ordered, his hand still on Theresa's shoulder.
Archie ran to the bag and rummaged around and came back with a bottle of water. He handed it to Theresa, he noticed her hands were shaking. She took a swig and took a deep breath.
"I'm feeling better. I was dizzy, that's all," Theresa said, sliding her hands of her face and running them through her hair.
"You sure?" Jay asked. Once Theresa had nodded and stood up, he was convinced. "Odie, have you got a signal?"
"Yep. She's flown back to that small mountain. That must be her hideout," Odie said, pointing to the little mountain on the left side of the island.
"Ok, if were all ready," Jay glanced again at Theresa. "We can get going."
They all grabbed their gear and started towards the trees.
"Odie, you ok here?" Jay asked.
"Don't worry about me, I'll stay here and keep a look out for Synara. I'll PMR if something comes up," Odie said, giving a thumbs up. "Good luck!"
"Ok, lets head out," Jay said, picking up his bag and trudging towards the trees.


I hope you all enjoyed that throughally. I tried writing a longer one, and I think I succeded. Well, bad news is that I'm going to miss Chaos 101 this weekand. sigh Again, I miss Class of the Titans. I swear I've never been this hooked to a TV show like this. Well...before Sailor Moon of course. Have a great weekand! I should update on Monday! Rate and Review please!!
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