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Chapter 4 : Parting of Ways

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Too short for words. The group split up and I suffered bad Writer's Block.

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The days had grown to be very humid. It had only been 20 minutes before Neil almost passed out.
"We need to take a break!" shouted Neil, holding himself up against a tree.
Jay sighed. He was exhausted, but refused to show it. Everyone else nodded in agreement with Neil. Archie had his sweater off and tied around his waist. Theresa had tied her hair back and was wiping sweat off her forehead. Atlanta slumped on the ground, her hands on her knees. Herry had his shirt off and tied it around his head, sheilding the sun.
"Ok, ten minutes," Jay said, leaning against a tree and rolling up his sleeves.
Jay walked slowly towards some shade and sat down against a tree. He pulled out his PMR and radioed Odie.
"What's up Jay?" Odie buzzed.
"How much longer till the mountain?" Jay panted, closing his eyes.
"Well, you've only made it about half way," Odie said, sounding upset.
Jay groaned.
"But! You might make it faster if you split up," Odie said, trying to lighten the mood.
"Okay, any sign of Synara?" Jay asked.
"She's still seems to be in her hide-out, I'll radio you if something happens," Odie said.
"Odie, how are you managing the heat?" Jay asked, annoyed.
"I found shade!" Odie joked, signing off.
Jay sighed and slowly got up. He staggered a bit, but managed to grab onto a tree branch. 'Gotta be more careful,' he thought, taking a big gulp from his water bottle.
Jay walked back to the rest of the group with the news. Atlanta was laying on the ground with her hand over her eyes. Theresa had managed to find a spot of shade and was fanning herself with her hand. Neil was leaning against a tree, looking in his mirror and trying to push his hair away from his face. Archie and Herry were sitting back to back, both with their eyes closed, giving the appearence that their were asleep.
"I PMR'd Odie, and he thinks we should split up," Jay announced, breaking the hot silence.
"How much longer?" Neil whined.
"We're only half way," Jay said, recieving many groans. "We'll get there faster if we split up. So, Archie, Atlanta and Neil, you guys head towards the west side of the mountain. Me, Herry and Theresa will go the other way."
They all slowly got up and split off. Herry and Theresa were waiting for Jay.
"Hang on," he siad, turning towards Archie. "Archie, can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Sure," Archie said, following Jay into the trees.
"What's up?" Archie asked, curious.
"I want you to protect Atlanta. And I mean more then what we usually do," Jay said, looking Archie in the eyes.
"No problem Jay, I'll watch her," Archie said, smirking as he walked back.
Jay and Archie walked back to the clearing with the others.
"PMR me if anything happens," Jay said, collecting Herry and Theresa and heading east.

I'm so sorry! I know this is unbelievably short. I had hardly anytime to work on this. I tried on Sunday night, but I had such a bad case of Writer's Block and it was late in the night. TRUST ME, the nest two chapters will be long and hopefully detailed.
Chapter 5 will be about Archie, Neil and Atlanta's adventure towards the mountain. Chapter 6 will be about Herry, Theresa and Jay's. I have about 2 weeks, so I will make them long and good!
And tips on writer's block?
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